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Season 1

10 Sep. 1973
The Lady Comes Across
Diana must cope with frenetic jumble of disasters, ranging from a hostile boss to a suicidal writer who's parked himself in Diana's apartment
17 Sep. 1973
The Gilt Complex
Diana's introverted, nervous boss takes her out to dinner one night, gets a little tipsy and is taken back to her apartment. There he makes a fool of himself talking about his feelings for his wife, punctuated by a parade of zany friends and neighbors dropping in for minute-long visits with wacky problems.
24 Sep. 1973
Shuffle Off to Buffalo
Norma is to emcee a fashion show in Buffalo but loses her voice. Diana is asked to fill in but she's unsure of her abilities. Plus she needs to get there when Tolbrook volunteers to her her pilot, an offer Diana reluctantly accepts.
1 Oct. 1973
If No One Answers, That's Me
After receiving obscene phone calls, Diana gets an answering machine and the attentions of a police officer.
15 Oct. 1973
Fire One
Diana decides it's time for a raise and asks for one. But it makes her boss unhappy and in retribution he assigns Diana the task of putting on Butley's Christmas catalog in only four days.
7 Jan. 1974
Kung Who?
The noted author of a books on martial arts is out promoting his newest work and meets Diana. He falls hard for her leading to Diana's friends wondering about her future.

 Season 1 

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