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Pam Grier: Coffy



  • Grover : I got your fix, don't you want your fix?

    Coffy : No, but you do.

    Grover : I don't get this. What do you want with me?

    Coffy : My name's Coffy, Lubelle Coffin's my little sister.

    Grover : Lubelle?

    Coffy : She's a smack addict at 11! And you gave it to her you dirty shake!

    Grover : Please, please!

    Coffy : Her whole life is gone, she can never get it back, and you've living real good, that ain't right.

  • Coffy : This is the end of your rotten life, you motherfuckin' dope pusher!

  • Coffy : Oh Meg, you don't have any salad.

    [pours a whole salad bowl on top of Meg's head] 

  • [Priscilla threatens Coffy with a knife, and Coffy reacts by shattering a wine bottle and threatening her with the jagged edge] 

    Coffy : So, you wanna play with knives, huh? Well you picked the wrong player!

    Priscilla : No, no please look I didn't mean nothin'! Please!

    Coffy : Now I'm gonna give you another slice to match the one you got from that dope-pushin' pimp, unless you tell me where he keeps the stuff!

    Priscilla : No, please! He'll kill me! Ow... ALRIGHT, alright! He's got a fireplace! It's in a box under the ashes!

    [Priscilla's tough-looking black lesbian lover/pimp returns suddenly] 

    Priscilla : Harriet! Harriet!

    Harriet : What the hell is going on here?

    Priscilla : She busted in here tryin' to make me! Get her outta here!

    Harriet : Come on, bitch!

    [fight ensues between Coffy and Harriet, and Coffy escapes] 

    Harriet : Lousy bitch! (turns to Priscilla) I go away for half an hour for you to turn a trick... and I come back and find you ballin' some niggah bitch! You WHITE TRAMP!

  • Coffy : [with Carter at the juvenile rehabilitation center]  Some of the kids here were on all sorts of pills, some of them are on Methadone now... the youngest is only 9 years old. The worst are the ones that got the contaminated junk. But you know how some of those junkie dealers are, they'll put anything in it to stretch another dollar out of it.

  • Arturo Vitroni : Crawl, nigger!

    Coffy : [pulls out gun]  You want me to crawl, white mother fucker?

    Arturo Vitroni : What're you doing? Put that down.

    Coffy : You want to spit on me and make me crawl? I'm gonna piss on your grave tomorrow.

  • Coffy : Go on and take this shot!

    Grover : I can't; that'll kill me!

    Coffy : Maybe it will and maybe it won't, but if it do, you gonna fly through them pearly gates with the biggest fucking smile St. Peter ever seen!

  • Coffy : [shoots Arturo]  That's a present for my little sister, and a nice cop named Carter.

  • Priscilla : I know you?

    Coffy : Yes, I helped to sew your face back up. Remember?

    Priscilla : Oh right, at the hospital, you're that nurse.

  • Howard Brunswick : You're upset, you can see that don't you?

    Coffy : I can see plenty! I can see how every time a kid rips off a car or an appliance store to get a fix, you get your cut.

  • Coffy : It was easy for him because he really didn't believe it was comin', but it ain't gonna be easy for you, because you better believe it's comin'!

  • Coffy : The only cop I know to get a dislocated toe, while run over by his own squad car, while writing a ticket because the hand brake wasn't set.

    Carter : Come on, Coffy, don't tell stories like that.

    Coffy : And I had to hold your hand while they set it.

  • Coffy : Hey out there, is anybody there? Can I get something to eat?

    Omar : Shut up, bitch! Want me to give you another cut?

    Coffy : Can I get a glass of water? What are you trying to do, starve me to death?

    Omar : Never mind! You just keep quiet or you won't need no water or nothing!

  • Meg : Oh Mr. Vitroni, you don't have a drink.

    [grabs one glass off a tray and pushes the rest onto Coffy's dress, everybody's shocked] 

    Coffy : It was just an accident, accidents will happen.

    [leaves the room to clean up] 

    Arturo Vitroni : You're a very naughty girl.

    Meg : It was an accident.

    Arturo Vitroni : It was not an accident.

  • Coffy : You know just the words that turn me on. And I know what you want, too, and you're gonna get it.

  • Coffy : Ah, yes, Mr. George, I presume.

    King George : You're the lady from Jamaica who called me.

    Coffy : That I am, mon, and I can see that you're not at all disappointed, of course. So I'll come straight to the point as I like to do.

    [Coffy snaps her fingers at the waiter] 

    Coffy : Boss! Another drink for my friend here.

    [to King George] 

    Coffy : I presume a champagne cocktail is sufficient? Good, mon.

  • [Coffy replaces King George's hidden heroin supply with sugar] 

    Coffy : Now Mr. King Dope Pusher, you're gonna have a few irate customers pretty soon... sugar instead of smack!

  • Howard Brunswick : What I did was for our people, for our brothers and sisters.

    Coffy : You shouldn't talk to me about sisters, Howard, I've got a sister.

  • Coffy : [holding a shotgun on Howard]  Hello Howard, come and sit down, I ain't mad at you.

    Howard Brunswick : Coffy baby, I knew they weren't really going to do it.

    Coffy : Oh I ain't here because they didn't try, lover.

    Howard Brunswick : Well they would've done it anyway, no matter what I said, you know that don't you?

    Coffy : Yeah I know, I told you I ain't mad.

  • Sugarman : [getting in the back seat of his car]  Well, honey, you're with friends at last. We gonna straighten you out, for shore.

    Coffy : And you know just the words that turn me on. And I know what you want too and you gonna get it.

    Sugarman : Let's go to your place Grover. You can have the leftovers.

    Grover : [in the front seat, driving]  No, man. I just want to get high and watch.

  • Sugarman : Hey, ain't one man big enough for you, honey?

    Coffy : Now, do I look like the kinda girl one man would be enough for?

    Sugarman : One *big* man.

  • Coffy : When you gonna give me some?

    Sugarman : Well, we're almost there.

    Coffy : Anything you want, big man.

    [grabs his crotch] 

    Sugarman : Oh, Jesus!

    [head dives in Coffy's chest] 

  • Coffy : Son of a bitch! You really is a big man, aren't you. Oh, yes!

  • Coffy : [getting coffee]  You want some?

    Carter : Yes. Black, please.

  • Coffy : Wouldn't you want to kill somebody who had done a thing like that to your little sister?

    Carter : I sure would.

    Coffy : Then, you'd think it'd be right?

    Carter : What? To kill some pusher who's only sellin' so he can get money to buy for himself? What good would that do, Coffy? When he's only a part of a chain that reaches all the way back to some poor farmer in Turkey or Vietnam. What would you do? Kill all of 'em?

    Coffy : Well, why not? Nothing else seems to do any good!

  • Howard Brunswick : He's the heat, baby. So don't pull out any pills or joints.

    Coffy : Oh, really! The fuzz, huh!

  • Ramos : Well, I gotta go catch me some criminals.

    Coffy : Oh, so soon? You were just getting warmed up.

    Howard Brunswick : He's got hippies to beat up.

    Ramos : Yeah. The day of a public servant is never over.

  • Coffy : Let me congratulate you - Congressman. I ain't never screwed a Congressman before.

  • Coffy : Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! Oh, when you do that it makes me feel so good. Mmmm. You make me feel so happy. Ahhh...

  • Howard Brunswick : I love you, baby. You're my woman.

    Coffy : Oh, I'll say I am. Oh, you're - my man.

  • Howard Brunswick : What's the matter, Coffy, baby? Something bothering you?

    Coffy : Oh, I've just been thinking about having to go back to work tonight. That night shift has been making me a little jumpy.

    Howard Brunswick : I thought it was because when a man gets my age he can't satisfy them lusty young bitches no mo'.

    Coffy : Now, don't start gettin' insecure grandpa, now. Now, you know that long goodie will keep on workin' as long as I'm able to handle it. And you know it too! You old dog, you.

  • Carter : Coffy, is there something you want to talk to somebody about?

    Coffy : Yeah, as a matter of fact. Why don't we go some place and find a cup of coffee.

    Carter : I make the greatest cup of coffee on earth!

  • Priscilla : I was his top call girl and his personal old lady.

    Coffy : Until he cut your face. Then, you weren't so popular any more. Then, he put you back on the street. Now, ain't that right?

    Priscilla : Yeah. That's because I got mad and I called him a nigger. Now, I know I shouldn't have done that.

  • Coffy : [pretending to be "Mystique" from Jamaica]  Now, I don't do no leatherwork, man. No whips, ropes, chains or none of those fetish freaks. Just plain sex. But, for that, I don't mind saying that I am the very best - in my business.

    King George : We'll just have to see about that.

  • Coffy : I'm told that you are a dangerous man, Arturo. I like that. It excites me.

    [places her hand on his crotch] 

    Coffy : Oh! And I can see that I'm having a good effect on you also. Ohhh! My love, are you sure you're not just a little black?

  • Arturo Vitroni : Get down on the floor where you belong! You no good, dirty, nigger bitch!

    Coffy : Oh, please. I know I'm not good enough for you. But, let me have you're precious white body, just once.

    Arturo Vitroni : [spits on Coffy and walks to the bed]  And let me see you crawl over here, you black trash!

  • Omar : Hey, darky! You ain't gonna try to hit me with one of them rocks, huh?

    Coffy : I'm so weak from hunger, I couldn't even kick sand in your face, motherfucker.

  • Coffy : It seems like I'm in a dream - and I'm still in this dream.

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