Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) Poster

Kris Kristofferson: Billy The Kid



  • Billy : Ol' Pat... Sheriff Pat Garrett. Sold out to the Santa Fe ring. How does it feel?

    Garrett : It feels like... times have changed.

    Billy : Times, maybe. Not me.

  • Billy : [after firing a coachgun loaded with 10 cents coins at Deputy Bob Ollinger]  Keep change, Bob!

  • Billy : [to the man whose horse he's stolen after breaking out of jail and killing Deputy Sheriff Bob Ollinger with a shotgun loaded with 16 silver dimes, after the man complains about being reimbursed for the animal]  "There's a buck-sixty in old Bob if you can dig it out."

  • Ollinger : On your knees.

    Billy : Kiss my ass!

    [Ollinger knocks Billy off his chair and puts a shotgun to his head] 

    Ollinger : REPENT, you son of a bitch!

    Billy : Sweet Jesus, I repent!

  • Billy : You're in poor company, Pat.

    Garrett : Yeah, but I'm alive.

    Billy : So am I...

  • Billy : [Billy aims a shotgun at Ollinger]  How's Jesus look to you now, Bob?

  • Billy : I sure never figured on you taking on the badge.

    Alamosa Bill : Didn't figure on it myself. I was just in town being sociable. Rode in from Seven Rivers to watch you hang. Garrett swore me in when you lit out.

  • Mr. Horrell : Just got through putting up that new cottonwood door. Used the old one for my son John. He got into a shooting with Olin Carroll. He's buried out yonder there.

    Billy : I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Horrell.

    Mr. Horrell : John was a good hand. Couldn't shoot, though.

  • Alamosa Bill : [Billy and Alamosa prepare to shoot it out]  I don't suppose there's any other way we could work this out? Nah. Well, let's get to it. Ten steps?

    Billy : Suits me. You count 'em.

    [long pause] 

    Billy : You ain't thought of another way, have you?

    Alamosa Bill : No, I can't come up with nothing.

    Billy : Get to it.

  • Billy : Whatya takin' me in for?

    Garrett : [to Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell]  Which one was that?

    Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell : Buckshot Roberts.

    Garrett : For the killing of Buckshot Roberts!

    Billy : [to his confederates]  Hell, that was a year ago. I shot him straight up.

    Billy : [to Pat Garrett]  Come on in Pat, I'll warm ya breakfast!

    Billy : [Billy's braggadocio is answered by a hail of gunfire]  I guess he already had breakfast.

  • Billy : I know one's waiting on you, hoss, with a knife. Remember them sisters?

    Garrett : No. Which ones was they?

    Billy : That one you got up and asked how much you owed her. And she said,"Whatever you think it's worth." You threw a dime on her pillow. The glrl said, " If that's all it's worth, I might as well sew it up."

  • Billy : I believe old Pat's lost his sand. He won't come on a man.

    Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell : You ought not to talk about him that way, Billy. You and him used to be pretty close.

    Billy : He ain't the same man. He signed himself over to Chisum and every other god damn landowner that's trying to put a fence around this country. Hell, that's what you been doing, ain't it, Bell? Selling us out and gettin' fat.

    Deputy Sheriff J.W. Bell : It ain't that easy, Billy.

  • Alias : You could leave, you could live in Mexico.

    Billy : Could you?

    Alias : Yeah. I could live anywhere. I could leave anywhere too.

  • Alias : Mexico won't be so bad for a couple of months.

    Billy : I guess that depends who you are. But if I was y'all, I'd be clearing out of here. Gonna be some hard times coming down. Remember me to whoever rides by.

  • Billy : Mexico might not be bad for a couple of months.

    Alias : Depends on who you are.

    Billy : I reckon.

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