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How Hiram Garcia Keeps The Rock’s Blockbuster Movies on Track

  • Variety
How Hiram Garcia Keeps The Rock’s Blockbuster Movies on Track
Producing movie after movie with your sister’s ex-husband could easily become awkward. Not so for Hiram Garcia, head of production at Seven Bucks Prods., the company behind a string of box-office hits starring WWE powerhouse turned Hollywood megastar Dwayne Johnson.

But then again he and Johnson, once known as “The Rock,” go back decades.

“They’ve known each other for so long, so there is a real shorthand — and an incredible trust — between them,” says Beau Flynn, who produced Johnson-starring films including “San Andreas,” “Skyscraper” and “Rampage” with Garcia. “It’s not easy to tell your boss, the biggest movie star in the world, that you want to talk through an idea, or that maybe there’s another path. And Hiram does it with such elegance and honesty. Dwayne knows that Hiram is always gonna tell him the truth … and he respects and appreciates that.”

“When I first met Hiram back in college,
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Marketing-Distribution Executive Arthur Manson Dies at 90

  • Variety
Marketing-Distribution Executive Arthur Manson Dies at 90
Arthur Manson, a veteran film executive whose career in marketing and distribution encompassed numerous Oscar-winning films, died May 14 at his home in Riverdale, N.Y. He was 90.

Manson worked on the marketing campaigns for “Walking Tall,” “Platoon,” “JFK,” “Hotel Rwanda,” “All the President’s Men,” “A Star Is Born,” “Shakespeare in Love,” “Cinema Paradiso,” “The Great Santini,” “Angela’s Ashes,” “The Cider House Rules,” and “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Manson was an adviser to Oliver Stone, Scott Rudin, Miramax, the Weinstein Company, Joseph E. Levine, and Stanley Kubrick. He worked for MGM, Samuel Goldwyn Productions, Stanley Kramer Productions, Columbia Pictures, Dino De Laurentiis, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros.

Born in Brooklyn, he was a graduate of City College of New York and followed his brother Alan into the entertainment business as “advance agent” for Laurence Olivier’s movie “Henry V” in 1948.

Manson was responsible for the worldwide rollout of Stanley Warner’s ultra-wide-screen Cinerama films.
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Hunter’S Blood (1986)

In the grand tradition of Deliverance (1972), Rituals (‘77), and Up the Creek (1984) comes Hunter’s Blood (’86), a backwoods hicksploitation actioner that more than gets by with a cast handpicked by the B movie gods and a script wittier than it has to be. Who says the outdoors hold no charm? (Well, normally that would be me.)

Based on the novel by Jere Cunningham (who later wrote the story for Judgment Night, which is just the urban version of the same tale), Hunter’s Blood was released by Palace Pictures in the U.K. in September, and picked up by Roger Corman’s Concorde Pictures for release stateside in January of ’87, where soon after it was destined to languish on home video shelves, with store clerks puzzled as to where it should be stocked. (By the by, I always saw it in the Horror section, where I think it rightfully belonged.) Hard
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Charley Varrick (Region B)

It’s the loose-censored early 1970s, and screen bandits shootin’ up the American movie landscape are no longer suffering the once-mandated automatic moral retribution. Walter Matthau launched himself into the genre with this excellent Don Siegel on-the-run epic, about an old-fashioned independent bandit who accidentally rips off the mob for a million. It’s great, wicked fun.

Charley Varrick

Region B Blu-ray


1973 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 111 min. / Charley Varrick the Last of the Independents; Kill Charley Varrick / Street Date January 22, 2018 / available from Powerhouse Films UK / £14.99

Starring: Walter Matthau, Joe Don Baker, Andrew Robinson, John Vernon, Felicia Farr, Sheree North, Jacqueline Scott, William Schallert, Norman Fell, Benson Fong, Woodrow Parfrey, Rudy Diaz, Charles Matthau, Tom Tully, Albert Popwell

Cinematography: Michael Butler

Film Editor: Frank Morriss

Original Music: Lalo Schifrin

Written by Dean Riesner, Howard Rodman from the novel The Looters by John Reese

Produced by Jennings Lang, Don Siegel

Directed by
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Junior Bonner

Sam Peckinpah was a fine director of actors when the material was right, and his first collaboration with Steve McQueen is an shaded character study about a rodeo family dealing with changing times. Joe Don Baker and Ben Johnson shine, but the movie belongs to Ida Lupino and Robert Preston.

Junior Bonner


Kl Studio Classics

1972 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 100 min. / Special Edition / Street Date October 31, 2017 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95

Starring: Steve McQueen, Robert Preston, Ida Lupino, Joe Don Baker, Ben Johnson, Mary Murphy, Dub Taylor, Don ‘Red’ Barry, Bill McKinney.

Cinematography: Lucien Ballard

Film Editors: Frank Santillo, Robert L. Wolfe

Second Unit Director: Frank Kowalski

Bud Hurlbud: Special Effects

Original Music: Jerry Fielding

Written by Jeb Rosebrook

Produced by Joe Wizan

Directed by Sam Peckinpah

I suppose there were plenty of successful rodeo-themed westerns back in the day, perhaps the kind interrupted by a cowboy song every ten minutes or so.
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Review: "Hornet's Nest" (1970) Starring Rock Hudson And Sylva Koscina; Blu-ray Release From Kino Lorber

  • CinemaRetro
By Doug Oswald

Rock Hudson is an American commando sent to blow up a dam in “Hornets’ Nest,” a 1970 WWII action adventure set in 1944 Italy as the Allies advance on the German occupation force. Directed by Phil Karlson (“Hell to Eternity,” “Kid Galahad,” “The Silencers,” “The Wrecking Crew” and “Walking Tall”), the movie was an American-Italian co-production filmed in Italy with a mostly all Italian cast and crew.

The movie opens as the residents of Reanoto are massacred by German soldiers after they refuse to give up the location of Italian resistance fighters. Meanwhile, American commandos parachute in on a mission to blow up a nearby dam, but all are killed except for Capt. Turner (Hudson). A group of boys hiding in the hills when the German’s murdered their families rescue Turner and hide him from the Germans. Turner is running a fever from his wounds and the boys convince a local doctor,
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IP Man 3 – The Review

Many big screen biographies are often accused of taking…liberties…with the facts, often to help the finished film’s pacing. After all, unless it’s a TV mini-series, it’s difficult to compress a remarkable life into an evening at the movies. Film makers will frequently switch the order of events along with the popular practice of using composite characters (a little bit of this fella’, and a bit of this old pal, and…), even inventing supporting roles, or tagging real folks with invented names. And then there are fantasy tales using a real person (and elements of his life) as the story’s heroic center. In Hollywood famous true Western outlaws like Billy the Kid and Jesse James were the leads in many fictional flicks (hey, those two “met” Dracula and Frankenstein’s daughter!). Those on the opposite side of the law like Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson
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Gunman’s Walk, Land Raiders & A Man Called Sledge

Germany's Explosive Media company has a serious itch for American westerns, and they have a trio of new releases. One is a minor Hollywood classic with major graces, from the late 1950s. A second sees an American producer based in England filming in Italy with a rising international star, and for the third an established American star goes European  to stay in the game. The best thing for Yankee buyers? The discs are Region-free.

Gunman's Walk, Land Raiders, A Man Called Sledge Three Westerns from Explosive Media Blu-ray Separate Releases 1958-1970 / Color Starring Van Heflin, Tab Hunter; George Maharis, Telly Savalas; James Garner

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

The majority of American studios now choose not to market their libraries for digital disc, and license them out instead. Collectors unwilling to settle for whatever's on Netflix or concerned about the permanence of Cloud Cinema, find themselves increasingly tempted by discs from Europe,
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July 28th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Ghost Town, Justice League: Gods And Monsters, Cherry 2000

While July 28th may be a light day in terms of the amount of horror and sci-fi titles making their home entertainment debuts, we do have an interesting assortment of films and TV to look forward to. Kino Lorber has dug up two classics—The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein and Cherry 2000 (starring Melanie Griffith)—which are being released on Blu-ray this Tuesday, and Scream Factory has another underrated genre gem getting the HD treatment as well—the horror western Ghost Town.

For all you MST3K fans out there, Shout! Factory is putting out another collection of campy films that you’ll be able to add to your collections this week and Bayview Entertainment also has a double feature of cult movies from Germany—Strangler of the Tower / Monster of London—arriving on DVD.

The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray & DVD)

After the death of Victor Frankenstein
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Contest: Win Ghost Town on Blu-ray

The deserted town the Brady family got trapped in on their way to the Grand Canyon is charming compared to the one in 1988's Ghost Town. On July 28th, Scream Factory will release Ghost Town on Blu-ray, and we've been provided with three copies to give away.

Ghost Town synopsis: "A dusty ghost town, seemingly abandoned, holds the lives of its original inhabitants in an animated netherworld for 100 years…

When a modern-day sheriff's deputy is lured to a desolate, spooky ghost town in search of a missing woman, he comes face-to-face with a malevolent spirit from the town's past. The spell of death and suffering over the undead townspeople must end to set them free from eternal pain. The horrors of a possessed outlaw, in a time-suspended dimension are only the setting for a frightening battle for the mind, nerves and flesh.

Starring Franc Luz (The Nest, When Harry Met Sally), Jimmie F. Skaggs (Oblivion,
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Ghost Town Blu-ray Release Details and Cover Art

This summer, Scream Factory will take viewers to a ghost town that's a lot more sinister than the one the Brady family was trapped in on The Brady Bunch. Slated for a July 28th release, the western horror film Ghost Town hits Blu-ray on July 28th:

Press Release -- "The good. The bad. The Satanic. Scream Factory proudly presents the Empire Pictures classic Ghost Town on July 28, 2015 in its Blu-ray debut.

A dusty ghost town, seemingly abandoned, holds the lives of its original inhabitants in an animated netherworld for 100 years…

When a modern-day sheriff’s deputy is lured to a desolate, spooky ghost town in search of a missing woman, he comes face-to-face with a malevolent spirit from the town’s past. The spell of death and suffering over the undead townspeople must end to set them free from eternal pain. The horrors of a possessed outlaw, in a time-suspended
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Why 1973 Was the Best Year in Movie History

  • Hitfix
Why 1973 Was the Best Year in Movie History
All week our writers will debate: Which was the greatest film year of the past half century. Click here for a complete list of our essays. It’s perhaps a little quaint to choose a year that I wasn’t even alive during to represent the best year of cinema. I was not there to observe how any of these films conversed with the culture around them when they were first screened. So, although I am choosing the glorious year of 1973, I am choosing not just due to a perusal of top ten lists that year—but because the films that were released that year greatly influenced how I engage with movies now, in 2015. Films speak to more than just the audiences that watch them—they speak to each other. Filmmakers inspire each other. Allusions are made. A patchwork begins. These are the movies of our lives. Having grown up with cinema in the 90s,
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Arresting Development: Top Ten Sheriffs in the Movies

Throughout the vast history of cinema the profession of law enforcement has been portrayed heavily and made its mark on the big screen in both dramatic and comical fodder. Whether it be straight up cops and robbers or crooked officers on the take in gangster flicks or ant-hero gun-slinging loners trying to buck the system the presence of crime-busting cads never fail to add compelling, if not at times over-exaggerated, insight into the world of law-enforcing personalities.

The one element of the law-enforcing community that seems somewhat limited but still registers mightily in some cinematic arenas is the concept of the sheriff. Sheriffs do cast a prominent shadow in all sorts of fields in the movies: westerns, medieval times, contemporary country car-chasing farces and even some urban melodramas.

In Arresting Developments: Top Ten Sheriffs in the Movies we will take a look at some of the notable on-screen sheriffs in
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Fantasia 2014: ‘The Run’ offers promise but goes nowhere fast

The Run (Lari)

Written and directed by Ahmad Idham

Malaysia, 2013

For most micro budget movies, the mere fact that they could get made can be considered an accomplishment in of itself. Playing at a festival is seen as an added bonus. With limited resources comes the need to get creative in ways that, when everything comes together, can sometimes produce something fresh and new. They don’t have the luxury of spending millions of dollars on sets, actors, stunt choreographers, and special effects. As moviegoers, the one thing that should be avoided as much as possible is to give a small movie a pass simply because it tread rockier waters than studio-mandated tentpole projects. Although it is very tempting to support the little guys, sometimes a spade has to be called a spade. Herein lies the issue with The Run from Malaysian writer-director Ahmad Idham.

The film follows a former
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Rosemary Murphy, 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Actress, Dies At 89

To Kill a Mockingbird actress Rosemary Murphy died on Saturday in New York City. She was 89.

Rosemary Murphy Dies

Murphy had recently been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and passed away in her Upper East Side apartment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In the 1962 film adaptation of Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning To Kill a Mockingbird, Murphy played neighbor Maudie Atkinson, better known as Miss Maudie. Her character lives across the street from lawyer Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck) and his two young children – Scout (Mary Badham) and Jem (Phillip Alford) in the fictional Maycomb, Alabama.

Prior to appearing in To Kill a Mockingbird, Murphy appeared in a number of TV series, including Robert Montgomery Presents, Thriller, Naked City, Wide Country and The Doctors and the Nurses. Following her turn in the Oscar-nominated picture, Murphy continued her TV work.

Murphy earned her first Emmy for playing Sara Delano Roosevelt in 1976 ABC miniseries Eleanor and Franklin.
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Movie Easter Eggs: Volume 4 – 20 Years of Pulp Fiction

Since the release of DVDs in the late ‘90s and freeze frame technology becoming highly accessible, movie makers and manufacturers have been hiding secrets for viewers to discover. Every genre and every studio has likely done it by now; we’ve started to compile them all in a series of posts with the help of the Internet. Happy hunting!

It’s the Pulp Fiction special edition where all the Easter eggs will be from, you guessed it, Pulp Fiction. A few of these are new to me, 20 years later I’m telling you, Pulp Fiction is one of the most layered movies ever made.

The Movie: Pulp Fiction (1994)

The Eggs: Unfortunate Lady

I laughed at this, then felt bad. In the film Reservoir Dogs when Tim Roth and Harvey Keitel are escaping from the failed heist, they pull over a lady in a car who shoots Roth before she is taken care of.
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North American Film Distribution System Game-Changer: Billy Jack

Billy Jack’: Tom Laughlin helped to revolutionize Hollywood’s film distribution system (See previous post: “Tom Laughlin: ‘Billy Jack’ Actor and Director, Robert Altman Difficult Star Dead at 82.”) Featuring the titular hero as a semi-mystical figure who, with a mixture of steely determination and purposeful violence, helps to rescue wild horses from becoming dog meat and allows an independent school to continue operating at an Indian reservation in Arizona — against the wishes of white reactionary bigots and ruthless capitalists — Billy Jack was a box office disappointment when released by Warner Bros. at, in Tom Laughlin’s words, "porno houses" (and drive-ins) in 1971. (Photo: Tom Laughlin in Billy Jack.) Unhappy with the studio’s handling of his film, Laughlin sued Warners. In May 1973, following a settlement with the studio, he began self-distributing Billy Jack at small-town movie theaters throughout the United States. He hired marketing expert, former United Artists honcho,
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'2 Guns': Bill Paxton explains how he became one of summer's best scene-stealers

'2 Guns': Bill Paxton explains how he became one of summer's best scene-stealers
As we say in our review of 2 Guns, don’t let the film’s August release date fool you into thinking it’s not one of summer’s funnest rides. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg star as an undercover DEA agent and naval intelligence officer, respectively, who’ve infiltrated a narcotics syndicate with the goal of bringing down drug kingpin Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos). The catch: Neither of them knows the other guy isn’t a real criminal until they receive orders to steal $3 million of Papi’s cash from a Savings & Loan but find $40 million more in the vault than they should.
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Mud Blu-ray and DVD Debut August 6th

Mud Blu-ray and DVD Debut August 6th
Sure to become "a newly minted American classic" (The Wall Street Journal), Mud arrives on Blu-ray Disc (plus Digital UltraViolet), DVD (plus Digital UltraViolet), and Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View August 6 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Mud will also be available on Est July 16, three weeks prior to the Blu-ray, DVD and Video on Demand release. Starring Matthew McConaughey (Magic Mike, Killer Joe) in his "finest performance to date, Oscar-worthy at every level" (Hitfix) as the titular character, Mud features an all-star cast that includes Tye Sheridan (The Tree of Life), Sam Shepard (Black Hawk Down, The Right Stuff), Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road, HBO's Boardwalk Empire), Joe Don Baker (Walking Tall, Fletch), Ray McKinnon (TV's Sons of Anarchy, The Blind Side), Primetime Emmy nominee Sarah Paulson (HBO's Game Change, TV's American Horror Story), newcomer Jacob Lofland and Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon (Best Actress, Walk the Line, 2005).

Mud is a timeless adventure about two boys,
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Remembering Stuart Freeborn, Robin Sachs and More Reel-Important People We Lost This Month

  • Movies.com
Reel-Important People is a monthly column that highlights those individuals in or related to the movies who have left us in recent weeks. Below you'll find names big and small and from all areas of the industry, though each was significant to the movies in his or her own way. John Brascia (1932-2013) - Actor and dancer whose moves delighted in White Christmas (see below) and Meet Me in Las Vegas. He also appears in the original Walking Tall and The Wrecking Crew and wrote and produced The Baltimore Bullet. He died of Parkinson's disease in Santa Monica on February 19. (THR)   Richard Briers (1934-2013) - English actor who starred in many Kenneth Branagh films, including Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet (see him as Polonius below), Henry V, Frankenstein...

Read More
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