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Season 2

29 Sep. 1974
The Friend
George is worried about the future of the local paper when it's about to be purchased by a national chain. He impulsively uses his life savings to buy it himself without consulting his family. He must deal with a variety of primarily negative reactions.
6 Oct. 1974
The Returning
The son of an old friend of George Apples, 20-year-old Ben Haggerty, is paroled from prison in Apple's custody with the hope that living in the Apple family will aid his rehabilitation.
13 Oct. 1974
The First Love
Paul falls hard for Jane Huston, a beautiful slightly older woman who's visiting the area. As she prepares to return to New York City Paul believes he's found true love and is determined to go with her despite his parents being against it.
20 Oct. 1974
The Engagement
Grandpa Aldon has fallen in love and has become engaged, surprising his family. He plans on moving his bride into the family home which George is against. The son must consider the reasons for his opposition.
10 Nov. 1974
The Winning Season
Paul is injured while playing football. He is told by his doctor that he needs time to heal. But there's a big game coming up and he is told if he plays and if he's injured, it could aggravate it. George tells him he can't but Paul doesn't feel it's his decision.
1 Dec. 1974
The Apprentice
George loves being an architect and is excited that Paul has indicated of becoming one also. But now that he's older Paul realizes he has other interests but is afraid of hurting his father if he tells him.
22 Dec. 1974
The Christmas Party
When someone tells George some information, he expects that it will remain confidential. But George soon has a dilemma. Either risk a rupture with his father or reveal the news entrusted to him.
5 Jan. 1975
The Outing
George believes his children are accustomed to relying on modern conveniences and is concerned about their future. He decides on a wilderness outing to teach them self reliance but finds everything that can go wrong will.
12 Jan. 1975
The Price
George and Steven find a gun they have the serial number checked. The weapn was used in a serious crime in Chicago shattering the illusion that they are safe from urban problems in Iowa.

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