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Shutter Island Stays On Top For Two Weeks In A Row.

Shutter Island did repeat #1 business this week, knocking off two newcomers and managing to earn decent coin while doing so. The Scorsese thriller made an estimated $22.2 million this weekend and has reached just over $79 million worldwide. Congrats to Marty and Leo.Kevin "Southwest" Smith's latest train wreck, Cop Out, earned $18.5 million more than it deserved. I guess people ignored the 20% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes as it was panned by every critic who had even a small taste in film. Hopefully it tanks next week, goes straight to video and this will be the last we ever hear of Kevin Smith and his career falls so fast that he ends up having to do little Q&A's at Comic-Con 2018 for you Juggalos in a small booth next to The Honky Tonk Man and Margot Kidder. I doubt if all of Kevin's fans will keep him in the top 3 money for
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Detailed Info on 'H2: Halloween 2' Soundtrack

Details of "Halloween II - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" have been disclosed. Co-produced by film director Rob Zombie, the soundtrack album for "H2: Halloween 2" is set to be outed in U.S. stores on August 25, three days before the "Halloween" sequel lets out its terror in theaters across the country.

A number of tracks in the album will be filled with dialog from the film, whereas the rest will feature music from such musicians as Motorhead, Moody Blues, Scream, Rod Stewart, MC5, 10cc and Foghat. The named artists take on classic tracks ranging from "Nights in White Satin" and "The Things We Do For Love" to "(I Know) I'm Losing You".

New psychobilly band Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures, who appear in the film, also make contribution to the soundtrack with two fresh recordings titled "Transylvania Terror Train" and "Honky Tonk Halloween". Other new tracks to be found
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