The Night Porter (1974) Poster

Dirk Bogarde: Max



  • Max : [to Lucia]  There are no lines to Frankfurt. Why did you come here? Hm? Why did you come? WHY did you come?

    [angrily kicks a table away] 

    Max : Have you come to give me away? HAVE YOU?

    [hits her] 

    Max : Did you? Answer!

    [the pair fall over] 

    Max : Did you? Why'd you come? Why'd you come? Why? Why? WHY!

  • [Max and Lucia are laughing while caressing each other] 

    Max : Ah, no, no. Too fast, too fast. Too long. Too long.

    [kisses her] 

    Lucia : Oh, Max, Max...

    Max : [stressful]  Tell me, why'd you come? Tell me. Tell me!

    Lucia : [screams]  I WANT YOU!

    Max : Tell me what to do. Tell me where to go. Tell me what to do.

    Lucia : No...

    Max : Tell me what to do!

    Lucia : [laughing]  No!

    [they continue to kiss and caress each other] 

    Max : I love you so.

  • Max : [describing Lucia]  My little girl...

  • Max : I met her again... my little girl.

    Countess Stein : You mean, the little girl from then?

    [Max nods] 

    Max : [clears his throat]  I found her again. I found her again. And no one must touch her!

    Countess Stein : Who'd dream of touching her?

    [Max gestures with his hands in objection] 

    Countess Stein : Oh, Max, be careful. Before she could testify against you, you should file her away.

    Max : Oh... oh, no.

    Countess Stein : But...

    Max : No... I love her.

    Countess Stein : [shakes her head]  What a madman.

    Max : She was my little girl...

    [close to tears] 

    Max : She was very young.

    Countess Stein : And now she's not.

    Max : Yes. Yes, she... she's exactly the same... as she was for me.

    Countess Stein : Oh, Max...

    Max : As she was then!

    Countess Stein : I've never seen you so much in love.

    Max : [chocking up]  I... I thought she was dead.

    Countess Stein : What a romantic story.

  • [Max has handcuffed Lucia to a long chain attached to the bathroom] 

    Lucia : Why?

    Max : So they can't take you away.

    Lucia : Who?

    Max : Klaus... Bert, Hans.

    [Lucia giggles] 

    Max : It's nothing to laugh about.

    Lucia : And if they come with a file?

    Max : Then you fight.

    [Lucia continues giggling] 

    Max : [angrily]  DON'T LAUGH!

  • Countess Stein : You were always insane, and you still are.

    Max : Sane, insane then... hm. Who's to judge?

    [referring to himself and Lucia] 

    Max : And just you remember... we're both in the same boat.

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