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release of the series on video or DVD
chisum213 November 2002
As a big fan of the short lived series, I would like the series released again on video or DVD. I have the first two videos but the third was(I was told) never released the two episodes were the twisted cross and the counterfeit trap. the counterfeit trap was released on a seventies tape by ITC with an episode from The Protectors, Jason King and Father Brown mysteries. I would very much like to see the twisted cross as when the episodes were shown on T.V I was 10 years old.
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Blast from my past is still a blast!
kietsie2 June 2018
Saw this show first time way back when I was a teenager in South Africa, dubbed into Afrikaans as "Drie Plus Een". Finally managed to get the series again on DVD and love it even more as I did then. Barry Morse is my favorite, but all the actors did a great job. I always regretted that there were only 6 episodes, but rather 6 well written episodes than 20 bad ones. The location is beautiful. Mostly love the fact that the "heroes" are middle aged, ordinary folks. Lovely "feel-good" series with some memorable scenes.
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of its time
kenpitcher23 July 2006
Like others I have seen the re-runs of the "The Zoo Gang" on ITV4. I remember the series the first time round, but I am lead to believe that it has never been repeated until now because of who owns the rights to the series. To date, the sad thing is, only one member of the zoo gang is alive today (Barry Morse). I truly loved the series, the warmth that emulates while watching it, yes, it has that 70's kitch feel, but that what gives it it's charm, it's innocent safe detective fun, the smell of money, the glamour, the wide flares and neck-o-chiffs. It was a sad situation that only six were ever produced, maybe it was a good thing?, as unlike other TV programs made around this time of 72/73 this one remains a bit exclusive, more so as to the stars that played the leading roles.
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This was a pilot for a series
chaosrat616131 December 2004
The characters were all intelligence operatives during WWII. Each one had the code name of an animal, hence the name The Zoo Club. The series that spun off from this was pretty good as best I can remember it. One thing that I liked was the fact that all the characters were older, middle age, so that it wasn't just a lot of mindless T&A actors getting thru on looks and hormones. I've not seen the series repeated, or the movie sense its original broadcast. I hope at some point someone will show it again. Brian Keith did a very good job in the series. Barry Morris, who most people will remember as Inspector Gerald from The Fugitive series was good as well.
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Mystery thriller set in Europe in the early to mid 1970's
davidwhitlam10 July 2006
The series is currently being shown on ITV4. I saw a episode on 8th July 2006 in the early evening. I am not sure of the title of the episode but the plot concerned the alleged theft of a diamond belonging to an actress who assumed (wrongly) that her husband, a film director, was trying to steal the diamond to give to another woman who was to star in his latest film. The story contained the usual plot and counter-plot with plenty of red herrings and characters running off in the wrong direction before the truth was established. The acting was par for the course and the story lines predictable.It was interesting to watch and is typical of the early 1970's mystery TV shows such as Columbo, The Persuaders, Banachek and Macmillan and Wife. It does look dated and is formulaic. I must have missed the series the first time around although as a teenager I was an avid fan of this type of programme. Makes for good viewing when chilling out on a Saturday afternoon. It reminded me particularly of the Persuaders (Roger Moore and Tony Curtis) and the Protectors (Robert Vaughn and Tony Anholt) as it was set in the hip areas of Europe in the 1970's. In fact the story lines are interchangeable across the different programmes. It was good to see an Amercian actor (Brian Keith) with two British Actors (Barry Morse and John Mills) and Lily Palmer who I think is German.
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