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Nobody could dream him up. His incredible bank robbery is all the more bizarre...because it's true.
This movie was not dreamed up by a screenplay writer. It couldn't have -- not with all the bizarre things that actually happened that day in a real bank, with real hostages and with Sonny Wortzik - the most unreal person who ever wanted to rob a bank.
In the middle of a robbery - Pizza for everyone
The robbery should have taken 10 minutes. 4 hours later, the bank was like a circus sideshow. 8 hours later, it was the hottest thing on live T.V. 12 hours later, it was all history. And it's all true
In August, 1972, Sonny Wortzik robbed a bank. 250 cops, the F.B.I., 8 hostages and 2,000 onlookers will never forget what took place.
The Most Bizarre Bank Siege Ever
Anything can happen during the dog days of summer. On August 22nd, 1972, everything did

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