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Saeed Jaffrey: Billy Fish



  • Billy Fish : He wants to know if you are gods.

    Peachy Carnehan : Not gods - Englishmen. The next best thing.

  • Peachy Carnehan : [When being chased by a large angry mob]  Billy Fish, mount the mule and ride! There's a chance you'll make it!

    Billy Fish : Gurkha foot soldier, not cavalry.

    [Billy salutes Peachy and Danny] 

    Billy Fish : Rifleman Majendra Bahadur Gurung wishing you many good lucks!

    [Billy draws his kukri and charges the mob single-handedly] 

    Billy Fish : Ayo Gorkhali!

  • [speaking to Billy Fish in Kafiri] 

    Billy Fish : Ootah say take your pick. He have twenty three daughters.

    Danny : Those are his daughters? Why the dirty old beggar!

    Peachy Carnehan : Now, now Danny. Different countries, different ways. He's only being hospitable according to his lights. Billy, tell him one's as pretty as the next and we cannot choose.

    [Billy translates; Ootah replies in Kafiri] 

    Billy Fish : Ootah say he also have thirty-two sons if you are liking boys.

    Peachy Carnehan : [angrily]  Tell him he makes my gorge rise; tell him!

    Danny : Now Peachy, different countries, different ways. Tell Ootah we have vowed not to take a woman until all his enemies are vanquished.

  • Danny : You mean he's piled up a fortune of sixty cows out of her infidelities?

    Billy Fish : And thirty-two goats.

    Danny : She ain't a wife, she's a going concern!

  • Peachy Carnehan : What's he saying, Billy?

    Billy Fish : Danny's bleeding. They know! He says not god, not devil, but man!

    Peachy Carnehan : [approaches Danny]  They've twigged it, Danny. You've had it! The jig's up!

    Daniel Dravot : [grabs arrow and raises hand in proclamation]  I, Sikander -

    Peachy Carnehan : [cuts off Danny]  For God's sake!

    Peachy Carnehan : [grabs Danny and leads him down the temple stairs]  We've got to brass it out, Danny. Danny, brass it out!

    Peachy Carnehan : [Danny, Peachy and Billy Fish try to escape the mob with heads held high]  Bags of swank!

    Daniel Dravot : [Danny, Peachy and Billy Fish on the run]  We'll get your riflemen, Peachy, and we'll come back and slaughter the dogs! A drenching in their own blood we'll give them! Riflemen, prepare to advance!

    Peachy Carnehan : [grabs rifles]  Too many for that, Danny. Retire in sections!

    Daniel Dravot : Retire? Retire be damned!

    Peachy Carnehan : We've gotta make a run for it!

  • Billy Fish : I oft times tell Ootah about Englishmens. How they give names to dogs and take off hats to womans, and march into battle, left - right, left -right with rifles on their shoulders.

  • Peachy Carnehan : Do they always use such a big ball?

    Billy Fish : Depend on size of man's head. Big head, big ball, small head, small ball. That Bashki man. Oh big damn head.

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