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  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) researcher Joe ( code name "Condor") Turner (Robert Redford), whose job at the American Literacy Historical Society (ALHS) is to read books and search for secret plots and hidden agendas, returns from lunch to find that everyone in his New York office has been executed, forcing him to go on the run. When CIA attempts to bring him "home" end up in double-crosses, Turner abducts photographer Kathy Hale (Faye Dunaway) and takes refuge in her apartment. Meanwhile, section chief J. Higgins (Cliff Robertson) works to bring Turner home and figure out what's going on, while Turner tries to figure out just who he can really trust. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The screenplay by American screenwriters Lorenzo Semple Jr and David Rayfiel was adapted from the 1974 novel Six Days of the Condor by American thriller novelist James Grady. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Turner first noticed an obscure mystery novel was being translated into an odd assortment of languages, e.g. Dutch, Spanish, Turkish but not French, Arabic but not Russian or German, so he filed a report with main CIA headquarters at Langley. Although their reply says that there is nothing to support his theory about connections between operations in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and other locations around the world, a copy of the reply was cc'd to Washington section chief Wicks (Michael Kane) who showed the report to CIA Deputy Director of Operations Leonard Atwood (Addison Powell) who has a hidden agenda of his own. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He was part of the team of Alsation assassin Joubert (Max von Sydow). His job was to note the arrival of all ALHS employees so that Joubert would know when everyone was inside and commence with the assassination plot. Only Heidigger did not arrive (he called in sick), but he was later killed in his apartment. Fortunately for Turner, he went out the back way to get lunch and was not in the office during the shootings. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Joubert didn't expect Turner to be at the Barber's apartment. As a master assassin, Joubert is not sloppy. There were too many people in the building and, thanks to a teen prank, the elevator was stopping at every floor too many chances of others seeing and remembering him. Forced to improvise, Joubert decided to wait outside the building and shoot Turner when he came out. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Not at the beginning. Higgins was as much in the dark as Turner. After speaking with Mr Wabash (John Houseman), however, and realizing how the situation could put the CIA and the US government in an embarrassing light, Higgins goes along with the need to eliminate Turner as a loose end. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • After learning from Joubert where Atwood lives, Turner confronts him at gunpoint in his study and learns that he had uncovered a secret plan to take over Middle Eastern oil fields, setting in motion the deaths of all of his section's members. Suddenly, Turner hears a familiar voice behind him. "Drop the gun," Joubert orders. Sighing in defeat, Turner drops his gun but is totally surprised when Joubert shoots Atwood in the head. Joubert explains that the game has changed. Although Atwood had hired him to terminate the Condor, his superiors at the CIA rehired him to terminate Atwood, so the contract with Atwood is now null. On their way out together, Joubert congratulates Turner on his resourcefulness at staying alive and suggests that he leave the country or even become an assassin like himself. Turner refuses, so Joubert describes how, someday when he least expects it, someone he trusts will pull up in a car and offer him a ride. In the final scene, Turner is standing on a busy street in New York City when he notices Higgins getting out of a car. Higgins offers a ride but, heeding Joubert's words, Turner refuses it. Instead, they walk on the sidewalk together, Higgins defending Atwood's plan to invade the Middle East and warning him that the day will come when oil shortages will have Americans begging the government to use any means necessary. They stop in front of The New York Times building. Turner informs Higgins that he's already told them the story. "Oh, you dumb s.o.b.," sighs Higgins, "You've done more harm than you know." "I hope so," Turner replies. As Turner turns to walk away, Higgins asks how he can be sure that they will print it, but Turner just keeps on walking. Edit (Coming Soon)


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