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Season 5

30 Nov. 1980
Angel in Hiding
The angels are hired to find a model by her father but she turns up murdered. The angels go undercover as models for a modeling agency to find out why she was murdered and by whom.
30 Nov. 1980
To See an Angel Die
Bosley and the angels go to the Hawaiian branch of the Townsend agency. Whilst there Kris is kidnapped by a man and his two children who believe she killed their wife and mother three years ago. A psychic helps them solve the crime.
7 Dec. 1980
Angels of the Deep
Julie has taken up scuba diving. Unbeknownst to her, her diving partner Bianca is looking for a boatload of sunken grass. Two parties are also looking for the grass: Marvin and Claude, a pair of leftover hippies who sunk the boat, and Tony Kramer and his goons, for whom the shipment was meant. When Marvin and Claude contact Tony's buyer, Bianca forces them to take her on as a partner. Meanwhile Julie and the other Angels have become targets without even knowing what the case is all about.
14 Dec. 1980
Island Angels
Julie identifies a member of the Red Circle terrorist group arriving in Hawaii to attempt the assassination of diplomat Eric Nillson. The Angels and Lt. Torres soon become convinced the assassin was not working alone, and go undercover at the Club Aloha resort to find the killer's cohort. Bosley and Julie pose as a reporter and photographer, Kris works at the bar and Kelly assists Torres at the station.
4 Jan. 1981
Waikiki Angels
The Angels go undercover as lifeguards to catch a gang of dune buggy drivers who are terrorizing a local beach and who are likely to be behind the disappearance of a congressman's daughter.
11 Jan. 1981
Hula Angels
Steve Moss is kidnapped in his own nightclub. His wife can't come up with the ransom in time and hires the Angels. Each day Mrs. Moss keeps the kidnappers waiting, another dancing girl from the club disappears. Kris and Julie both audition to join the hula dancers while Kelly and Bos try to figure out why a successful club owner like Moss is lacking cash.
24 Jan. 1981
Moonshinin' Angels
The Angels are asked to find out why the old feud between two rival moonshiners in Gifford county is heating up again. Kris joins the Catlin's as their new still master. Kelly becomes the Bartlett's new driver. Julie gets a job as a waitress at Etta's Diner. Bosley, posing as a rich Texan, offers both parties a deal to buy their liquor.
31 Jan. 1981
He Married an Angel
The Angels are hired to catch a conman named John Thornwood. Kris poses as a fellow scam artist to get on his good side while Kelly gets close to his latest victim, Monica Regis. Meanwhile, July finds out that Monica's father is a powerful mobster. The Angels decide to teach Thornwood a lesson he'll never forget.
7 Feb. 1981
Taxi Angels
Investigating a murder attempt at a small taxi cab company, Kelly reluctantly poses as a driver, Julie as the dispatcher and Kris as a roller-skating waitress at the local diner.
14 Feb. 1981
Angel on the Line
When the Angels investigate a murder at the dating establishment 'The Hot Line Club', Kelly becomes the killer's next target.
21 Feb. 1981
Chorus Line Angels
Dancers are disappearing during rehearsals for a new musical. A reluctant Kelly auditions as a new dancer, Julie poses as her agent/manager and Kris pretends to be a reporter.
28 Feb. 1981
Stuntwomen Angels
A man dressed as an archer is causing accidents at Mammoth studios. The Angels go undercover as stunt women (after taking a crash course at Big Teddy's stunt school). The main target seems to be the stunt coordinator working on 'Lady West' and 'Marian and her Merry Maidens', the latter being a remake of an Errol Flynn classic.
3 Jun. 1981
Attack Angels
When the Angels investigate a couple of suspicious deaths at Western Techtronics, Julie falls under the trance of a hypnotist who specializes in using brainwashed young women as killers.
10 Jun. 1981
Angel on a Roll
Ted Markham has opened 12 different bank accounts under different names and wearing disguises, only to rob their ATM's in one fell stroke. Kris volunteers to get close to Markham and let him 'spend some of that money' on her in order to catch him. When Ted invites her to go to Vegas with him Kris accepts, and starts to grow fond of the charming thief. Meanwhile, an angry casino owner and his goon follow Marham and Kris, thinking they are are double act out to rob more casino's.
17 Jun. 1981
Mr. Galaxy
When several attempts are made on body builder Ron Gates' life, the Angels are hired to investigate. Kris stays close to Ron and protects him from several more deadly traps. Kelly poses is a reporter from a bodybuilding magazine, Julie goes to work at the Mid-Valley Club, and Bosley starts working out there.
24 Jun. 1981
Let Our Angel Live
Kelly is shot at point blank by a suspect she had been watching during a stakeout. A very emotional Bosley, Kris and Julie spend the night at the hospital reminiscing about past cases while Kelly's life hangs in the balance.

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