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Season 28

10 Jan. 2005
Episode #28.1
On the day before term starts, the new 1st formers are shown round Grange Hill. Alex's remote controlled blimp causes mayhem, and Togger gets blamed for his younger brother's mischief.
12 Jan. 2005
Episode #28.2
Tanya's rebellious braided hair and ankle tattoo don't go unnoticed. Togger's class have to email a French school to tell them about themselves.
17 Jan. 2005
Episode #28.3
While trying to get Alex's car back, Tigger finds the Wannabies' stash of sweets, ready to be sold in the unofficial tuck shop. When Chloe realizes what's happened, she suggests to Mr. Malachay that Tigger has been bullying Alex.
19 Jan. 2005
Episode #28.4
The school votes for the name of the new radio station. The Healthy Eating campaign gets underway, swapping sweets for fruit.
24 Jan. 2005
Episode #28.5
It's the day of the footy trials, but Baz has got other things on his mind. Mrs Bassinger gives the go ahead for Spencer to make a film, instead of the usual school play.
26 Jan. 2005
Episode #28.6
An argument between Kathy and Maddie is accidentally broadcast over the school radio, and Taylor steps in to become the first DJ. Ed forgets Alex's birthday.
31 Jan. 2005
Episode #28.7
Abel gets through to the Football Academy, but Togger doesn't. To Spencer's horror, the school votes in favour of producing "My Fair Lady".
2 Feb. 2005
Episode #28.8
Tanya gives vent to her feelings over the school radio and is banned from the French Exchange.
7 Feb. 2005
Episode #28.9
Alex and Alison both get out of swimming practice, Dawn takes over the script for "My Fair Lady", and Annie starts spending with a fraudulently-obtained credit card.
9 Feb. 2005
Episode #28.10
On the sponsored bike ride Tanya's proposed secret meeting with Jean becomes a terrifying ordeal.
14 Feb. 2005
Episode #28.11
After Tanya's ordeal, Internet access is banned. Maddie engineers a demonstration for Karen to see Taylor's unreliability.
16 Feb. 2005
Episode #28.12
Tanya thinks she sees her attacker at school, Alex has a swimming lesson, and Annie's lies about her credit cards get more elaborate.
21 Feb. 2005
Episode #28.13
Jeremy's hopes are dashed when he's sacked from the school play. Ed and Alison boost Alex's ego to persuade him to go on the adventure trip.
23 Feb. 2005
Episode #28.14
On the adventure trip, Chloe spoils the hunting expedition and pays the price. Back at school, Baz's dispute with Max escalates and leads to an accident.
28 Feb. 2005
Episode #28.15
When Alison's secret is revealed, Alex puts his foot in his mouth. Togger comes to Tanya's rescue when she panics in a maze.
2 Mar. 2005
Episode #28.16
Alex weighs his bag down with books, secures it to his back and heads off to the pool - will Spencer reach him in time?
14 Mar. 2005
Episode #28.17
Alex returns to school and renews his friendships. Tanya gets back in touch with Lucy and tries to arrange a meeting with her to find out about her attacker.
16 Mar. 2005
Episode #28.18
Annie's brings a bundle of cash to school and loses it. Tanya finally persuades Lucy to meet with her.
21 Mar. 2005
Episode #28.19
As the end of term film premieres, and the unofficial "No Malarky" video is shown, more than a few loose ends are wrapped up.
23 Mar. 2005
Episode #28.20
Abel quits the Football Academy, Spencer asks Kathy out, and Annie's desperation leads her to steal a school laptop.

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