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Is Armond White’s Disdain For Noah Baumbach’s Films Rooted In Georgia Brown’s Critique Of “Chameleon Street”?

It’s Armond White day here on Shadow And Act… but this was too interesting to pass up.

A few days ago I received an email from Wendell B. Harris Jr, writer/director/star of Chameleon Street, referencing last year’s kerfuffle between White and the publicity team for Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg, which we covered on this blog. In case you missed it, in a nutshell, Armond White was barred from press screenings of Greenberg, by publicist Leslee Dart, who rejected White’s invitation to a screening of the movie, thanks to Armond’s alleged bias against and hostility towards not just Baumbach’s films, but Baumbach himself, essentially suggesting a personal vendetta on White’s part.

In Armond’s review of Baumbach’s 1997 film Mr. Jealousy, some interpreted his words to mean that he wished the filmmaker’s mother had aborted him!

And who is Noah Baumbach’s mother?
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fortyfivedownstairs Announces Upcoming Events

Between Lines by Kim Lawler is a series of aerial photographs taken in the Kimberley, far north Western Australia. This remote area is embedded with stories of Indigenous and non-Indigenous inhabitants and transitory visitors, and is scarred by multinational companies' resource development. Kim Lawler has lived in this region and her work is strongly influenced by the displacement of its peoples and the competing demands for natural resources. The extraordinary colour and beauty of these landscapes glow in these large scale pigment print photographs.

Elemental, new sculptural work from Joey North, is his second exhibition at fortyfivedownstairs. As in his first show, the works are created from recycled materials gleaned over many years from the beaches and broKen Down wharves of Port Phillip. Large in scale, powerful in impact, these works resonate with memories of their past life and function.

Both exhibitions run until Saturday 10 October

Fringe at fortyfivedownstairs

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