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Season 3

15 Jan. 1979
The Gunfighter
Frank Grayson comes to town and Luke takes an interest when he learns he has been hired to run settlers out of the valley. Things are further complicated when Laura develops a romantic interest in Frank.
22 Jan. 1979
The Rustler
Jessie meets a boy in town and quickly becomes fond of him. He is on his way to meet some friends with plans to steal some horses.
5 Feb. 1979
The Enemy
Zeb joins a group of soldiers assigned to bring Two Bears back to the fort in hopes of ending Indian attacks on wagons passing west. The group is led by Lt. Ayeless who is fresh out of West Point and clashes with Zeb.
12 Feb. 1979
The Innocent
Josh tries to bring a couple of horses home but needs to cross a river and finds himself in the middle of a feud over ferries on the river. Josh befriends Willie - a boy who is slow and overprotected by his mother.
26 Feb. 1979
Orville Gant catches a bank robber who has information about the murder of Judge Renson. He contacts Luke. Luke comes to town and sparks fly when he meets Hillary as he prepares to go out after the killer.
5 Mar. 1979
L'Affaire Riel
General Sheridan prevails upon a reluctant Zeb to search for Louis Riel and return him to Canada. While Zeb is gone the General takes advantage of an opportunity to pursue an interest in Molly Culhane.
12 Mar. 1979
The Scavengers
Zeb, Molly, and Laura are on their way back from St. Louis when the riverboat they are on is attacked by pirates. Zeb is thrown overboard and Molly and Laura are kidnapped.
19 Mar. 1979
The Forgotten
An army survey team guided by Luke is attacked and two soldiers are killed. Luke and Josh return to the site to hunt for the killer only to find a confederate soldier who is still fighting the war.
2 Apr. 1979
Luke is forced to kill a bounty hunter who learns the reward on Luke is still in effect and increased. He soon learns the bounty was increased by the government in order to force Luke to work undercover for them.
16 Apr. 1979
China Girl
Li Sin's family leaves China for a better future. She is raped on the voyage to America and finds herself on the Macahan ranch on land leased for gold exploration. When Molly finds she is pregnant, she takes her in to the Macahan household.
23 Apr. 1979
The Slavers
When letters from Tap Henry's daughter are returned from Mexico, Zeb and Josh head south to find out what happened to her. When they arrive in her home town, no one is willing to answer their questions.

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