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6 Feb. 1977
Provost Marshal
An Ex-Captain by the name of Martin Grey, who is now a bounty hunter and who also holds a commission as a Provost Marshal is hunting down army deserters, with Luke Macahan currently at the top of his list.
13 Feb. 1977
Zeb finds Luke with the Simonites but before Luke is strong enough to leave, Zeb must take the opportunity to find a friend who has started a vendetta against an Indian tribe. Luke has taken a liking for the lifestyle of the Simonites and especially for the young and beautiful Erika who has looked after him. He therefore contemplates the option of becoming a Simonite.
20 Feb. 1977
Bowie John Christie
Zeb must make the hardest choice in his life when attempting to save the life of his friend who has been taken captive by the Indians. Luke realizes that he can not stay with the Simonites after more trouble has erupted and the consequences are horrible when Erika decides to follow him. Meanwhile, back on the farm, the rest of the family finds itself in the midst of an Indian tribal war. And at the same time Captain Grey, now turned bounty hunter, continues to search for Luke.

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