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Season 4

24 Jun. 1986
A Wounded Hart
Harriman's absentee boyfriend dumps her, precipitating a brief fling with Hart, who has trouble recovering. Soloway channels Sir Thomas Moore - or does he?
1 Jul. 1986
Mistaken Identity
Ford becomes the victim of identify theft and is arrested by police and jailed. Although friends Hart, Golden, and even Kingsfield rescue him, his brush with reality leaves his presumption of the rectitude of the legal system badly shaken.
8 Jul. 1986
Potential honors graduates agonize over their final class standing. The job Zeiss wants depends on his graduating with honors. Mrs. Nottingham gets sued. Everyone learns to settle, some with Kingsfield's nudging.
15 Jul. 1986
Suppressed Desires
A party themed "Supressed Desries" is being thrown, wherein the students get to as something they wish they could be other than a lawyer. When there's an art competition. Kiernan decides to enter but it clashes with her studies.
9 Aug. 1986
As Hart and the other 3Ls graduate, Hart learns what others think of him: friend Ford, Professor Tyler, and Kingsfield, who has final lessons to teach Hart. Hart sums up his relationship with Kingsfield in his commencement address.

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