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Season 1

11 May 1982
Episode #1.1
Robert Oppenheimer meets and decides to marry the hard-drinking, much-divorced Kitty, although his friends and relatives dislike her.
18 May 1982
Episode #1.2
Oppenheimer is now in charge of the top-secret Manhattan Project, but his left-wing politics mean that he is constantly watched by the FBI and others.
25 May 1982
Episode #1.3
Oppenheimer's extra-marital relationship with the neurotic Jean Tatlock comes to a tragic end.
1 Jun. 1982
Episode #1.4
With the death of President Roosevelt, the future of the Manhattan Project seems doubtful. Oppenheimer finds himself more and more at loggerheads with Teller.
8 Jun. 1982
Episode #1.5
The dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bring the war to an end, but Oppenheimer's new status as a national hero is short-lived.
15 Jun. 1982
Episode #1.6
A few years after the war, Oppenheimer finds himself regarded as a security risk, and must face a committee.
22 Jun. 1982
Episode #1.7
Oppenheimer's examination by the committee proves disastrous and his career with the A.E.C. is finished, whilst that of his rival Teller flourishes.

 Season 1 

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