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The original 1977 UK cinema version ("Cannibal") was cut by around 4 minutes by the BBFC to heavily edit cannibalism scenes, closeups of Harper's naked penis, animal killings and shots of a man's arm being eaten by ants. When the film was finally submitted for DVD release in 2003 (as "Last Cannibal World") the BBFC required 2 minutes 46 secs of cuts to remove the scene of a live crocodile being gutted and to edit a rape sequence. The distributors had also offered a pre-cut version, removing a further 1 minute 47 secs, though in the end the longer BBFC-approved version was eventually released.
The Swedish cinema version was cut 10 m 50 sec:
  • The death of the pilot was cut (40 sec)
  • The scene where the prisoner was slashed and ants poured onto the wounds was removed (2 m 22 sec)
  • The scenes where a snake gets killed with an axe, and when a tied up bat is killed by a snake, were cut (1 min 45 sec)
  • A crocodile being gutted alive was cut (1 m 37 sec)
  • The native woman giving birth by the river and throwing her baby to the crocodiles was cut (13 sec)
  • The scene where Robert hits Palan and rapes her was removed (1 min 15 sec)
  • The scene where Palan was killed, decapitated, cooked, and eaten was cut (1 m 50 sec)
  • When Robert eats the liver of a cannibal he killed was cut (1 m 8 sec)
There exist two video versions in Sweden; one is uncut, the other heavily cut. The uncut version (titled "Jakten i regnskogen" on Golden Medal Video) is in full screen. The cut version (titled "De sista kannibalerna" on Europafilm) runs 77m 35sec PAL and is widescreen and has superior picture quality.

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