An Unmarried Woman (1978) Poster

Jill Clayburgh: Erica



  • [first lines] 

    [Martin and Erica are jogging along the river] 

    Martin : Jesus Christ! Look at this - my sneaker's ruined!

    Erica : They're only thirty-five dollars.

    [Erica takes Martin's shoe and cleans it off for him] 

    Martin : Fucking city's turning into one big pile of DOG SHIT!

    [shouting at passing traffic] 

    Martin : Come on out and take a crap on me - everybody else is. Fuck.

    [Martin lights a cigarette] 

    Erica : ...been jogging for 2 1/2 miles - you're giving yourself lung cancer.

    Martin : I'll tell you something Erica - the longer I'm married to you the more you sound like my mother.

    Erica : Clean your own sneaker.

    [throws shoe at Martin] 

    Martin : I think you wanted me to step in it.

    Erica : [laughing]  You're going crazy Martin.

    Martin : I am?

    Erica : [laughing]  Yes.

    [Martin tosses his shoe over his shoulder into the river. Erica jogs away, and Martin jogs after] 

  • [last lines] 

    [a very large painting is being lowered to the ground from Saul's loft] 

    Saul : [shouting up to the loft]  OK Mario, I've got it.

    Saul : [to Erica]  Can you hold this a minute? You got it?

    Erica : I got it.

    Saul : [Saul opens his car door, looks at Erica, and smiles]  Bye.

    Erica : What about this?

    Saul : Oh, that's for you.

    Erica : How the hell am I gonna get it home?

    Saul : Take a taxi.

    [Saul gets in his car and drives off. Erica picks up the painting, struggling with it a bit, and begins walking home] 

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