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Season 1

22 Sep. 1979
Rub Three Times for Disaster
The Super Friends battle an evil Sheik who controls a powerful evil genie.
29 Sep. 1979
Lex Luthor Strikes Back
Lex Luthor escapes from prison to kill the Super Friends, but things get disastrously out of his control.
6 Oct. 1979
Space Knights of Camelon
After losing his memory in a massive space explosion and crashing on a futuristic medieval planet, Superman is manipulated into becoming a conqueror while his fellow Super Friends struggle to stop him.
13 Oct. 1979
The Lord of Middle Earth
The SuperFriends are turned into trolls and enslaved by an magical subterranean tyrant.
20 Oct. 1979
Universe of Evil
Superman and his evil other-dimensional counterpart inadvertently exchange their realities.
27 Oct. 1979
Terror at 20,000 Fathoms
Captain Nemoy plans to submerge several continents. The Super Friends call upon the aid of the defenders of the shrunken and bottled Kryptonian city of Kandor to stop him.
3 Nov. 1979
The Superfriends Meet Frankenstein
Dr. Frankenstein steals the powers of the SuperFriends for his monster to use.
10 Nov. 1979
The Planet of Oz
Mister Mxyzptlk abducts Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman to his version of Oz and manipulates them to find the wizard for his own ends.

 Season 1 

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