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Faye Dunaway: Annie



  • Doctor : [Champ has just died]  I'm sorry.

    T.J. : [Georgie and Jackie start to cry, TJ is shocked]  No! Champ! No! Champ. Is he out? Is he out? What's the matter, Champ? Champ, wake up! Wake up! Wake - wake up!

    [kisses his head] 

    T.J. : Champ, wake up, Champ! Hey, don't sleep now. We got to go home. Got to go home, Champ.

    [Georgie collapses into sobs] 

    T.J. : Georgie. Don't cry. Georgie.

    [TJ goes to the doctor] 

    T.J. : Mister, help me. Wake him up! Wake him!

    Doctor : We're all real sorry.

    T.J. : Please, wake him up!

    Doctor : Let's go outside.

    T.J. : No, no! I don't want to! I don't want to!

    [runs to Jackie] 

    T.J. : Jackie! Wake him up! Wake him!

    Jackie : TJ, please.

    T.J. : I want Champ!

    Jackie : TJ...

    T.J. : I want Champ!

    Jackie : TJ. Please, TJ, listen to me. He's gone. He's gone, son. He's gone.

    T.J. : [shakes his head and backs away from Jackie]  No. No! He's not gone! He's not! He's not!

    Jackie : [Annie comes in, a smile on her face until she sees Champ and Jackie trying to calm TJ]  Please.

    T.J. : He is not dead! He is not dead! I want Champ!

    Jackie : Please, listen to me, son.

    T.J. : I want Champ!

    Jackie : TJ, please, listen to me!

    T.J. : I want Champ! Champ! He is not gone!

    Jackie : [he and the doctor try to drag TJ away from Champ]  Come on, son. Come on. TJ.

    Annie : TJ.

    [TJ walks towards her and hugs her, holding on tightly as he sobs] 

  • [Billy just sees Annie after 7 years] 

    Billy : You know what I told him? I told him that you died, that you were killed in a car wreck. That you were a tramp and we're better off without you. You're dead! Do you understand that? You're dead! The kid's got no mother!

    Annie : I am his mother.

    Billy : You're dead! He's got no mother!

    Annie : I'm here, I am his mother.

  • [Annie just revealed to T.J. she is his mother] 

    Annie : I'm your mother.

    T.J. : No, my mother's dead. She's a beautiful angel.

    Annie : No she's not, I'm here and I love you.

    T.J. : You don't live with us, you're not married to Champ.

    Annie : Listen to me T.J., you don't have to live with someone to love them, I love you.

    T.J. : Do you love the Champ? Do you? Do you love him? No you're not my mother.

    Annie : No, no please listen to me. It's not that simple. T.J. listen to me.

    T.J. : Go away. Please don't touch me. I don't want you, I don't want you.

    Annie : Timmy.

    T.J. : Go away I told you, go away. Go away, I want the Champ. I want Champ. Champ. I want Champ. I don't want you, I want to go back to the Champ. I want Champ, get out of here.

    [Annie leaves the room frightened] 

  • Billy : What about my heart? What about my mind? What about me? What about me? Billy Flynn! What about me? I'm real, too!

    Annie : What's the matter, Billy? What is it?

    Billy : You could always come back. We"ll take you back You... We'll give you a second chance.

  • Billy : No smoking in the barn area. What do you want?

    Annie : T.J.'s Timmy, isn't he?

    Billy : Yeah, T.J. is Timmy. So you figured it out, so what? Even a dumb horse knows her own foal.

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