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On a par with the original!!
annualman13 August 2001
After the tremendous Lemon Popsicle, I could not wait to see Going Steady, the sequel. And I was not disappointed. Essentially more of the same, teenage romance, sex, parties, and a fantastic soundtrack, Going Steady still possesses enough originality to really work!! They do not make them like this any more, and that is a terrible shame. At least we got several more sequels from the series, including the excellent Hot Bubblegum (LP3) and the outstanding entry to the series, Baby Love (LP5). Track this one down and enjoy!! You will feel like a teenager again.
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Better than the first
gangstahippie28 October 2007
Rated R for Language and Sexual Content

Going Steady aka Lemon Popsicle 2 is the sequel to the 1978 Isreali film Lemon Popsicle.As of October 28 2007, the first three lemon popsicles are available to watch on youtube dubbed in English and the fourth one is coming soon.The original Lemon Popsicle was remade in the United States as The Last American Virgin which I have yet to see.Anyway Going Steady is better than the first film in my opinion.The first film had some funny parts but it was mostly depressing(especially the ending).The sequel is much funnier but also has plenty of drama as well.One problem I have with the sequel was that it never explains how Benji and Bobby became friends again.After the events of the first film, I would think that their friendship was over but the second film shows them as friends as if none of the events of the first film happened.That's my only problem with this sequel.The film is about three friends in the late 50's or early 60's and their misadventures with sex.If you like teen sex comedies, I suggest looking for the Lemon Popsicle series.
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Not Porky's (It's not kosher)
Bezenby15 August 2016
Here's a film that you'll only likely encounter if you're trying to work your way through the least appealing films on those Mill Creek box sets. It's a coming-off-age film set in Tel Aviv during the fifties, involving three teenagers (only it turns out they're in their early twenties – how long do people go to school in Isreal?) trying to get a bit while partying and etc.

It's been a few days since I watched this one so naturally I've forgotten all their names, but you've got your main character, Bon Jovi I think his name was, his fat sidekick Van Halen, and fanny rat Dave Lee Roth. After having all their clothes nicked by some Fonz types, Bon Jovi turns up at his home in the buff in front of all his conservative parent's friends, paving the way for a lot of male nakedness in the film.

You see, Bon Jovi is the lovable (you'll hate him) cute one of the trio, and he's trying to get into the pants of a certain lady who looks like Anne Hathaway, only attractive. He does this by stalking her until she gives in, much to the chagrin of Van Halen's girlfriend. Dave Lee Roth on the other hand is just trying to get into the pants of everybody, which leads to much interpersonal drama I'm guessing as I can't feel anything since I did three tours in 'Nam.

So if you want to reminisce about growing up in fifties Tel Aviv like a Glaswegian who grew up in the eighties in Scotland, you can't go wrong by this film. It's got big fat hairy man arses, a scattering of female nudity, a wee bit of how's your father, and much by way of drama and crappy comedy. Who am I talking to? No one's gonna watch this one!
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Not quite American Graffiti, but entertaining and fun
terrilynn5918 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I do not normally post comments, but I noticed there was only one entry thus far, so I felt like contributing.

I acquired a copy of this movie under the title "Going Steady" in a 50 movie box set called "Drive-In Movie Classics". I was impressed at how clear the print was, as the other movies I have seen so far in the set have been generally below par.

The print I have runs 86 min. It is dubbed, but it is a decent dub, not normally noticeable with the exception of some of the supporting cast. I was actually surprised to see this was an Israel / West Germany production and the original language is apparently in Hebrew.

The movie basically follows the daily lives of several teenagers as they are "coming of age" in what appears to be the late 50's (maybe early 60's). There are several sexual situations and adolescent escapades throughout the movie that keeps the pace moving right along.

This movie is more in the vein of "Hollywood Knights" and "Porky's" than say, "American Graffiti" or "Grease". Sure, it's obnoxious and sophomoric at times, but that is part of this movie's charm. The acting by the leads is above average for this fare. I wasn't bored during this film and found it to be an enjoyable romp in times when things seemed much more simple.

The soundtrack to this movie is one of the highlights for any oldie's fan. This music certainly lifts this film above the "average" mark. Most of the songs are by the original artists. The one's I remember are "Kisses Sweeter than Wine", "Tequila", "Yakety Yak", "The Twist", "Sleepwalk", "Itsy Bisty Polka Dot Bikini", "Tell Laura I Love Her" etc. Some performers also on the soundtrack include, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Diamonds, Brenda Lee, Skeeter Davis, and Percy Faith. This one of the better soundtracks for this genre, outside of "American Graffiti"

Recommended to fans of oldie's music, nostalgic comedies and "Animal House" antics.

7 out of 10.
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the boys return for more laughs in this brilliant sequel
daworldismine14 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
lemon popsicle is one of my favourite movies of all time, its very very funny, so i couldn't wait to see the sequel, and i can gladly say that this is just as funny as the first if not funnier. even though the movie is going through familier territory than the original, thats exatcly what people want from these movies, its why there loved so much. its not all sex and gross out gags though, the movie tackles real problems with realism that most movies of this genre just dosen't have. so come on the movie was never going to be a masterpiece, but as a teen sex comedy, this along with the original are 2 of the best, i recommend this movie
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If you want to make it a gang bang, then follow me.
lastliberal-853-25370823 November 2013
The whole gang we saw in Lemon Popsicle is back. Benzi (Yftach Katzur) is now going after Tammy (Yvonne Michaels) with the same energy he devoted to Nikki in the first film.

Martha (Rachel Steiner) was making eyes at Benz in the first movie, and she takes it to a whole new level in this film, but like Benz and Nikki, it is not destined to be.

Benz and Tammy have their ups and downs, but Momo can't get this one.

We still have the same great 50s soundtrack with songs by Jerry Lee Lewis, The Platters, The Champs and more. Even thought the movie is longer, they only have half the songs. Bummer.
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Israeli Graffiti
qormi1 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Very good movie. Funny, well-paced, unpredictable. Benji and his crew are always on the make - out for a good time. Until Benji falls in love with Tammy and this complicates things. By the way, whatever happened to Yvonne Michaels, who played Tammy? A beautiful and talented actress, yet she never had any other roles - that was it for her career. The funniest moments of the film were the way Benji treated his parents and their guests. His mother was also hilarious. Benji's overweight friend was always getting into trouble, too. Benji was a jerk and so were his friends, but this fact never stopped you from rooting for him. One thing that was odd: This was supposed to have taken place in the 50's and all the boys had fifties hairdos. All the girls, however, had hair and makeup circa 1979. Go figure.
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the twist begins - it's thunder and lightning!
jannispetersen22 May 2008
again we meet the three boys Benji, Huey and Momo, only this time six years older. It took me only some minutes to figure out, it's nearly the same story, but not totally, as the first one's.

When you have seen the first one (needles to say, it's a must, otherwise you won't understand this one), then you will recognize some scenes. The first three running gags of the lemon Popsicle saga are born - you can't miss them! Very surprising was that I recognized some scenes that I've seen in newer movies, never knowing, they were originally from the lemon Popsicle. Thus, making this movie a classic worth watching! It is a very good prequel, and at least as good as the first one, if not better. Needless to say, this doesn't happen often.

As for the characters: they are six years older and this is making a big impression on the viewer of how they act in their roles. Not more can all their actions be described as mere childish missing experience. This time the characters' acting is making such an great impression that you will start to like/dislike some characters more and other less.

The huge confrontation built by the core difference between two of the main characters is beginning to become thunder and lightning... making you wanna know the progress in the following episode.

A classic - watch it!
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Going Nowhere
BaronBl00d25 March 2008
Dreary. Dull. Devoid of any real merit. That is just for starters. Yotzim Kavua, a film I saw under the pretense of Going Steady, was an experience to sit through. First, let me explain how I came to watch it. I bought a 50 movie pack from Mill Creek Entertainment as I like bad movies that can be fun to watch. Some are entertaining as so-bad-its-good types, some are much better than one might imagine, and then there is the third group - those which are painful to sit through and induce a catatonic stare 15 or so minutes into them. Going Steady wasn't that bad, but it really has nothing going for it as far as I am concerned. I didn't know anything about it prior to seeing it. It is a sequel in itself and had at least three or four more sequels after it. Really? This was a sequel and had more sequels? It was produced and made in Israel and is spoken in Yiddish(I think). Sophomoric tales of kids trying to get tail are that popular in Israel? Who'd have thunk it. Anyway, the acting is not horrible just not inspiring. The jokes are along the vein of what you would find in Porky's or American Pie and other crap like that. I can't say I fell in like with anything in the film, but for what it was trying to be I guess(I know by its future successes) it must have achieved them. I am not going to write about the director and actors as I am not familiar with any of them. One thing I did find interesting is that it does offer a window into life in another culture and country. That is always something I find interesting, but beyond that seeing one distasteful scenario after another, a fat boy wedged out a window, and the typical high school pranks that mark adolescence supposedly are not the stuff my dreams are made of.
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How many of your friends did you invite?
nogodnomasters1 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is a coming of age story as Benji (Yftach Katzur) and his friends discover girls. Benji has an obsession for Tammy (Yvonne Michaels). Martha (Rachel Steiner) wants Benji so she dates his fat friend Huey (Zachi Noy). Film includes something that passes for bikers and that love and jealousy game. Not as good as the American films that inspired it or the ones that came later.

Good soundtrack.

Guide: Sex and nudity (Yvonne Michaels, Rachel Steiner)
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The Lemon Popsicle Series:Part 2.
morrison-dylan-fan16 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After watching the first Lemon Popsicle,I could see the lasting impact the flick has had on the Teen Sex Comedy genre.With a box set of the first 7 by my side,I grabbed a second Popsicle.

The plot:

Since each losing their virginity, Benzi, Bobby and Huey have kept their friendship alive whilst having flings with any girl they have a chance with. Caught by surprise,Benzi crosses paths with a new girl in town called Tammy,who causes Benzi to think about "going steady" for the first time.

View on the film:

Returning to the series,co-writer/(along with Ken Globus and Eli Tavor) director Boaz Davidson & cinematographer Adam "Terminator 2" Greenberg smoke the film in an atmospheric blue mist that signals a somewhat more mature adventure with the guys. Despite the full screen DVD transfer denting some of the sight gags,Davidson's ear for a good tune and an eye for raunchy action still shines,via lingering shots on naked flesh,and a skillful grip on playing the perfect song to the criss-crossing romance.

Gathering the guys up again,the screenplay by Davidson/ Globus and Tavor initially send the group out for a second round of light Sex Comedy. After keeping everything skin deep for the first flick,the writers impressively find heart in the sexy kicks by moving the movie to a harder edge Rom-Com,with the sweetness in Tammy and Benji's romance actually giving a reason to care about the characters. Only having 1971 Get Carter's "Woman in Post Office" as her other credit,alluring Yvonne Michaels gives a very good performance as Tammy,whose intense feelings for Benji are given a fragility by Michaels. Giving Benji more of a background, Yftach Katzur sums up the line the film is on,as Benji's desire for care- free sex hits a crossroads with Benji's need for going steady.
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Not that great for the most part
Wizard-820 December 2013
"Going Steady", as it's called here in North America, is actually the second entry in the Israeli "Lemon Popsicle" film series. I have seen several other entries in the series before this one, and I think I can safely say it's one of the lesser entries. The movie is not without merit. There is a great soundtrack of '50s hit songs (how was this low budget movie able to afford all of them?), the period detail is acceptable for the most part, and while the cast is too old to be playing teenagers, they do bring in some instant likability. Which is good, because some of the characters engage in some really cruel and selfish behavior, which taints the movie significantly. A bigger problem with the movie, however, is that the movie has little plot, and seems content to frequently spin its wheels for a long time. That might have been forgive had the movie been funny, but it isn't - the comic situations are lame and predictable. How this disappointing movie didn't finish the series right there is beyond me - maybe something got lost in the translation to English in the dubbing room.
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Great unknown gem shows the universality and timelessness of the teenage experience!
talisencrw14 March 2016
The growing pains felt by adolescents are timeless and, as this hidden gem I found that was set in 1950's Tel Aviv shows, apparently universal. Thankfully this was tossed in a 50-film megapack, 'Drive-In Movie Classics'--otherwise, from the producers, director, and no-name cast involved, I would likely never have come across it. It's basically a mix of 'American Graffiti' and 'Porky's', but the script is the right mix of angst and humour, and the actors make a little go a long way with their charisma and chemistry. The 50's songs and complete lack of any sort of pretension are overwhelmingly refreshing and appreciated! I had no idea that this was in fact a sequel (another name for it is 'Lemon Popsicle 2') and part of a series. I would certainly love to track the other films down...
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Kinda Cute
Rainey-Dawn12 October 2015
This movie I found to be kinda cute. It's not a great film but is a bit funny and may remind some people of their high school days. It's about stereo-typical teenagers.

I'd say this movie is in category of "Last American Virgin" and "Porky's" with a feeling of "Grease" due to the 1950s setting. So it's not that bad of a watch.

What I enjoyed the most about the movie is the music and the cars! The film has a good soundtrack and some really cool rides. The story was just so-so with some comical moments.

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