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More Fun than a Surgical Procedure
lovecraft23111 July 2008
Dr. Obrero (Dan O' Brien) is experimenting on corpses on a remote Island. Well, an expedition team (which includes Zombi 2's Ian McCulloch) ends up on the island-and runs into the Docotor, who has some plans-as well as cannibals and zombies-in store for them.

Titled "Dr Butcher M.D." when it came to video in the 80's, "Zombie Holocaust" is an interesting-and fun-blend of two different kinds of Italian Gore flicks: The Italian Zombie movie, and the Italian Cannibal movie-only without any of the animal torture and mutilation of the later.

The movie has some nice gore (surgical and otherwise-including an awesome motorboat engine to the head death) and nudity to liven things up, as well as a fun score and tons of camp. Also, unlike other Italian gore flicks of the time, the movie features a little intentional humor to go with it ("The patients screaming disturbed me, performed removal of vocal chords"-that line always gets me), which after the downbeat feeling of Fulci's zombie movies, is something of a breath of undead air. It's nice to see an Italian gore flick that doesn't take itself too seriously for a change.

If there is any problem, it's that the zombie aspect feels rather underplayed, as they aren't used for much. Sure, there's that aforementioned death by boat motor, but they don't do a whole lot to threaten the team, as the cannibals are more of a threat. Still, "Zombie Holocaust" is a blast of exploitation that fans of over the top Italian Horror might enjoy. I know I did.
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Surprisingly decent, gory zombie film
slayrrr66616 September 2007
"Zombi Holocaust" is a rather fun cheesy zombie film.


During a routine autopsy, medical student Lori Ridgeway, (Alexandra Delli Colli) notices that the cadaver is incomplete, despite being in excellent condition the night before. As this trend continues, she finally goes to her boss, Dr. Dreylock, (Walter Patriarca) who refers her to Dr. Peter Chandler, (Ian McCulloch) a member of an investigating board for similar such incidents. As they continue, she notices a sign on one that resembles a sign from a small Southeast Asian island and convinces him to put together a team to investigate. Gathering his assistant George Harper, (Peter O'Neal) and girlfriend Susan Kelly, (Sherry Buchanan) to go along, and head to the island. There, they find the place is full of cannibals from a long-lost tribe, and a strange doctor performing strange operations on the locals. When they become the next targets for the experiment, they try to get off the island alive.

The Good News: This was a pretty pleasant surprise. It's big plus is that it feels like a great mixture of two big genres, namely the cannibal and zombie sub-genres. That it uses the tale-tell signs of the two, and convincingly, makes this one a really entertaining and clever entry. The cannibals, surprisingly, get the majority of the screen-time spent, as it's going to their home-place based on speculation of their existence, and that in turn reveals the truth about the zombies in a not-exactly-new twist revealed towards the end. There's also plenty of gore in the film, as this one has some pretty nice kills in it. There's a really impressive one where a victim is impaled from a trap that shoots up from behind to impale through the body rather than the other way around, with a severe series of dismemberments and skin devouring to follow, some really great impalements, surgical amputations and a rather shocking scene where one gets their face torn up by a rotating motorboat engine. That's not to include all the really wicked surgeries done in the film, which are also quite impressive and really bloody. That there's also some really juicy skin-devouring really helps to make this one bloody and gory. The fact that it remains watchable all the way through to the end is another big plus, as this one doesn't really get boring and features enough action spots to stay interesting, and only without a big taste for cheese will this one fail. These all make it quite entertaining.

The Bad News: There isn't a whole lot wrong with this one. One of the big ones is it's incredibly high cheese factor. There's a lot of that in the film, which can be evidenced by the general plot description. This also has marks for it in that category for it's gore and general atmosphere, which is a mark as it's not all that well received by most. That this one revels so heavily in it makes it something to be avoided by those who aren't that into that style. This one also has the problem in that it doesn't really do the big points from it's meshed styles. For a zombie film, these don't really feel like zombies most of the time, as they rarely do anything more than stand around and take orders, and aren't in the film very long to begin with. They're involved in the last twenty minutes of the film, and it doesn't really feature them a whole lot in that time-span. As well, there isn't a lot of time spent on the cannibal tribe getting to know them. All that's known about them is the name and island where they live, which is basically it. This here needed more information on them. Otherwise, the cheesiness is the main problem with this one.

The Final Verdict: While not the greatest entry in either the Italian cannibal or zombie genres, this one does have enough to like about it that fans of both will be happy. See this one if you're a fan of either of those two genres, or are just in the mood for a quick, cheesy time, while those not in the mood for such a film or aren't fans altogether should seek caution.

Rated UR/R: Graphic Violence, Full Nudity and Language
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You got your zombie movie in my cannibal film! You got your cannibal film in my zombie flick!
Aaron13759 September 2002
Put them together and you get a completely mindless movie! Yes, the title of this film is completely misleading (the Zombie Holocaust one) as when I hear it, I imagine hordes of zombies rampaging the countryside. Instead, what we mainly get is a cannibal horror film fused together with a mad doctor film with a dash of zombies in it for taste. It shares a lot of similarities to Lucio Fulci's Zombie movie too as it features Ian McCulloch and another actor from that film and it appears to be on the exact same island! When they first drive to the one doctor's house they go down a street and it looks exactly like a scene out of Zombie, heck the donkey may have even been in Zombie. They depart in terms of plot; however, as this one does not focus on the zombie aspect. Well, it does not really focus on anything, as nothing anyone in this film does makes much sense. I think they just tried to fuse to many sub genres together without a complete script or something.

The story of this one is the weakest element of the film, because at times it almost seems like there is none. There are mutilations in a hospital in New York and it is soon learned that it is the work of a cannibal. Other cannibals turn up here and there because somehow they can just get jobs at hospitals. A group of four people travel to an island for reasons that are really no one's business, because them going makes absolutely no sense. They meet a doctor who provides them with some yummy looking lemonade and then they are off to another island where the cannibals live. The group which now includes three very expendable helpers and another dude soon find themselves under assail from the cannibals who get scared by zombies going "Ah" and nearly everyone is killed, but the two survivors decide to try and figure out the mystery even though it literally accomplishes nothing.

The film moves at a rather fast pace and it features some good Italian splatter and some good nudity too. That makes the film at least watchable, but the plot is so horrendously bad that I just cannot score it any higher. Some of the effects are rather horrible too, as at one point one of the cannibals is caught in New York and he proceeds to jump out a window. It is obviously a mannequin and when it impacts the ground, its arm pops off! I realize they may not want to redo the scene, but they could have at least jump cut and edited that part out! The mad doctor is the only person who seems to know what he is doing, but making a race of ineffective zombies seems kind of a waste of time. Just too much bad in this one to overcome even with the nice gore and very hot blond.

So this film is a combination film, but I think they just tried to do too much. At times it is a cannibal film, at other a mad doctor and then a bit of zombies in there for effect. Heck, the scenes where the blond undress could be considered soft core porn because the music is right out of one! They just tried to do much, and as I have said, I just do not think they had fully completed script to go along with it all. Though another interesting aspect of the film is its similarities to Zombie; however, that one is the superior film as it makes a bit more sense why things are happening and why they go to the island. Here, it just makes no sense at all.
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Death by propeller!
xterminal22 January 2001
Another film known by many names (eight, to be precise, that IMDB has been able to track down), Zombi Holocaust is probably best known by American cult-film devotees as Dr. Butcher, MD. I ended up picking this one up because there are a rather large number of crossovers with Lucio Fulci's brilliant splatterfest Zombie-- writer Fabrizio DeAngelis was one of the producers of Fulci's film, male lead Ian McCulloch was the lead in Zombie, character actor Dakkar plays a native guide in both, etc. (Most interesting, one of the film's actors, Walter Patriarca, was Zombie's costume designer. Go figger.)

Simple plot, which should sound familiar to anyone who's seen Fulci's film; a number of deaths occur in New York City, and Ian McCollouch, a beautiful sidekick, and two of their pals end up going to a remote Caribbean island where there's an English-speaking doctor who treats the natives. Sound familiar?

For about the first forty-five minutes of this film, I was too busy thinking that it was exactly like Zombie to be impressed. (No one, these days, is sure which film came out first, and most people also draw parallels to another classic of the genre that came out the same year, Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust.) Then Ian McCollouch disposes of a zombie with a motorboat motor, and suddenly things started getting a whole lot more fun. Rather like The Evil Dead, this is a film where there's a whole lot of setup (though Raimi pulled it off miles better), but when the gore starts, the director lays it on thick, fast, and ugly. And while death-by-propeller is probably the funniest and nastiest scene in the film, there's certainly more than enough blood flowing/spraying/dripping/being drunk/etc. to please most fans of hardcore horror. Pound for pound, though, in comparison to Zombie, the latter stands up as the better film. As one reviewer put it, "Fulci... might have had the sauce, but [he] passed on the cheese." Fulci's obsessive attention to detail, better scriptwriting, and stunning score give Fulci the edge over Girolami. But man, it's fun to be the judge. ***
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Jungle Gore: Cannibal Zombies(?)
Tromafreak8 June 2011
One thing I always point out about these Cannibal flicks is that, besides the disturbing subject matter and ferocious gore, these films are also usually have really interesting, dare I say fascinating stories. That's right. Quality B-movies do exist, after all. However, Zombi Holocaust is not one of them. It looks like your stuck with just the gore. I think it'll be fine. I mean, just because this one doesn't hold up against the almighty Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Holocaust, doesn't necessarily mean it's not worth your time. And really. Who wouldn't want a film called Zombi Holocaust in their Horror collection? Not I.

Besides what I've already told you, the one thing you might want to consider, going in to this film, is that it's a Zombie movie. I suppose you already had that figured out. But still, Zombi Holocaust does include cannibals, as well as a jungle. Best of both worlds? More like a touch of both worlds. Nothing groundbreaking from either side of the fence. And on top of all that, Zombi Holocaust is also a mad scientist flick. We start out at a hospital, where corpses are being mutilated. Eventually, a cannibal is caught in the act. I guess it was shame that drove the poor guy to unconvincingly jumping out the window. Obviously, tomfoolery like this is not something you'd want going on at your local hospital. Curiosity gets the best of Ian McCullough and some hot chick. For some reason, this hospital mystery lies somewhere in the Carribbean. A mad doctor is slowly turning a tribe of cannibals into zombies. Zombies who don't really do much of anything, as the cannibals are the only ones willing to start trouble. Whatever. It's a movie. So, this guy must be stopped, right? And in case you're wondering, all that doesn't turn out nearly as entertaining as it sounds. Ultimately, if you're a fan of such classics as Burial Ground and Jungle Holocaust, I see no reason why you shouldn't get a kick out of Zombi Holocaust, at least out of sheer principle. Well, unless you're not too big on stupid movies with ridiculous dialogue, and awful acting. In that case, you may want to stay clear of this one. 7/10
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Island Gorefest Extravaganza
Witchfinder-General-66628 October 2006
A splatter classic, Marino Girolami's "Zombi Holocaust" of 1980 doesn't scant with blood and gore. A true B-movie and pure exploitation, this movie is probably not high art, however, I don't suppose that anybody who is about to watch a movie entitled "Zombie Holocaust" is gonna expect Citizen Kane.

After several mutilations of corpses in the morgue of a New York hospital, and the appearance of a mysterious cannibal sign, a group of people, amongst them a beautiful female doctor and a bitchy journalist, decide to go on an expedition to a tropical island, where they expect to find out about the sign's origin. This is, of course, not a very good idea. Not only is the island inhabited by cannibals, but it is also haunted by the living dead.

One of the classic Italian splatter flicks, "Zombi Holocaust", is a fun and entertaining, although not very thrilling movie, that mainly concentrates on the enormous amounts of blood and gore and on constant very graphical violence. The acting in this movie differs. As a huge fan of Spaghetti Westerns, I found it cool to see Donal O'Brien, who delivers a great performance as a mad scientist in this, in a non-western role. The Italian and English title is maybe not the best to describe the movie, since its the Cannibals, and not the Zombies who kill the most people. The German title "Zombies Unter Kannibalen" ("Zombies Amongst Cannibals") is probably better to describe the film's content.

All things considered, "Zombie Holocaust" is a highly entertaining and very bloody Gorefest that fans of the Cannibal subgenre should not miss. Entertainment guaranteed!
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Doctor Butcher, Monkey Dung
Jonny_Numb5 January 2005
Being an obsessive-compulsive fan of old-fashioned Euro-gore for several years now, I've come to expect the absurd (and usually nonsensical) plots, the constant 'borrowing' from other films, and the over-the-top gore, all mixed together to form what is usually an enjoyably trashy cocktail. I picked up "Zombie Holocaust" with some optimism and a little knowledge of its reputation, and after watching it, could only help but wonder what had just happened. No, it wasn't the incoherently surreal thrill of watching "City of the Living Dead," but a general, head-scratching confusion that raised questions such as: "How was this awful waste of time ever released?" As Tom Servo would say: "Meanwhile, in YET ANOTHER MOVIE..." "Zombie Holocaust" doesn't have a brain in its head (even though the title Doctor is a deranged neurosurgeon)--it's a low-budget splatter flick without even the slightest hint of innovation. It borrows settings and characters from Fulci's "Zombie" (not to mention a few actual snippets from that film), jungle savages from "Make Them Die Slowly," and a couple bronze-faced zombies that look an awful lot like the wooden-toothed wonders in "Burial Ground." Sounds like a swinging good time, but the movie is downright distracting in its own indecisiveness, flipping back and forth between these awkwardly, incompetently blended genres without a hint of wit or style. Perhaps this is attributable to Fabrizio de Angelis, who is known less for his screen writing capabilities than as a producer on Lucio Fulci's most notable works. It is conceivable that the producers wanted to churn out a genre-bending smörgåsbord knowing they would get some return on it, but the utter ridiculousness of the finished product is an endurance test for the viewer's patience.

Ian McCulloch (his usual stuffy self) and Alexandra Delli Colli ("New York Ripper") venture off to some faraway island to investigate a doctor's odd practices. Along the way, they encounter hostile natives, zombies, and an climax that looks suspiciously like another, better zombie flick. Eyeballs are gouged out, entrails are eaten, and Delli Colli is painted in the nude for a "Laugh-In" audition.

There's ultimately nothing in "Zombie Holocaust" that hasn't been done before, and better. Pass.
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Cannibles Vs Zombies
Rautus24 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Zombi Holocaust is a Cannible film, Zombie film and Mad scientist film thrown together to make one really gory movie. Some scenes are similar to Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2 such as it starts in New York and then they go into the tropical island, the Zombies in the island's church. Even two of the actors from Zombi 2 are in Zombi Holocaust.

The scenes with the Cannibles killing and eating the people are nice and gory, the Zombie make up is good and kind of similar to Zombi 2's Zombie make up. One problem is that we don't see much of the Zombies at first but halfway through the film they do show up.

The Mad Scientist elements are something new since Zombi 2 didn't have a man trying to create Zombies for his research and uses the Cannibles for his experiments. Zombi Holocaust is a great Zombie flick with some good gore effects. Check this out.
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Cannibals? ...and ZOMBIES?! YES!
ieatzombies19 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Zombie Holocaust (aka Dr. Butcher MD Medical Deviate in the United States) is a film that capitalizes on the success of the now cult classic cannibal and zombie films of the late 70's and early 80's such as Zombi 2, Cannibal Ferox, and Burial Ground etc. The movie begins with a mysterious man stealing body parts from cadavers in a New York hospital for a "late night snack." What is with these Italian zombie films and New York connections anyways? The man is eventually discovered and promptly flings himself out of the hospital window before anyone can question him. Upon investigating his body we discover that he bears markings that link him to a native cannibal tribe on an island off of the South American coast (here we go again) and our leads are sent to investigate. Ian McCulloch (of Zombi 2 fame) plays Dr. Peter Chandler (Peter...also in Zombi 2...weird) and reprises his role as a zombie slayer and travels with anthropologist and medical student Lori Ridgeway (Alexandra Delli Colli) to the island to meet with Dr. Obrero (Donald O'Brien) whose questionable character leads to an interesting twist in the movies latter half. Upoon our characters arrival at the island they encounter cannibal mayhem, zombie carnage, and some crazy doctor antics that make for the aforementioned twist.

Zombie Holocaust falls into one of my favorite categories, Euro-zombie-trash! These movies usually contain an overabundance of gore, nudity, bad acting, and a plot with enough holes to embarrass a slice of Swiss. Zombie Holocaust does not let down in any of these categories except acting; the acting here is fairly solid. GO IAN! The movie was released in America as Dr. Butcher MD as mentioned above and it contains a different opening. Despite common belief, that is the ONLY significant difference between the two films. The Dr. Butcher version contains an R rating but does not lack any of the gore in the Zombie Holocaust version. The Euro-cut is superior to me only because A) it is the original, and B) because the introduction spoils the whole zombie revealing that remains kind of mysterious in Zombie Holocaust until about halfway through the movie. You find yourself wondering how the will fit in them BAM! There they are. Things to look forward to in Zombie Holocaust include some really well done gore scenes including some eyes being ripped out and eaten, graphic disembowelments, a machete to the head, some likely unsanitary surgeries, and the grand-daddy of them all here, an running outboard boat engine propeller to the head of an attacking zombie! Oh... and the nudity, there is plenty of that!

The version of the movie that I own comes from Shriek Show (a division of Media Blasters) and has both crisp image and sound, despite the atrocious dubbing! I still don't understand why we can't just get the original language tracks with English subtitles!? The movie came as part of the highly recommended Zombie Pack 2 (along with Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror and Flesh Eater). Shriek Show, as usual, packed this one with extras including both American and German trailers, an extensive poster and still gallery, an interview with the EFX director, the opening segments of the US release with commentary, and a slew of trailers for other zombie and cannibals flicks of the era. This movie is something that any true zombie/cannibal aficionado should have in there collection. It is comparable to Zombi 2, so don't be surprised if some of the zombies or the sets look the same.

Overall, if you are a fan of zombies, cannibals, Ian McCulloch, extreme gore, movies with mad scientists/doctors, or a combination thereof, you should check this out. An overall excellent flick in my opinion.
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Beautiful Film
mmagonet15 November 2001
A real tearjerker. I laughed so hard I almost cried to death. I watched this film when I was 14 and it really changed my life. It turned me into an extreme horror fan, only to be disappointed with tons of garbage films afterwards that never really compared to The Butcher knife's sharpness. If anyone knows some even better, more gory and obscure films, please let me know. PS Did anyone else get a headache from all of the piercing screaming and sound or was it just me
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Winner of the Nobel Prize in Anthropology
Shinwa3 November 2000
Warning: Spoilers
How best to summarize the fact that your film is a ripoff both of Dawn of the Dead (Zombi in Italy) and Cannibal Holocaust? Calling it Zombi Holocaust is a good start. Unpretentious and sincerely stupid spaghetti vomit bag movie is for the most part professionally made; you don't expect good acting, and you certainly don't get it. What you do get is gore, which, although more realistic than much in this genre, is handled relatively inoffensively (in comparison with über-pretentious namesake Cannibal Holocaust), and all of which is couched in such a ridiculous and random plot that it's difficult to take any of it seriously.

Take, for example, the heroine, a true tour de force of constant nudity by Alessandra delli Colli. Refreshingly nubile for a joint degree anthropologist/medical doctor, who just happens to have grown up in the southeast Asian islands where the cannibals who just happen to reappear at the very hospital where she works and who go after the ceremonial knife which she just happens to have because she just happens to study the same cannibal group who just happen to have shown up at the hospital in the first place. That, and she has to be told by another anthropologist (the one who they're just waiting to be given the Nobel Prize. You know, the coveted Nobel Prize in Anthropology...) that the island of the cannibals (in the same island group where she spent her childhood, mind you) bears the name of the obscure cannibal spirit, or something. Not that delli Colli conveys anything remotely resembling intelligence anywhere in the movie. But she doesn't have to.

And then there's the plot. It's never really established _why_ the group of people go to find the cannibals, other than to act as human bait. Or why the mad doctor (hate to include a spoiler here) uses the Blofeldian device of slowly sedating the hero with a scalpel within arm's reach. Or why none of the countless eviscerated people seem to have ribs.

Anyway, this movie is so resolutely cheesy that it goes down a lot better than most of its contemporaries in either the zombie or cannibal genres (especially the latter). By no means essential viewing, but pretty harmless garbage.
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A really brutal horror experience...but fans will LOVE it !
Coventry11 December 2003
Zombi Holocaust is one of the biggest pleasant surprises I purchased in a long time. And that's a really positive thing to say because you probably know this kind of horror films...Fully made and produced in Italy in the early 80's, these movies have like a dozen alternate titles and versions. Tons of similar movies like this were made during this decade but most of them only seem promising but disappoint in the end. Zombi Holocaust doesn't !! This movie is an extremely enjoyable mixture of all kind of interesting and nasty horror topics. Okay, the movie is called "Zombi" Holocaust and there ARE a few zombies to detect, but Zombie Holocaust is sooooo much more than that !!

Actually, the plot of Zombie Holocaust is about a mad scientist / doctor who uses a tribe of cannibals to perform medical experiments on. Due to those experiments, the aborigines become zombies. Now, in that simple plot summary, we've had ZOMBIES, CANNIBALS and freakin' MAD DOCTORS !!! I don't know about you, but to me that already sounds like every fan's dream. And I can assure you that - if you have the privilege to watch the fully uncut version like I did - you'll have a true gorefest !! The level of sickness and utterly nasty scenes is very extreme and it even surpasses the work of undeniable masters in the field like Lucio Fulci and Ruggero Deodato in certain sequences. Zombie Holocaust contains a gruesome autopsy, many throats are being slit, faces and guts are being ripped off/out etc etc...the gore highlights really are numberless. If I have to pick one, I'd say the scene where a zombi is hacked up for barbeque by a propeller !! Classic need-to-see stuff for horror fans !!!

Furthermore, the plot contains many, many holes and the acting is abominable. Even though O'Brien shows a lot of potential as the freaky doctor, he's given too less screentime to impress you enough. And even though Alexandra Delli Colli has a gorgeous body, ( and she proves that multiple times by showing it ) she isn't much of a talented actress. But seriously...who cares about all these things ? Besides, bad acting is necessary for this kind of early 80's horror...it adds a lot more charm to the production.

Zombi Holocaust is just a magnificent splatter movie that comes with my highest possible recommendation. I've only got to known this movie recently because of all the confusing aka's. It was listed as "Zombie3" in my local videostore and as "Zombie Holocaust" in another. But there are just way to many Italian movies called like that to let it bother you. Seek this one and enjoy it !!
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wonderfully tacky gore fest
Tarkin-the-otter18 September 2005
One of those 'so bad it's good' productions, Zombie holocaust has to be seen to be believed. (And even then you still won't believe it). The only thing the film has going for it are it's tragically inept gore 'effects' so make sure you see an uncut version. Not so much a zombie movie as a cannibal movie, the film 'stars' Italian exploitation fave Ian Mcculloch as some kind of doctor sent to investigate a strange tropical island, where he finds the requisite mad doctor performing experiments on the locals. He is pleased to see mcculloch though, as he is "anxious to experiment on a white male brain". If you want serious horror look elsewhere, but if you love cheesy movies go ahead and jump right on in.
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NOT a classic
sledrew11 June 2005
Had to write in response to the many posts here claiming that this film is "great fun", and should be seen by anybody who liked Fulci's "Zombie". First of all, Zombie Holocaust is in no way on a par with Fulci's film, it's not even close. Fulci's Zombie had some cheese, but it also had some pretty decent production values, generally good effects, great make-up, convincing zombies, and was always entertaining. This film is slow and boring, misleading (there's actually very little zombie action, it's mostly about cannibals), and just generally stupid and amateurish. As far as the gore goes, this doesn't offer nearly the same outlandish gruesomeness as Fulci's film, the gore effects are quite fake-looking and silly, and there is never a moment of real tension, whereas Fulci does manage to achieve some suspense. Disappointing in a major way, not even really fun on the so-bad-it's-good level. Don't be taken in by the references to Fulci's zombie films, real horror fans will only laugh at this film (and not in the good way) and be bored.
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big disappointment even for non-discriminating zombie movie fans
Aylmer22 March 2005
*spoilers within* There's a couple good show-stopping though disappointing gore effects in this one. Much like CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, the zombies and the gore don't really get the screen time you'd expect. In fact, the zombies don't even show up until 60% into the film and then appear sparingly with never more than 2 in one shot at a time. They never actually harm anyone, don't move at all like zombies (except in a couple shots), actually follow the mad doctor's orders obediently, and don't even have make-up on besides on their faces. Those looking for similar hi-jinx to those on parade in Lucio Fulci's gore-classic ZOMBIE will be totally baffled here.

What this film DOES have though are some wonderfully unintentional hilarity - the best of which is the long, LONG shot of Ian McCulloch talking to Dr. Obero (Donal O'Brien) outside the church. O'Brien says "there's a rubber dingy up on the coast to take you off the island" to which Ian looks at him, then ponders off into space for a solid 20 seconds, only to say "but..." as though he's a total moron! The editor really dropped the ball with that one. Another great part comes early on with a man jumping out of a window and falling 20 stories to his doom, and when he hits the ground, the mannequin in his place loses an arm. Cut to dead guy on floor, and his arm is still attached.

The most questionable scene has to be the whole ending of the movie where Dr. Obrero looks to be just as puzzled as the audience. Why are the natives suddenly attacking? Why doesn't he do anything? ...and WHY do they start cannibalizing a Zombie??? yuck! Watch ZOMBIE, THE BEYOND, ZOMBI 3, or even NIGHTMARE CITY instead. More zombies, better direction, and just plain better movies overall.

Anime fans may recognize the voices of Ed Mannix as Dr. Obrero, and Gregory Snegoff as George.
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Hilarious and Messy Trash
claudio_carvalho20 December 2008
In New York, body parts are missing in a hospital where Dr. Dreylock (Walter Patriarca) teaches anatomy. When one cannibal worker is killed after taking the heart of a corpse, Dr. Dreylock's assistant and anthropologist Lori Ridgeway (Alexandra Delli Colli) recognizes the signal of a tribe in the Moluccas Island that worships the god Kito on his body. Dr. Peter Chandler (Ian McCulloch) organizes an expedition to Moluccas with his assistant George Harper (Peter O'Neal) and invites Lori and the journalist Susan Kelly (Sherry Buchanan) to travel with him. They meet Doctor Obrero (Donald O'Brien) that asks his servant Molotto (Dakar) to guide the group to Moluccas. Once in the island, they are hunted by hunger cannibals and zombies, and they find a dark secret about the spot.

"Zombi Holocaust" is a hilarious and messy trash movie, with a lame story, awful screenplay and edition and terrible acting. The lead female character is a complete mess with her doctorate in medicine and also in anthropology, performed by the sexy Alexandra Delli Colli that is shot naked most of the time without any reason. The lead male character is performed by the ham actor Ian McCulloch that makes the story hilarious with his ridiculous acting. In spite of the countless flaws and the awful edition, this forgettable movie is cult for many viewers and entertaining. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Cool Italian gore feast!
A mad scientist is in New York as he's taking some human parts from the hospital and graveyards and is part of a cannibal cult leaving police baffled. A group of explorers and researchers alike seek to find who is behind this mad raving scientist and cult by going to an island, while on the island the doctor conducts ghastly experiments to create zombies as he's really a mad scientist who has cannibal tribes to do his work for him.

Entertaining and well made Italian horror flick that is both a zombie movie and a cannibal movie as well but without the animal cruelty like in most Italian cannibal flicks. Ian McCullough is just as great in his performance like in "Zombi 2" ( a.k.a. Zombie), the story is kind of mediocre but the nudity and gore make up for that in this gut-munching and enjoyable horror movie with memorable moments like the boat-motor zombie head death scene or the realistic operation scenes that isn't for the squeamish.

Also recommended: "Zombi 2" ( a.k.a. Zombie), "Night of the Living Dead ( 1968 and 1990)", "Dawn of the Dead ( 1978)", "Day of the Dead", "Land of the Dead", "The Dead Next Door", "Jungle Holocaust", "Cannibal Ferox", "Mountain of the Cannibal God", "Hell of the Living Dead ( a.k.a. Night of the Zombies)", "Nightmare City ( a.k.a. City of the Walking Dead)", "The Toxic Avenger", "Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror", "City of the Living Dead ( a.k.a. Gates of Hell)", "Re-Animator", "Bride of Re-Animator", "Beyond Re-Animator", "The Return of the Living Dead series", "Flesh for Frankenstein", "Caligula", "Pieces", "Dawn of the Dead ( 2004)", "Zombi 3", "Man from Deep River", "Cannibal Apocalypse", " I Drink Your Blood", "Eaten Alive! ( 1980)", "Driller Killer", and "Cannibal Holocaust".
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Patient's screams disturbing me...performing removal of vocal chords...
Bezenby26 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Another classic from the golden era of Italian splatter (1979-1981), Zombie Holocaust does what other movies from the same era does...that is rip-off a slightly more successful movie and make it on a much smaller budget. Works for me! Like Zombie Creeping Flesh, the Zombie Dead, etc etc we've got a rip-off of Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters, with the same lead character, and the same jeep! This time, instead of being a journalist, Ian McCulloch plays a hard line Environmental Health Officer (or something) out to discover why natives from some island or other are chowing down on folks at the local hospital. I've watched the film about a dozen times but I'm still hazy on whether he succeeds or not, but there's plenty of gore in the film so - who cares.

Ian heads of for this island with Alexandra Della Colli as a companion. Now, this lady is definitely a better trade in for Tisa Farrow, as she seems to have trouble keeping clothes on. For the last fifteen minutes of the film she just gives up on them altogether and struts around in the buff. Plus, she's quite handy with a machete.

This island is crawling with cannibals but luckily Ian's got plenty of sidekicks that get carved up in various ways, and although there are zombies this film is more of a showcase of cannibalistic set-pieces where the natives gut folks and eat them. The zombies are more like a kind of garnish, although one does get mashed up with a speedboat motor.

There's also a mad doctor in there, played by Donald O'Brien in a lovely over the top manner. Once again I wasn't 100% clear on why he was doing what he was doing, or even what happened to him at the end, but the film was so insanely enjoyable I was beyond caring.

Infinitely re-watchable due to the scores of mistakes in the film, and the gore, and the nudity, Zombie Holocaust is yet another great Italian movie set partially or wholly in New York, just like Zombie Flesh Eaters, Contamination, City of the Living Dead, Days of Hell, Eaten Alive, Cannibal Ferox, Inferno, New York Ripper, Bronx Warriors, 2019: After the Fall of New York, Manhattan Baby, and Bronx Warriors 2: escape from the Bronx. And part of House by the Cemetery. And a two minute flashback in Last Hunter.

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A choice chunk of early 80's Italian horror splatter exploitation cheese
Woodyanders13 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
An expedition led by intrepid anthropologist Dr. Peter Chandler (an extremely sour portrayal by Ian McCulloch) to the remote tropical island of Moluccas not only runs afoul of a savage tribe of primitive cannibals, but also encounter lethal zombies created by nefarious mad scientist Dr. Obrero (nicely played with lip-smacking wicked relish by Donald O'Brien).

Both Marino Girolami's crass direction and Romano Scandariato's mindless script shamelessly pander to the lowest common denominator in the most enjoyably exploitative manner imaginable (I especially loved the cowardly comic relief porters who are destined to meet nasty untimely ends at the hands of the cannibals). While slinky blonde distaff lead Alexandra Delli Colli's hopelessly acting leaves plenty to be desired, she nonetheless compensates for her woeful thespic abilities by showing off her fine sender figure with pleasing regularity. Fetching brunette Sherry Buchanan brings a winningly perky charm to her role as pesky reporter Susan Kelly. The cruddy dubbing, plodding pace, priceless tin-eared dialogue ("I could easily kill you now, but I'm determined to have your brain!"), and meandering nonsensical narrative all give this fabulously fetid flick a certain endearingly ramshackle charm. The make-up f/x are rather crude, but still deliver the gory goods by the tasty truckload (said gore includes throat slashings, dismemberment, graphic gut munching, and grisly brain transplant surgery). Nico Fidenco's funky-throbbing score hits the right-on groovy pulsating spot. A gloriously scuzzy grindhouse hoot and a half.
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The archetypal so-bad-it's-good horror movie
Leofwine_draca7 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Zombies, brain experiments, and cannibals all in one film! A low budget, plenty of inept special effects, lousy acting and locations...these factors combine to make ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST one of those so-bad-it's-good films. If you have a sense of humour like me, you'll love it, because there are a lot of things to laugh at, such as the jesting students in the morgue. One joke is along the lines of "I thought you might have mutilated the corpse, after all you did say that you needed a hand with your studies." It's so pathetic that you have to laugh at it because of the sheer cheesiness and absurdity. Lots of other immortal dialogue abounds in the film, that's just a sample.

Now, ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST is a truly bad film. Viewers more acquainted with glossy American dramas with high budgets and lavish sets will be disappointed by the badness of it. As the film is Italian, the voices are all badly dubbed, which can be something of a hindrance. But to lovers of the bad film, there's a lot to savour. Firstly, the cast; Ian McCulloch lends wooden charm as the lead, complete with an ill-fitting wig; Alexandra Delli Colli is there for glamour purposes alone, as she's certainly no actress, and Donald O'Brien (who had a life in flicks such as this) is excellent as the over-the-top villain of the piece.

The cannibals run around and shout in high pitched voices. They may not be the most convincing of actors, but they soon get down to a lot of gut ripping and eyeball popping to 'entertain' the viewer. The zombies, who actually don't eat any people in this film for a change, walk around and breathe heavily like an asthmatic Darth Vader. Sometimes they run with knives, too. They're pretty unpredictable. The comedy brain experiment ending is so unconvincing and badly acted that you just have to love it. Lots of gore, a scene of a naked girl being painted by natives, and hilarious dialogue make this one a very enjoyable watch. Okay so it didn't win any awards, but it's fun, and that's what counts in my book. I can think of films with budgets hundreds of times higher which I hated...
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Depravity on a Pacific island.
michaelRokeefe26 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Cult following fare from director Marino Girolami that begins with strange body parts missing from corpses in a teaching hospital in New York City. This activity is believed to be tied to a cannibal cult that is faithful to Kito, a god of cannibalism. This all leads to an expedition of doctors, students and reporters to a remote island in the Pacific. A trail of pilfered corpses lead to a jungle laboratory of the mad Doctor Obrero(Donald O'Brien), who is conducting bizarre and tortuous experiments on living and dead specimens. As if someone really desires to add another hundred years to their life expectancy.

Some brutal and graphic scenes for the zombie lover. Predictable, but fun. The cast includes: Ian McCulloch, Alexandra Delli Colli, Peter O'Neal, Sherry Buchanan and Franco Ukmar.
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Cannibal-zombie fusion - what more could one ask for?
Hector_The_Toad29 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A film that could only be described as the ultimate in cheesy Z-grade trash exploitation, Zombie Holocaust (1980) is one of the many unofficial sequels brought out from Italy subsequent to the release of George A Romero's definitive zombie film Dawn of the Dead (1978). Zombie Holocaust is easily the most famous of director Marino Girolami's prolific film career. The basic plot of Zombie Holocaust (which was also released under the titles of Zombie 3 and Dr Butcher MD , among others) is a fusion between the Italian zombie classics and ultra-violent cannibal films that is a genre favorite among grind house aficionados. When a series of bizarre cannibalistic occurrences at a hospital are linked to a South-East Asian cult, an expedition goes in search of who (or what) may be behind the freakish mutilations. They are led to the island of Moluccas, where they encounter cannibals out for blood. Also thrown into the mix is an 'evil' doctor resembling some kind of Dr Frankenstein, a mad scientist who creates his living dead bodyguards. Ironically, neither zombies nor Dr Butcher appear until one hour into the 84 minute film. Having had the pleasure of seeing the uncut version (the only way to go), all of the infamous scenes of gore remain intact. While Zombie Holocaust is completely devoid of sense, it remains one of the drive-in classics of the Italian cannibal-zombie sub genre and has some amazingly gory set pieces (death by motorboat propeller being one mild example). Although inferior to Lucio Fulci's Zombie Flesh Eaters , Zombie Holocaust remains excellent -if not essential - horror viewing.
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Great fun!
Kungfuzombie20 January 2003
OK, I saw some negative comments on this one so I had to made my own comment.

First of all, serious horror lovers don't have to read any further, go and watch Scream or something like that.

But everyone who liked movies as Zombie flesheaters, cannibal ferox or Burial ground should go and buy/rent this one as well! It's maybee not as strong as zombie fleseaters or cannibal ferox but it's a great laugh! With enough gore to keep you sattisfied. Also with some great actors (in this genre!) like Ian McCulloch and Peter O'Neal.

All the zombie and cannibal cliches you need!
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Worst Italian Horror Flick I've Seen Yet
w00f24 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
How bad was it? Well, for starters, there are only a couple of zombies in the movie, and they're entirely incidental. They could just as well have not been in there at all. For the most part, the story is about some people on an island where there's a tribe of cannibal natives who aren't actually cannibals, since their diet is composed mostly of badly-molded wax dummies filled with pork parts. Sort of somehow leading them is a mad scientist who never took acting lessons.

How bad was it? Well, how about a guy who has been slain and mutilated but can still blink? Or a dead guy missing almost all of his chest cavity that still finds it necessary to breathe? Or a dude who falls out of a 20th-story window and has his arm fly off, but in the next scene has the arm back again? Or the reflection of the entire crew in someone's binoculars in detailed close-up? If your apartment had been burglarized and ransacked, you'd report it to the police, wouldn't you? How about if your friend the cop showed up (coincidentally) and ran around the place looking for the burglar whose footsteps you just heard... surely the cop would report the crime and call for back-up, or at least draw his gun, right? Well, not in this movie. The burglary was simply forgotten right after it happened and is never mentioned again, nor is the reason for it ever worked into the rest of the film. Or hey, how about this... if you found a maggot-ridden head on your bed, right next to an arcane symbol of evil scrawled on your sheets in blood, you'd be upset for at least a few minutes, right? Nah, not in this movie. Again, it's forgotten within a couple of minutes by all of the characters and has nothing to do with anything else in the movie. Maybe on a cannibal island, leaving a decomposed head on your bed is customary in the way that a good hotel in the US leaves a chocolate on your pillow. Nothing in this film makes sense, including the ending, wherein the cannibal natives suddenly decide to turn on the mad scientist for no apparent reason. I guess they were just in a bad mood that afternoon.

The worst part of this flick, though, is its none-too-subtle racist overtones. We can start with the black boat captain whose name is Mulatto (no, really, that's his name). Or we can look at the swarthy natives who are ruled by the one white person on the island, or the fact that the only person they don't kill and eat is a tall, blond, blue-eyed woman. Instead of eating her, they paint flowers on her naked body and worship her as a goddess. Or the dark-skinned cannibal medical student. It goes on and on. Rule of thumb for Zombi Holocaust: the darker your skin tone, the more evil and devious you are. And you still won't be able to act.

Now, I love cheesy horror flicks, but this was the wrong kind of cheese. Natives of Brooklyn may understand when I say that this is pure frummunda cheese. I won't explain that, so don't ask.
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Gory Italian shock/schlock
capkronos4 May 2003
In New York City, a blonde female doctor (the very foxy Alexandra Delli Colli) teams up with a police detective (Ian McCulloch) to investigate a series of gory, cult-like murders, which leads the two of them and a handful of others to a secluded tropical island where a mad doctor (Donald O'Brien) is up to the usual mad doctor things. The story is pretty silly and hard to follow, but does manage to incorporate a magic dagger, a cannibal tribe, nude body painting, fleshhungry zombies, brain transplants and plenty of super gory mayhem. The wide variety of good mutilation make-up effects are the films true drawing card.

Originally released in the U.S. in a cut version called DOCTOR BUTCHER, M.D. (MEDICAL DEVIATE), this film has now received a remastered widescreen print under it's original moniker. It was one of the highest grossing Italian horror releases in America.

Score: 4 out of 10
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