Roller Boogie (1979) Poster


Jim Bray: Bobby James



  • Bobby James : You guys know that girl?

    Gordo : Oh, you mean, "Don't touch me, you brute." Yeah, I just saw her pull in, in a million dollar car over at the parking lot.

    Hoppy : Probably some rink skater from Beverly Hills.

    Gordo : Uh-uh, man. No rinks in Beverly Hills, just minks, man.

  • Bobby James : Do you have a mental problem or something? First you want to skate then you don't want to skate.

  • Bobby James : Now, don't get scared. I'm gonna show you something. Just relax. Stay loose!

  • Bobby James : Hey, Terry, wait up! Hey, wait up.

    Terry Barkley : Thanks for skatin' with me, kid.

    Bobby James : We still have 45 minutes left. And my name ain't kid. It's Bobby. Bobby James.

    Terry Barkley : Keep the change, Bobby James.

  • Bobby James : Look, you're not no bimbo from the Boardwalk.

  • Terry Barkley : What's wrong?

    Bobby James : Nothing's wrong. I just don't understand you. You comin' on so strong and all. What do you want from me?

    Terry Barkley : What does any woman want from a man?

  • Bobby James : Hey, if I teach you to skate it's because I want to. You get it? I'll call the shots! Whatever I say, goes. I'm not interested in your money.

    Terry Barkley : Okay.

    Bobby James : Deal?

    Terry Barkley : Deal!

  • Gordo : Hey, look, what about Sgt. Danner? I mean, that guys always been straight with the Boardwalk scene, right?

    Bobby James : No cop's gonna arrest a guy with a $600 suit on.

  • Bobby James : Take off your skirt!

    Terry Barkley : Okay.

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