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Starting Over takes on the subject of marital dissolution from a comic point of view, and succeeds admirably, wryly directed by Alan J. Pakula, and featuring an outstanding cast.
Washington Post
There's no doubt about Burt Reynolds' skill. Starting Over finds Reynolds at a level of proficiency that approaches the awesome. [05 Oct 1979, p.B1]
While all of the acting is top-notch, Reynolds steals the show with his underplaying and understanding of the role.
Starting Over depicts an abandoned man in all his misery, and still manages to be fast and funny while it breaks new ground.
Starting Over actually feels sort of embarrassed at times, maybe because characters are placed in silly sitcom situations and then forced to say lines that are supposed to be revealing and real. When the gags do work, and occasionally they do, it's more a matter of acute social observation than good writing.
Time Out
It's as if Pakula had got on a fairground horse that has gone out of control, and is undecided whether to go with it or try to stop it.

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