The Warriors (1979) Poster


David Harris: Cochise



  • [as they all observe the subway station] 

    Ajax : Come on, what kind of chickenshit crap is this.

    Cochise : Yeah, come on? We're here, what are we waiting for?

    Fox : The train would help! Unless you wanna go up there and get jacked on an open platform.

    Cochese : Bullshit man, there ain't nobody in the street.

    Ajax : He's right! We're acting like faggots!

    [a bus with bright headlights approaches] 

    Swan : Just keep talking.

  • Cochise : When you're president of the biggest gang in the city, you don't have to take any shit.

    Ajax : Ah, fuck him!

  • Cowboy : What do you know about Cyrus?

    Cochese : Magic... whole lotta magic.

  • Rembrandt : They think we shot Cyrus.

    Vermin : What are you talking about? I don't get it.

    Rembrandt : They think we shot Cyrus. Every gang in the city must be looking for us!

    Cochise : Holy shit!

    Rembrandt : We're not gonna be able to make it back!

  • Swan : Did you see him get busted?

    Cochise : I seen him, then he wasn't there no more... I was hauling ass!

    Swan : Why don't you look around and make sure we're okay.

    Rembrandt : This is a graveyard!

  • Cochese : We're going in there with nothing?

    Snow : We're going like everybody else: nine guys, no weapons.

  • Vermin : [getting off the train at Union Square]  Where is everybody?

    Rembrandt : Looks like we're the first ones here. We're gonna hafta sit and wait... They'll show up.

    Vermin : Ooooo, looks like something else showed up.

    Cochise : Hey, hey, hey. Now lookit whatcha find here in the big city!

    Rembrandt : Hey you guys, we ain't got time.

    Vermin : Are ya kiddin'? Time's what we got plenty of!

    Lizzie Leader : [the three walk over to the Lizzies]  Hiya?

  • Cochise : [on subway, after escaping Turnbull ACs]  Yeah, well we made it, and in a hour, it is C-I! The BIG Coney!

    Ajax : You got it. Gimme that fist, buddy!

    [high fives Cochise] 

    Cochise : Yeah! WHEEE!

    Swan : When we get there, that's when we made it.

    Cochise : Hey no sweat, War Chief.

  • Vermin : Where's the rest of them?

    Rembrandt : Where's everybody, else?

    Snow : Cops got Ajax. We don't know about, Swan.

    Rembrandt : Oh, Jesus.

    Cochise : Are you sure about Ajax?

    Snow : Real sure.

    Vermin : Bet he went out swinging.

    Snow : We better go look for Swan.

  • Cowboy : Okay, what are we gonna do now?

    Swan : We're going back.

    Vermin : You mind tellin' me how? Fuckin' Coney Island must be 50 to 100 miles from here!

    Swan : It's the only choice we got.

    Cochise : Yeah, real simple. Except that every cop in this city is lookin' to bust our heads.

    Swan : We got somethin' else to think about then the cops.

    Vermin : Yeah, what?

    Snow : The truce. Is it still on?

    Vermin : If it ain't, we're gonna have to bop our way back!

    Cowboy : Shit, I wish we was packed.

  • Snow : [deleted scene when they regroup before fighting the Punks]  Where's Ajax?

    Snow : Cops got him. By the time we got back there were three squad cars.

    Swan : I should have made him come with us.

    Cowboy : Ain't your fault. He made a mistake. That's the way he was.

    Swan : Yeah, right.

    Rembrandt : That ain't the only bad news. Every gang in the city thinks we shot Cyrus.

    Cochise : Yeah. Every gang from the Riffs on down.

    Swan : [sees the Punksapproaching them]  Well we better take care of this one before we worry about the rest

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