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Nicholas Clay: Lt. Raw


  • [Vereker asks what happens if he can't drink the Stanger's cup without stopping] 

    Lt. Raw : Then a bottle of good claret to each member of the mess is charged to your account.

    Lt. Melvill : If it's too much, we can have the bill forwarded to your father, in the House of Lords. Oh, no offense meant, Vereker.

    Lt. William Vereker : No offense taken, Melvill. To men who aren't afraid to speak their minds.

  • Col. Durnford : Mr. Raw. Take Mr. Vereker to the Store and see he is issued the necessary equipment. And show him to the Mess and explain to him how an Officer is expected to behave.

    [Raw salutes and leads Vereker off left, as Durnford watches their departure] 

    Lt. Raw : [Lt. Raw and Vereker entering the Mess. Chelmsford sits alone at a corner table reading his newspaper] 

    [Adressing the Mess:] 

    Lt. Raw : Stranger in the Mess. Gentlemen.

    [to Chelmsford ] 

    Lt. Raw : My Lord.

    [The officers and Vereker survey each other] 

    Lt. Raw : [to Vereker: ]  Announce yourself.

    Lt. William Vereker : [Vereker spots Chelmsford in the corner ]  Good day Frederick.

    General Lord Chelmsford : Good day William.

    [Folding his newspaper, he stands to shake hands] 

    General Lord Chelmsford : Pleased you could join us.

    [The officers turn, a bit startled, to look at this newcomer who is somehow on first-name terms with the Lord General] 

    Lt. William Vereker : It was either that, or join the Zulu.

    General Lord Chelmsford : [Removing his glasses]  Join the Zulu? Oh yes, you're right in the thick of it aren't you? Talked to your father before we sailed... he said you'd taken to farming near Zulu land. Sends his regards... Should I meet up with you.

    Lt. William Vereker : [Wryly]  That was nice of the old boy.

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