Zulu Dawn (1979) Poster


James Faulkner: Lt. Melvill


  • [Vereker asks what happens if he can't drink the Stanger's cup without stopping] 

    Lt. Raw : Then a bottle of good claret to each member of the mess is charged to your account.

    Lt. Melvill : If it's too much, we can have the bill forwarded to your father, in the House of Lords. Oh, no offense meant, Vereker.

    Lt. William Vereker : No offense taken, Melvill. To men who aren't afraid to speak their minds.

  • Lt. Melvill : You didn't really have to choose between your country and the Zulu, did you?

    Lt. William Vereker : Um, and a damn close thing it was too.

  • [British lancers have just ridden down and killed a Zulu warrior] 

    Lt. Melvill : Well done, Sir! Did you see that Noggs? Deceived him with the up and took him with the down.

    Norris-Newman : Well well, this one's a grandfather at least. If he'd been a Zulu in his prime I'd have given odds against your lancer, Mr. Melvill.

    General Lord Chelmsford : Well, gentlemen, first blood to us and a rousing good report in the newspapers to satisfy the politicians, eh?

  • Lt. Melvill : [bellowing a reply to the Zulu challenge]  We come here by the orders of the Great Queen Victoria, Queen of all Africa.

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