Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Poster

Anthony Daniels: C-3PO



  • C-3PO : Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1.

    Han Solo : Never tell me the odds.

  • C-3PO : [Interrupting Han and Leia kissing]  Sir. Sir, I've isolated the reverse, power flux coupling.

    Han Solo : Thank you. Thank you very much.

    C-3PO : Oh you're perfectly welcome, sir.

  • Leia : They're getting closer.

    Han Solo : Oh, yeah? Watch this.

    [he throws the hyperdrive lever, the engine sputters and dies] 

    Leia : Watch what?

    Han Solo : I think we're in trouble.

    C-3PO : If I may say so, sir, I noticed earlier the hyperdrive motivator has been damaged. It's impossible to go to lightspeed!

    Han Solo : We're in trouble!

  • C-3PO : Don't worry about Master Luke. I'm sure he'll be all right. He's quite clever, you know... for a human being.

  • C-3PO : Oh. They've encased him in Carbonite. He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is.

    Darth Vader : Well, Calrissian, did he survive?

    Lando : Yes, he's alive, and in perfect hibernation.

    Darth Vader : He's all yours, bounty hunter. Reset the chamber for Skywalker.

  • C-3PO : Excuse me sir, but might I inquire as to what's going on?

    Han Solo : Why not?

    C-3PO : Impossible man.

  • [in the Asteroid Field] 

    Princess Leia : We're going to get pulverized if we stay out here much longer.

    Han Solo : I'm not going to argue with that.

    C-3PO : Pulverized?

  • [the asteroid quakes] 

    C-3PO : Sir, it's quite possible this asteroid is not entirely stable.

    Han Solo : Not entirely stable. I'm glad you're here to tell us these things. Chewie! Take the Professor in back and plug him into the hyperdrive!

  • C-3PO : [R2 is outside the Hoth base, scanning the area]  You must come along now R2. There's really nothing more we can do. And my joints are freezing up.

    [R2 Beeps something about Luke] 

    C-3PO : Don't say things like that! Of course we'll see Master Luke again! And he'll be quite all right, you'll see!

    [to himself] 

    C-3PO : Stupid little short-circuit! He'll be *quite* all right.

    [R2 beeps again and keeps scanning] 

  • [Chewbacca is fixing C-3PO] 

    C-3PO : Oh, yes, that's very good, I like that... Oh!

    [the lights in his eyes go out] 

    C-3PO : Well, now, something's not right, because now I can't see!

    [Chewie fiddles with something and his eyes turn back on] 

    C-3PO : Oh, oh, that's much better. Wait... wait. Oh, my! What have you done? I'm BACKWARDS. You flea-bitten furball! Only an overgrown mop-head like you would be stupid enough to...

    [Chewie switches 3PO off] 

  • C-3PO : I thought that hairy beast would be the end of me.

    [R2-D2 bleeps an inquiry] 

    C-3PO : Of course I've looked better.

  • C-3PO : Sir, If I may venture an opinion...

    Han Solo : I'm not really interested in your opinion 3PO.

  • [Han heads out of the Asteroids toward a Star Destroyer] 

    C-3PO : The odds of successfully surviving an attack on an Imperial Star Destroyer are approximately...

    Leia : Shut up!

  • C-3PO : [Chewbacca is carrying the dismembered C3PO on his back]  If only you'd attached my legs, I wouldn't be in this ridiculous position. Now remember, Chewbacca, you have a responsibility to me, so don't do anything foolish!

  • [while the Falcon is fleeing from Imperial fighters, and R2-D2 is stitching C-3PO back together] 

    C-3PO : Noisy brute. Why don't we just go to lightspeed?

    R2-D2 : [beeps] 

    C-3PO : We can't? How would you know the hyperdrive is deactivated?

    R2-D2 : [beeps] 

    C-3PO : The City's central computer told you? R2-D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer.

    [R2's welding arm shocks his ankle] 

    C-3PO : Ouch! Pay attention to what you're doing!

  • [C-3PO and R2-D2 are first seen walking in the underground base on Ice Planet Hoth] 

    C-3PO : I didn't ask you to turn on the thermal heater. I merely commented that it was freezing in the princess's chamber...

    R2-D2 : [Chirps his objection] 

    C-3PO : But it's SUPPOSED to be freezing! How we are ever going to dry out her clothes, I really don't know!

  • C-3PO : [in 1997 Special Edition only]  Oh, this is suicide! There's nowhere to go.

  • C-3PO : That sounds like an R2 unit in there! I wonder if... Hello? How interesting.

    Stormtrooper : Who are you?

    C-3PO : Oh, my! I... I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to intrude. No, please don't get up.

    [the Stormtrooper shoots C-3PO] 

  • C-3PO : [on Han's escape plan]  I really don't see how that is going to help! Surrender is a perfectly acceptable alternative in extreme circumstances! The Empire may be gracious enough to...

    [Han signals to Leia, who shuts 3PO down] 

  • [after R2-D2 gets fried] 

    C-3PO : Don't blame me. I'm an interpreter. I'm not supposed to know a power socket from a computer terminal.

  • C-3PO : Master Luke, Sir, it's so good to see you fully functional again. R2 expresses his relief also.

  • [R2 is trying to open the door as Storm Troopers shoot at them; he beeps] 

    C-3PO : No! We're not interested in the hyperdrive on the Millenium Falcon, it's fixed!

    [R2 beeps again] 

    C-3PO : Just open the door, you stupid lug!

    [he opens the door] 

    C-3PO : I never doubted him for a second! Wonderful!

  • C-3PO : I'm terribly sorry about all this. After all, he's only a Wookiee.

  • C-3PO : Artoo says that the chances of survival are 725 to 1. Actually Artoo has been known to make mistakes... from time to time... Oh dear...

  • C-3PO : Sir, I don't know where your ship learned to communicate, but it has the most peculiar dialect.

  • [the storm troopers are taken prisoner by Calrissian's men] 

    Lando : [to Lobot, his aide]  Well done. Hold them in the security tower, and keep it quiet. Move.

    [Lando's aide and their men walk off with the troops as Lando hands Leia the imperials' weapons and starts taking off Chewie's cuffs] 

    Leia : What do you think you're doing?

    Lando : We're getting out of here.

    C-3PO : I knew all along. Had to be a mistake.

    Leia : [angrily]  Do you think that after what you did to Han that we're going to trust you?

    [Chewie grabs Lando by the throat] 

    Lando : [choking]  I had no choice!

    C-3PO : What are you doing? Trust him, trust him!

    Leia : Oh, well, we understand, don't we, Chewie. You had "no choice".

    Lando : Just trying to help...

    Leia : We don't need any of your help!

    Lando : [gasps]  Han! Ha- Ha...

    Leia : What?

    Lando : HAN!

    C-3PO : It sounds like Han!

    Lando : [gasping]  There's still a chance to save Han! At the east... platform!

    Leia : Chewie!

    [Leia gets Chewie to drop Lando] 

    C-3PO : I'm terribly sorry about all this. After all, he's only a Wookiee!

  • C-3PO : [about Lando]  : Well, he seems very friendly.

    Princess Leia : Yes, very friendly...

  • C-3PO : [as Chewie tries to fight off the imperials and free Han]  Oh, no! No, no, no! Stop! Stop!

    Han Solo : No! Stop, Chewie, stop! Stop, Chewie!

    C-3PO : Oh, yes! Stop, please! I am not ready to die!

    Han Solo : Chewie! Listen to me! Chewie! Chewie, this won't help me! Hey! Save your strength. There'll be another time. The Princess. You have to take care of her. You hear me? Huh?

    [Leia and Han share a passionate kiss before Han is dragged towards the freezing chamber by the imperials] 

    Princess Leia : I love you.

    Han Solo : I know.

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