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Sex & Nudity

  • A dead woman's body is disrobed and is briefly shown naked from the side and rear. A man looks upon her and remarks of her beauty, then covers her.
  • Another woman showers as a young boy opens the door and sees her silhouette. There is no explicit nudity shown.
  • A dead woman is shown nude from the waist up, mounted on a trophy wall.

Violence & Gore

  • This animated film contains scenes of sci-fi and fantasy violence, as well as some realistic violence.
  • In some scenes, laser-guns are used to stun and kill humans, or to destroy robots and mechanically-altered humans.
  • The child protagonist wields a laser-gun throughout the film. He is also fired upon by others. In one scene, ruffians punch him around until his face is bloodied.
  • A human with mechanical innards is force-fed milk, which he says will rust him from the inside out. No explicit damage to his body is shown.
  • One of the cyborg characters in the film hunts living humans. An example of human taxidermy is shown; a woman's body, naked from the waist up, is mounted on a wall.
  • A mechanical human allows herself to rust and die. Afterwards, thee is a brief shot of her body, but her face remains peaceful and unchanged.


  • In the 1996 VIZ / Ocean Group English dub, there are several uses of "hell," "damn" and "bastard." The word "bitch" is uttered once, late into the film. Many of these words are spoken by the child protagonist.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One scene takes place in a bar, and another depicts a man smoking a pipe, although no smoke is shown. Drinking and smoking are not glamorized in the film, but the young protagonist does share a pink-colored drink, from a wine glass, with an adult late into the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One of the main themes of the film is "human mechanization," with some humans adding mechanical body parts and others appearing entirely robotic, but whom are said to have once been human. When these characters die or break apart, some viewers may find it unsettling.
  • The main character, a young boy, wields a laser-gun throughout the film. He uses it to shoot and kill mechanical creatures, many of which appear human.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In one scene, a female character is shot and killed by a laser in front of her toddler son. Her body is taken away by "trophy hunters" to be put on display.
  • In another, a man explodes from the inside, and small amounts of blood spatter are shown. He intentionally detonates tiny explosives in his abdomen, killing himself in order to help the young protagonist break through a barrier.
  • A man who is dying from an illness asks the protagonist to help him become a living part of a mechanical spaceship. The young boy pulls a lever, and the man is taken up in a beam of light. No explicit violence is displayed, but the body is implied to have disintegrated.
  • A cyborg creature disintegrates slowly, after a woman detonates her own crystalline body to kill it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The protagonist is a child, seeking revenge for his mother's murder. His actions become more increasingly violent throughout the film, as he explores the theme of human mortality.
  • Human taxidermy is explicitly shown; a woman is killed by a trophy hunter, who mounts her body above a mantelpiece. Her body is discovered by her son, the child protagonist.
  • Three characters purposefully end their own lives throughout the film, and two of them blow themselves up as a means to an end.

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