City of the Living Dead (1980) Poster

Adelaide Aste: Theresa


  • Theresa : Mary, tell us what you saw in your last vision.

    Mary Woodhouse : The city of the dead. The living dead. A cursed city where the gates of hell have been opened.

    Peter Bell : Where exactly is this city?

    Mary Woodhouse : I don't know where it is. All that I know is that it's called Dunwich.

    Peter Bell : Well, I've never heard of it. How do you know? How can you be so sure?

    Mary Woodhouse : I read the name... on a tombstone.

    Theresa : Mr. Bell, if those gates are left open, it could mean the end of humanity. We've got to get them shut again. At midnight on Monday, we go into All Saint's Day. The night of the dead begins. If the portholes of hell aren't shut before, no dead body will ever rest in peace. The dead will rise up all over the world and take over the Earth! You must get to Dunwich, Mr. Bell. You must reclose those gates!

  • Theresa : You don't deserve help! You're a comic book version of a detective, Sergeant!

    Sgt. Clay : Well, you look better in your mug shot, you know. The great Theresa. The master medium. Yeah, for you it's all in the book of... of... what's it called?

    Theresa : Enoch.

    Sgt. Clay : Yeah, Enoch. According to you, this poor girl is dead because of a book that was written 4,000 years ago. Correct?

    Theresa : That's right. I would find a such an unusual paradox of tremendous appeal terribly stimulating, if I were a sleuth. Enoch provides the explanation in every detail of a crime, before it has been committed.

    Sgt. Clay : Lady, you're either on grass, or you're pulling my leg.

    Theresa : No. The problem is in your mind. It cannot accept the truth.

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