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Season 6

24 Sep. 1986
Sam Goes to College: Part 1
Samantha is excited to start school in New Jersey, but she soon finds out that her scholarship has been canceled by the school.
24 Sep. 1986
Sam Goes to College: Part 2
Samantha decides to move to San Francisco with Katie, Nell is trying to do everything she can do to stop her from going.
1 Oct. 1986
Below Sea Level
Nell and Joey decide to fly to New Jersey to help Samantha move into the dorm. While on the east coast Nell visits Addy who is living in New York now.
8 Oct. 1986
Joey Meets Matthew
Joey's father returns and introduces him to his younger brother, Matthew.
15 Oct. 1986
Nell Goes Back to New York
Nell travels back to New York after receiving a letter from Joey. She ends up ruining Addy's date with a lawyer. Nell is trying hard to get Joey back from Tim.
29 Oct. 1986
The Apartment
Nell decides to try and get a job a big famous publishing company. She also looks for an apartment to live in with Addy.
5 Nov. 1986
I Love New York
Nell starts to regret moving to New York. Even after Grandpa successfully sells the Kaniskys' house, she still feels homesick for Glenlawn.
12 Nov. 1986
Nell, the Boss
At Nell's new job at the publishing company, she hires Addy as an assistant, but quickly realizes what a mistake that was.
19 Nov. 1986
Harry the Hamster
Joey brings home a hamster, leading Nell and Addy to begin a crusade against animal testing by cosmetic companies.
26 Nov. 1986
Joey the Gambler
Joey is caught gambling in order to pay for a new skateboard. But when Nell finds out, she has to teach him a lesson to show Joey why it's wrong.
3 Dec. 1986
The Scam
Nell and Mama Maybelle go to open a new checking account at the bank, but Nell quickly meets a con man out for her money.
10 Dec. 1986
Christmas in New York
Realizing that Marty may be alone on Christmas Eve, Nell reluctantly invites him over. However, her sympathy turns to rage when she finds out that he told Joey that Santa does not exist.
7 Jan. 1987
Nell's Secret Admirer
Nell gets a message from a former high school classmate who has had a crush on her for years. When she agrees to meet him at Marty's restaurant, he gets cold feet.
14 Jan. 1987
The Loan
After Nell lends money to Addy to buy an expensive dress, she isn't very quick at paying back and that is making Nell uncomfortable.
21 Jan. 1987
The Window: Part 1
Nell gets a promotion at work which gives her less time with the boys. Joey takes Matthew out and ends up losing him.
21 Jan. 1987
The Window: Part 2
Nell decides to quit her job to spend more time with the boys. She ends up interviewing a new job, which would leave Joey in charge of Matthew again, which worries Nell.
28 Jan. 1987
Joey's First Crush
Nell throws a party for a friends husband who wants to move to Georgia and open a bed and breakfast. This causes a fight between the husband and wife.
4 Feb. 1987
Joey's Teacher
Nell's lesson to Joey about respecting his teacher is put to the test when the teacher falls in Nell's apartment and sues her for 2.2 million dollars.
11 Feb. 1987
Joey's Hero
Captain Jerk, the star of Joey's favorite TV show, chokes on his whistle and is hospitalized. He needs a transfusion, and Nell gladly agrees to allow the hospital to use her blood. However, she is livid when she learns that the Captain is the leader of a white supremacist group.
25 Feb. 1987
Joey, the Gigolo
Nell is concerned that some of her fellow co-workers are being laid off, so she sets up her bosses daughter with Joey. Meanwhile Joey because very close with the girl and starts skirting family functions.
31 Mar. 1987
Parents' Week: Part 1
Sam doesn't want Nell to go to parents week but Nell shows up anyway. Sam announces she is dropping out of school to get married.
7 Apr. 1987
Parents' Week: Part 2
Nell is still at the college. She tries to get Eric & Sam to stay in college. Nell buts heads with a professor.
28 Apr. 1987
Save the Church
When Nell learns that the church where her father preached is being torn down, she goes back to Alabama to try and save it.
5 May 1987
Someday My Prince...
Nell goes out on a date with an African prince.
12 May 1987
Mama's Date
Nell tries to interfere in her mother's love life.

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