The Greatest American Hero (TV Series 1981–1983) Poster

Robert Culp: Bill Maxwell



  • Bill Maxwell : They give... and office like THIS to a kid... a GIRL? Come on now, counselor. I wasn't born yesterday.

    Pam Davidson : No, it was more like 1880, wasn't it, Bill?

    Bill Maxwell : That's very funny.

  • Pam Davidson : I am disgusted with the both of you.

    Ralph Hinkley : Why?

    Bill Maxwell : About what?

    Pam Davidson : I don't know yet.

  • Bill Maxwell : You're about as religious as a Las Vegas nightclub owner.

  • Bill Maxwell : OK, let's not panic.

    Pam Davidson : I feel like panicking. I can panic if I want to panic.

  • [about a woman who said she saw a sea monster] 

    Bill Maxwell : She probably thought she saw what she said she thought she saw.

  • Bill Maxwell : Freeze! F.B.I.! You're busted, fella!

  • Bill Maxwell : You get to be vice principal. Counselor... she's a junior partner. Yours truly, Dumbo Maxwell's chuggin' across the finish line... folks up in the gallery yellin' down "Go, geezer! Go!"

  • Bill Maxwell : This stinks. I hate this.

  • Bill Maxwell : She may be your girlfriend but she's my counselor and nobody messes with her. That's it.

  • Bill Maxwell : C'mon... You'll do it for Bill. Old Uncle Bill. Old Uncle Wild Bill. Who loves ya, baby? Eh?

    Pam Davidson : You're over-doing it "Uncle Bill"

  • Bill Maxwell : And so we went to NewFOUNDland to make friends with all the whales and a bunch of little fishies

  • Ralph Hinkley : Bill, I've got an idea

    Bill Maxwell : Good, put it to me in a letter, I'll try to get back to you by the end of the month

  • Ralph Hinkley : You see what I mean? Like right now for instance. You're not even listening to me. I mean, for all I know, we could be driving into the biggest shootout of this century

    Bill Maxwell : [not listening]  Yeah, kid. I'll work on that for ya

  • Ralph Hinkley : Bill, are you OK? What's wrong with your knees?

    Bill Maxwell : Fear. Or... I'm drunk.

    Ralph Hinkley : No, you're not drunk.

    Bill Maxwell : Then I'm alive!

    [laughs nervously] 

    Bill Maxwell : Thank you, Ralph. Thanks very much!

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