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  • Bob Weinstein and Harvey Weinstein have expressed interest in remaking the first film they ever produced and/or worked on, "The Burning (1981)." After the success of their recent slasher-remake, "Halloween (2007)" they have become even more intrigued with the idea. A proposed plot from a while back is as follows:

    Thirteen years ago, at Camp Blackfoot in Upstate New York, a group of vengeful kids rebelled against a paedo camp caretaker named Cropsy, who in their bout of revenge was burned nearly to death and disfigured forever. Now, at Camp Stonewater, one of the boys responsible for Cropsys deformations is a supervisor looking over a group of sex-driven camp counselors on a canoe trip up Blackfoot River. Unaware that Cropsy has recently been released from the hospital and is out for blood, the campers become the prime targets in Cropsys sheering reign of revenge. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the USA only a shorter R-Rated version was released for the cinemas and later on VHS. MGM has since released a DVD of the film with the edited material added back (despite the R-rating on the DVD).

    The British version is apparently based on the Unrated version and during the time of the "Video Nasties," the old VHS-release was slightly censored. Edit (Coming Soon)


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