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John Hallam: Tyrian



  • [Casiodorus Rex's men have captured Galen, who had been looking for the amulet in the castle] 

    Casiodorus Rex : Stop! Don't... harm him. You, please. You know, I've always had the greatest admiration for the black arts, you chaps with your... mysterious spells. I didn't think it would be necessary. Vermithrax is an old dragon, and... that, I thought, was the beauty of my plan. Time, we waited out, and live to see the end of it. I WILL see the end of it.

    [pulls the amulet from around his neck] 

    Tyrian : Sir, I beg you consider what you're doing. Give him that, he'll destroy everything you've built.

    Casiodorus Rex : He shall have it. It... it's my daughter. Save her, I beg you!

  • Hodge : Ah, so it's a test you're looking for. We don't do tests!

    Tyrian : No, of course not. They never do tests. Not many real deeds either. Oh, conversation with your grandmother's shade in a darkened room, the odd love potion or two, but comes a doubter, why, then it's the wrong day, the planets are not in line, the entrails are not favorable, "we don't do tests"!

  • [Galen has interrupted the sacrifice of Princess Elspeth to the dragon, scaring everyone away except for Tyrian] 

    Tyrian : I knew I'd find you here. Well, I'm not as sentimental as his majesty. The kingdom, everyone of us, needs this sacrifice. If you intend to interfere, you'll have to kill me.

    Galen : I've plenty of reasons to kill you that have nothing to do with this sacrifice.

  • Tyrian : If he's ready to lay a dragon in its grave, he's nothing to fear from me.

  • Tyrian : A toast... to the deed of the day!

    Urlander : What would you have of us?

    Tyrian : Not a thing.

    [turns to Galen] 

    Tyrian : It's this one. The King would meet our newfound benefactor, and offer his gratitude to the one man who has succeeded where so many have failed.

    Galen : What sort of 'gratitude'? A knife in the belly? An arrow in the chest?

    Tyrian : My young friend... I would have soon dispatched you as I did the rest, for the same reason. But his Majesty would have a cozy little chat, and commands otherwise.

  • Casiodorus Rex : [Elspeth is preparing to sacrifice herself to Vermithrax]  ... You... Tyrian... surely you'll do something. If not for me... out of loyalty to the kingdom.

    Tyrian : But that's just it, Your Majesty. My first loyalty is... loyalty to the kingdom.

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