Dragonslayer (1981) Poster


Ralph Richardson: Ulrich



  • Valerian : Are you afraid of dragons?

    Ulrich : [confidently and calmly]  No. In fact, if it weren't for sorcerers, there wouldn't be any dragons. Once, the skies were dotted with them. Magnificent horned backs, leathern wings... soaring... and their hot-breathed wind. Oh, I know this creature of yours... Vermithrax Pejorative. Look at these scales, these ridges. When a dragon gets this old, it knows nothing but pain, constant pain. It grows decrepit... crippled... pitiful. Spiteful!

  • Valerian : Twice each year, at the Spring and Summer Equinox, the king selects a new victim. Virgins.

    Ulrich : A lottery! Barbaric. And in return, this dragon... it leaves your villages and crops unburned. Your king has made a pact with a monster!

  • Galen : You're back! I thank the powers that made me!

    Ulrich : Glad to see you, too. You didn't bring along anything to eat, by any chance?

    Galen : Food?

    Ulrich : But, come along, there's much to do.

    Galen : No, please! I thought I was a sorcerer, I'm not. I thought I had power, I don't. You said to be strong. I wasn't!

    Ulrich : But you were, my boy, you were. And you'll be stronger yet.

  • Ulrich : There's something you must do.

    Galen : Anything.

    Ulrich : I want you to destroy the amulet, and me along with it.

    [disappears and reappears on the mountainside] 

    Ulrich : You brought me from the flame! You must send me back! You'll know the time! You must act while life is still in me!

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