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Chloe Salaman: Princess Elspeth



  • Princess Elspeth : [Princess Elspeth visits Galen in her father's dungeon]  ... Please don't think ill of us. Father is a wise and evenhanded man. He's...

    [She notices a wound across Galen's temple] 

    Princess Elspeth : ... What happened to you?

    Galen : [sullen]  Nothing. Just some of your father's... evenhandedness.

    Princess Elspeth : It... it's better for everyone this way. A king must protect his people.

    Galen : Naturally. Just as he protects his daughter.

    Princess Elspeth : What do you mean by that? Are you referring to the lottery?

    Galen : You don't have to pretend, not to me, not down here. Everyone knows how this... choosing works. The families with money, royal connections... You've participated in a lie, and you know it.

    Princess Elspeth : ...I have to go now.

    [she seeks out her father, who is vainly trying to make gold out of lead with Galen's amulet] 

    Princess Elspeth : ... Father! Did you know that some families have paid bribes to stay out of the lottery?

    Casiodorus Rex : [not even looking at her]  Nonsense.

    Princess Elspeth : ...Have you ever kept my name off the lottery list?

    Casiodorus Rex : What are you suggesting?

    Princess Elspeth : Am I not exposed to the same risk as every other man's daughter?

    Horsrik : There's been a loose tongue here somewhere, Sire.

    Casiodorus Rex : [to Elspeth]  Who fills your head with such ideas?

    Princess Elspeth : [like a robot]  Answer my question.

    Casiodorus Rex : Please... don't... think of such things, I beg you.

    Princess Elspeth : Answer me.

    Casiodorus Rex : The answer is no. I - I mean, yes. Yes. You are a participant in the choosing. We have seen to that, of course. How could we not? Yes. The answer is yes.

    Princess Elspeth : You're lying to me.

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