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Sex & Nudity

  • In the Den segment, Den says he's not going anywhere with his dork (penis) hanging out. After Den saves Katherine from being sacrificed, her breasts and nipples are shown. Just before they have sex, Katherine's butt is shown, and Den takes off the garment that covers Katherine's vagina, although nothing is shown.
  • When the redhead and Gloria are wearing their clothes, some cleavage is seen.
  • Every adult woman named in the film is topless at some point.
  • Four animated scenes of sex with clear nudity, including exposed female vulvas. The first segment of the film shows a redhead woman and taxicab driver at his home having sex. This shows full breasts, nipples, and part of the taxicab driver's butt is seen.
  • While on her way to the statue to put on her armor, the woman swims nude.
  • When the enemy takes off her armor, the woman is locked up naked.
  • Full frontal male nudity in at least one scene as well, and lots of topless men.

Violence & Gore

  • Plenty of animated blood and gore. People get shot, stabbed, beaten, beheaded, etc. Most human characters bleed red blood while others bleed green blood. Several scenes of people vaporized and melted into bones and gore.
  • The opening sequence of the story, "B-17", has uniquely disturbing violence in that has a bloody battle scene that is intense in the sense that its violence is far more realistic compared to the rest of the film.


  • Two uses of the word "fuck" and other stronger to mild profanities are used in the film. The word ''bitch'' is said twice.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are seen drinking alcoholic beverages in a late night bar.
  • Characters are seen smoking cigarettes and one character smokes a cigar.
  • Two aliens snort some white powder and then get stoned. The drug is fictional by name, but this can be assumed that this is essentially the same as cocaine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some mentioned graphic animated images, such as people melting in a gory fashion, may disturb some viewers.
  • In one scene, a parent gets murdered right in front of his child. Some people may find how these deaths are handled to be quite disturbing.
  • Probably rated R for sexual content including nudity, strong violence, language, disturbing images, and drug use.

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