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Interview: Author Mike Vaughn talks ‘The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema’

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How did the idea for ‘The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema’ come about originally?

Well like I explain in my foreword I gained a lot of inspiration from fanzines which was where you had to get film education pre-Internet age. Also, this book is sort of a love letter to my VHS renting days at my local mom and pop store. Writing this book brought me right back to being young and sitting in my room devouring every fan zine I could and the excitement of learning about films like The Beyond and going to the rental shop and checking out crazy stuff like Psychos in Love. I wasn’t sure if other fans would also get a nostalgic thrill out of a reference guide, but a number of people have really respond to it, which they consider a lost art.

What can people expect from the book?

Expect to
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Mad Foxes: The Ultimate Exploitation Movie Comes to DVD!

From the wonderfully sleazy mind of legendary Swiss exploitation producer Erwin C. Dietrich (Rolls Royce Baby, Jess Franco’s Jack the Ripper and Barbed Wire Dolls) comes Mad Foxes (aka Los Violadores) the most delirious and offensive biker action trash flick ever unleashed! When hapless hero Hal (Jose Gras from Bruno Mattei’s Hell of the Living …

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