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Worth watching if you can find it.
bighairygary14 February 2003
Young street kids take on thugs, kind of a Guardian Angels type organization, co-ed, no uniforms. Chance to see a very young, very slender Ellen Barkin at the beginning of her acting career. I got lucky and caught this on a TV broadcast years ago and haven't seen it listed again since then. Too bad, it's worth a look.
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Excellent Guardian Angel style movie!
vampusmoon9 March 2008
Drama / Crime thriller

I saw this movie several years ago on British TV which I believe is called "We're Fighting Back", and if so it's well worth watching!

The movie is about a group of a crime fighters who go out to protect the public. They particularly patrol the subways trains (like new york), no uniforms as such but they all wear t-shirt bearing a logo/motif on the front of a 'clenched fist against a flat hand, also wearing beret style caps (just like Guardian Angels).

It starts off with a neighbour-hood constantly being the brunt of hardened thugs terrorising the public, mugging, attacking and pretty much making the area an unsafe and no-go area.

One of the residents who has had enough of the crime escalating in his street decides to start a crime fighting alliance - several guys who will be willing to support his battle of the New York streets, and becoming part of his Guardian patrol group.

The 'Guardians' are soon to deal with the day to day battle of crime on the streets, and they turn to the Subway trains next which are constantly becoming a muggers paradise after dark.

As they operate on the subway trains, each member of the 'guardians' would patrol their section of the train carriage, and when the train got to a station they would step out to check each member of their 'angels' were present at designated carriage - but if they were not, this meant there was trouble, so all the other angels would go to assist.

Lots of drama, defence & crime fighting against hardened thugs. Well worth watching if you can ever get the chance - just wish the production companies would release this on DVD!
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Very good film except...
wkozak22125 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very good movie. It is well done. The script moves along well. The action is just right. This is worth seeing actors and actresses at the beginning of their careers. The only minus is Joe Morton. IMO he tries to steal the movie from the other cast.
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