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Season 4

19 Oct. 1985
The Fix
Toms friend J.J, the schools star basketball player, is experiencing a run of bad luck during games, and to make matter worse, rumors are spreading that J.J. is deliberately choking or fixing the game.
2 Nov. 1985
Water Witch
While visiting the Blakes farm to observe a well drilling, Tom, Annie, and Paul witness a long-time feud between Bud Howard, a Hydrologist who uses science to locate wells, and Noah Sedgwick, a water witch who douses for wells with a forked stick.
16 Nov. 1985
The Mole People
While filling in on a friends paper route, Paul and Joey meet the famous horror film star Nigel Rodgers, who claims his yard is being overtaken by the dangerous and terrifying Mole people.
7 Dec. 1985
All That Glitters
While exploring the wilderness for fossils, Annie and Lance discover a cave, but before Tom can follow them inside, the mouth of the cave collapses, trapping Annie and Lance inside.
21 Dec. 1985
Star-Crossed Lovers
Tom is trying to design an experimental set of laser headphones, Annie is designing the lighting board for a local theatre group, and Lance has designs to meet the girl of his dreams, Juliet in the theatres production of Romero and Juliet
4 Jan. 1986
Heavy Sweat
After watching a run of Humphrey Bogart movies in air-conditioned splendor, Paul and Joey hit the street during the summers worst heat wave and begin to see suspicious criminal types at every turn.
18 Jan. 1986
What Goes Up
The Edison family become charmed by the amazing adventure stories of world famous balloonist Maurice Lafayette, who is in town while his daughter Elaine to raise funds for their next spectacular expedition.
1 Feb. 1986
Chips and Choppers
Paul and Joey find themselves in trouble when Paul climbs a fence to retrieve his remote control helicopter which has accidentally crashed onto the high security grounds of a computer chip research company.
15 Feb. 1986
Strictly for the Birds
Annie leaves Tom holding the shovel on a zoopoo detail at the Weston Zoo when she remembers her odder to help Paul find information fro his school project on ostriches.
15 Mar. 1986
The Live One
In an effort to promote family togetherness, Tom and Annie lure their parents into the annual Weston Fishing Derby. A comedic battle of the sexes ensures when the boys bait the girls into a competition.
16 Apr. 1986
Gone with the Windigo
After their campsite is ransacked, Annie insists on finishing the orienteering race and rallies the Weston team to a spirited finish, before accompanying Tom in a search for the Windigo monster. As night sets in, Tom and Annie follow the trail of the woodland marauder and Paul and Lance lose each other in the forest. Alone in the woods, Paul overcomes his fear and makes a startling discovery and Annie is saved from a poisonous snake by the mysterious Windigo.
23 Apr. 1986
The Secret of Windigo Lake
After agreeing to give himself up to the forest ranger to clear himself of the charge that he has been vandalizing the forest, Ken Bradley, (the Windigo), mysteriously disappears and Tom and Annie suspect foul play.

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