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3 Mar. 1984
The Code Affair
Someone is sending Tom mysterious coded messages.
17 Mar. 1984
Phantom of the Auditorium
Tom and Annie have made several special effects for a play that Paul is directing at his school, but someone is trying to sabotage the show.
7 Apr. 1984
While Paul is looking after a neighborhood dog, someone manages to steal the dog- The Edisons discover that several neighborhood dogs have been stolen and they organize a search party to recover the stolen pets. Tom and Annie apply their knowledge of sound to construct a parabolic microphone to help them pinpoint the location of the thieves hideout so they can free the dogs.
21 Apr. 1984
Rock 'n' Roll Anniversary
Paul succeeds in getting a famous sixties rock stat (Chops Dorfman) to give a surprise concert at his parents anniversary party.
5 May 1984
Voice from Beyond
Two crooks posing as spiritualists try to defraud the Edisons elderly neighbour by setting up a series of sances.
19 May 1984
Over the Rainbow
A radio contest with clues and a hidden $5000 prize gets everyone involved in a treasure hunt. Terri and Paul team up only to get lost in the woods, and Tom and Annie get lost trying to find them.
2 Jun. 1984
The Delinquent
Annie befriends a new boy at school who is later accused of arson because of his past record of juvenile offenses.
16 Jun. 1984
Paul decides to help Tom out with a geology assignment by buying some rocks for him, but he is accidentally sold some real hot diamonds instead. To retrieve his diamonds, the thief breaks into the workshop later, kidnaps Paul.
7 Jul. 1984
The U.F.O.
Paul is convinced he has seen a flying saucer in his neighborhood and calls a press conference.
21 Jul. 1984
The Race
The Edisons are planning to enter a swimming contest in which the swimmers can use any device to help them win the race; the only rule is, it must be powered by muscle.
4 Aug. 1984
Monster on the Bluffs
While the Edisons investigate a suspicious-looking set of monster footprints, Paul gets spooked and accidentally falls down the bluffs. Tom and Annie apply their knowledge of leverage and gravity to devise a pulley system (Atwoods Pulley) to lower their brother to safety.
1 Sep. 1984
Paul decides to borrow a new robot invention of Toms to gain access to a junk yard, but the robot malfunctions and nearly destroys the junkyard. When the yard owner gets trapped under a fallen car, Tom and his robot come to the rescue. Tom explains how his robot functions using the science of feedback.
15 Sep. 1984
Snakes and Ladders
Tom is saddled with looking after a friends boa constrictor for the weekend. When Paul discovers Toms secret, he and Joey accidentally let the snake out of the bag, so to speak, and a hilarious search begins through the house for the missing snake which the Edisons simultaneously try to help Mom prepare for the evenings dinner party for the Chamber Music Society!
6 Oct. 1984
A Penny Saved
The Edisons Uncle Ted comes for a visit and entrusts Tom with a rare coin. Paul mistakenly gives the coin to a friend who spends it, and an extensive search ensues.
20 Oct. 1984
Ghosts for Sale
Paul is challenged to spend several hours in the old Murdock house to prove it isnt haunted. Even with Tom and Annie along to keep things scientific, strange sounds and apparitions confront the Edison, convincing Paul that the house really is haunted by a ghost.
3 Nov. 1984
Enemy of Weston
With the annual Charity Picnic just a week away, Annie discovers that the local swimming pond is polluted. She meets resistance wherever she takes her evidence, however, as nobody wants the picnic cancelled. The twins, with the help of Paul and Joey, set out to catch the culprit who is dumping toxic chemicals into the pond.
17 Nov. 1984
Double Trouble
While playing football with his friends, Paul finds a money clip that was dropped by a man he saw stumble past their game. A distinctive logo on the money clip leads Paul to the owner, the head of a large corporation; but when Paul sees the man again, hes convinced the man is not the same man he saw in the park.
1 Dec. 1984
Blow Up
The local newspaper is sponsoring an amateur photo contest and Paul decides to enter. When a mysterious unidentified woman takes a serious interest in Pauls photo and negatives, Annie and Tom decide to look deeper into the pictures and investigate.
15 Dec. 1984
Mars to Paul
Paul tried everyones patience as he turns punk-rock guitarist and claims to have picked up transmissions from outer space on his guitar amplifier. When Lances car is stolen, Annie and Tom investigate and discover Pauls space transmissions are more important than they thought.

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