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Season 3

6 Nov. 1981
When Maggie and Steve begins to receive gifts in the post, both are puzzled and ask themselves who their mysterious benefactor can be? An admirer? Someone with a crush on Maggie - or someone playing a very dangerous game?
13 Nov. 1981
Maggie and Jimmy take a severe beating during a robbery.
20 Nov. 1981
The Hit
Maggie discovers that she has a marksman with a high-powered rifle loose on her patch.
27 Nov. 1981
Maggie investigates when a Jewish home is vandalised.
4 Dec. 1981
Maggie must find a potentially violent teenager who has escaped from a top-security remand centre. Her assignment is a difficult one. The girl hates men, her parents - and has sworn to kill Maggie on sight.
11 Dec. 1981
Maggie investigates a protection racket.
18 Dec. 1981
Paint It Black
A café proprietor is murdered and Maggie is on the case.
1 Jan. 1982
A WPC is in hospital after a riot.
8 Jan. 1982
Black Fox, White Vixen
When a famous actress in a long-running TV series begins to receive death threats, Maggie Forbes and her team are assigned to protect her - but trouble springs from a most unexpected quarter.
15 Jan. 1982
One of Those Days
Maggie deals with a drunken bank robber.
22 Jan. 1982
A new WPC arrives at Seven Dials.
29 Jan. 1982
Maggie's progress on a case is stalled by a personal crisis.
5 Feb. 1982
When confronted with personal tragedy, DI Maggie Forbes and Det Insp. Russell are forced to examine their feelings about mercy killings. Maggie in particular has to examine her own judgment of the case.

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