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Season 1

9 Nov. 1982
Mike, Neil, Vyvyan and Rick learn that the council are going to demolish the house. Vyvyan decides to demolish the house from the inside and Neil wants to commit suicide.
16 Nov. 1982
The boys move into their new house and Vyvyan discovers oil in the basement.Mike declares himself the president and then forces Neil and Rick into slave labor to dig up the oil.
23 Nov. 1982
The boys are having a very boring day so they decide to go down to the pub, where they run into Vyvyan's estranged mother.
30 Nov. 1982
When the guys find an atom bomb in the kitchen, Rick wants to use it to blackmail Thatcher, while Vyvyan tries to set it off. Meanwhile, the TV-detector man shows up.
7 Dec. 1982
The boys throw a party for their friends.Rick's liberal college friends clash with Vyvyan's rocker friends, skinheads try to crash the party and Neil's friend Neil goes missing.
14 Dec. 1982
London is flooded and Vyvyan, Rick, Neil and Mike find themselves trapped in the house with Mr. Balowski, who has turned into an ax-wielding homicidal maniac.

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