E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Poster

Dee Wallace: Mary



  • Michael : Maybe it was an iguana.

    Elliott : It was *no* iguana.

    Michael : Maybe, um - You know how they say there are alligators in the sewers?

    Gertie : Alligators in the sewers.

    Mary : All we're trying to say is, maybe you just probably imagined it. It happened...

    Elliott : I couldn't have imagined it!

    Michael : Maybe it was a pervert or a deformed kid or something.

    Gertie : A deformed kid.

    Michael : [mockingly]  Maybe an elf or a leprechaun.

    Elliott : It was nothing like that, penis-breath!

    Mary : [laughs in shock]  *Elliott*! Sit down.

  • [Mary hits E.T. with the refrigerator door] 

    Gertie : Here he is.

    Mary : [absently]  Here's who?

    Gertie : The man from the moon. But I think you've killed him already.

  • Tyler : [to Elliott]  Douche bag.

    Mary : [hits him on the head]  No 'douche bag' talk in my house!

  • Mary : A pizza? Who said you guys could order a pizza?

  • [after E.T. learns how to talk] 

    Mary : Gertie, I have to go pick up Elliott. Will you be a good girl and stay...

    Gertie : Mama, he can talk!

    Mary : [thinking she meant Elliott]  Of course he can talk. I'll be right back in ten minutes. Stay there.

  • Mary : If you ever see it again, whatever it is, don't touch it, just call me and we'll have somebody come and take it away.

    Gertie : Like the dogcatcher?

    Elliott : But they'll give it a lobotomy or do experiments on it or something.

  • Mary : It's your turn to do the dishes, fellas.

    Michael : I set and cleared.

    Elliott : [in a stern tone]  I set and cleared.

    Michael : [quickly]  I did breakfast.

    Gertie : [solemnly]  I did breakfast.

    Michael : [noticing how upset Mary is]  What's the matter, mom?

    Mary : [leaves in tears, to herself, about her husband]  He HATES Mexico!

    Michael : [to Elliot, furiously]  Damn it, why don't you - grow up and think how other people feel for a change!

    [Elliot goes angry and does the dishes] 

  • Elliott : [upon encountering E.T., running excitedly into the house]  Mom, Mom! There's something out there!

    Mary : What?

    Elliott : It's in the toolshed. It threw the ball at me.

    [Michael and his friends mock him loudly] 

    Elliott : QUIET!

    [Michael's friends go silent] 

    Elliott : [in hushed tone]  Nobody go out there!

    Michael : [the boys all spring up excitedly]  Ha! Ha! Ha!

    [they grab knives] 

    Mary : Stop, now! You guys stay right here!

    Michael : You stay here, Mom, we'll check it out!

    Mary : And put those knives back!

    [Elliot grabs her hand and pulls her outside as well] 

    Mary : Okay, Elliot! Let me get a flashlight.

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