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Kathleen Quinlan: Janet Dunn



  • [Michael and Janet burst into the back of a taxi from opposite sides at the same time, bumping heads into shoulders] 

    Michael Jordon : Oh, goddamn...

    [sees Janet for the first time] 

    Michael Jordon : [to Janet]  I love you!

    Janet Dunn : Get out of my cab!

    Michael Jordon : Where is it? Show it to me.

    Janet Dunn : [shouting over him]  Get out of my cab right now!

    Michael Jordon : I'd love to, just tell me which one it is.

    Janet Dunn : Driver!

    Janet Dunn : [through gritted teeth to Michael]  Get out of my cab.

    Michael Jordon : This one is *my* cab.

    Cab Driver : Nah-ah!

    [the Driver turns to look back] 

    Cab Driver : It's *my* cab. Now, will one of you tell me where to take it?

    Michael Jordon : Where do you wanna go, honey?

    Janet Dunn : [sees her pursuer behind them, looking for her]  Uh...

    Michael Jordon : To your place or to mine?

    Janet Dunn : [with false calm]  I don't care. Let's just go.

    Michael Jordon : Just go straight up Park Avenue, all right? We'll tell you exactly where once we finish negotiating.

    [a man in a dark suit and fedora watches their departure and takes note of the cab's plates. And so begins Michael Jordon's entanglement] 

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