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  • Story about a rapid deployment defense unit that is called into action whenever freedom is threatened.

  • Ace Hunter is the leader of Megaforce, an elite group of American soldiers who travel the world to fight Evil. In this case, Evil is represented by a third rate dictator who they must blow to bits.


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  • Hunter: "Remember the name of the place?"

    Zara: "Lion's Head Hotel, London."

    The peace-loving Republic of Sardun is facing constant incursions from hostile neighbor Gamibia. Unwilling to retaliate and initiate war, high-ranking Sardunian military officials Major Zara and General Byrne-White arrange a rendezvous with MegaForce, a hi-tech and super-secret phantom army of top-shelf fighting men from all over the world, to ask for help in ending Gamibia's attacks. Ace Hunter, leader of MegaForce, is happy to take on the job as he has a past with Gamibian military leader Duke Guerrera, an old military academy friend who turned to evil.

    And he stole Ace's favorite lighter.

    Ace lays out a hopelessly complex plan to lure Duke's forces into a trap that will give Sardun the chance to wipe them out once and for all, which inspires Zara to try out for a spot in MegaForce. However, despite passing all the entry exams, Zara is ultimately denied entry into the team as she is still an outsider and hasn't yet established a mental bond with the rest of MegaForce, meaning her presence could put the operation in jeopardy. Resigning herself to this, Zara agrees to watch from afar as Ace and his awesomely-mulleted spandex-clad soldiers set the strike in motion.

    Despite successfully infiltrating Gamibia and causing mass destruction, MegaForce fails to lure Guerrera into their trap. Now the team must find a way out of Gamibia to avoid certain doom at the hands of Duke and his tanks, who are now authorized to destroy MegaForce by a government declaration of war. Duke knows that the only place MegaForce's escape planes could land is an old dry lake, and as such he plants his tanks right there to prevent the escape. Ace and his men refuse to give in, though, and soon it's all out war as MegaForce put their rockets, lasers, and machine guns to use against Duke and his tanks in an epic battle. Everyone makes it to the plane except for Hunter, who was temporarily incapacitated by an explosion. Undeterred and shockingly none the worse for wear, Ace defiantly runs right up to Duke to say goodbye and then takes to the skies on his flying motorcycle to catch up with the MegaForce plane. Triumphant (?), MegaForce head for home, and Ace prepares for a celebration with his new Sardunian friend Zara.

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