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Sex & Nudity

    • A man is seen in his underwear.
    • Some nude people are seen in a painting.
    • A woman takes off her panties to urinate (we see the side of her butt). Some boys are watching her and we can see by the way that two of them are moving that they are masturbating as they watch her.
    • A woman lifts the front of her nightgown as she looks at herself in a mirror (nothing graphic seen).
    • A woman rubs a watermelon slice on her chest. A man takes a bite of the watermelon.
    • A woman talks about not being a virgin by the end of summer.
    • A man inflates a condom into a balloon for a little girl.
    • A man and woman kiss and it's implied that they have sex.
    • A boy's butt is visible in his wet underwear.

Violence & Gore

    • A man's feet are slightly bloody.
    • A woman is shot.
    • A man is rammed into a tree twice.
    • A bomb goes off and a bloody man is seen missing a hand. Other bloody people are seen.
    • Dead bodies are seen.
    • Several people are shot.
    • A man is stabbed in the chest with many spears.
    • A boy is shot.
    • A man shoots himself.


  • 'Shit, bitch, oh God' each said at least once (in subtitles).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • A man drinks some wine.
    • A man puts an unlit cigarette in his mouth.
    • A comment is made about drinking too much wine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some intense battle scenes.

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