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A Guilty Pleasure
gbheron21 September 2002
All of us have certain films, not well liked by either critics or public, which nonetheless really strike a chord within us. They're our guilty pleasures, movies that we never tire of, but don't brag about. "Porky's" is one of mine. It's insipid, inane, and amateurish. The plot doesn't make much sense, and the characters don't behave rationally. But I don't care. "Porky's" is fun, transporting me back to a mythical time in America when it was great to be a teenager. Life was a lark, issues were black and white, and all endings are happy. In this regards "Porky's" resembles many of Disney's movies like "Pollyanna", a haunt of other guilty pleasures. Sheer fantasy, sheer entertainment. I dig this movie, but that's just my opinion.
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Telephone call for Michael.....
jimbo7001 February 2006
Porky's is the original teen sex comedy.

I had the great pleasure of seeing Porky's in a late night showing on opening day in March 1982 in a theater packed to the gills with 18-25 year olds (although I was 30). I hurt for 3 days from laughing so hard.

There is a portion of the movie, beginning close to the 1 hour mark that is the absolute funniest 14 minutes ever put on film. This includes these three hilarious scenes: Coach and Lassie in the boys locker room (Coach Brackett finds out why they call Miss Honeywell Lassie), then it segues to the guys peeping through the holes into the girls shower room, where Beulah Balbricker gets a 'handle' on Tommy's situation, immediately followed by the scene with Coach Brackett, Coach Warren and Head Coach Goodenough in Principal Carter's office with Beulah describing the "incriminating mole". There were people out of their seats, laying on the floor of the theater screaming with laughter. I have yet to see another motion picture invoke this kind of hilarity in a movie theater. I saw it in the theater 2 or 3 times in it's original theatrical run with the same response. When it became available, I bought the VHS copy, then the laser disc copy and when I got the DVD a few month's ago, I watched it for the zillionth time and I still laugh my butt off when I see those scenes. The acting is great for a bunch of no-names, there are actually great multiple plot-lines (in addition to the typical "get laid at any cost" plot) and the cinematography, editing and sound is above average. They made this movie in 90 days for less than $4 million and it grossed $7 million opening weekend and has grossed over $100 million in theaters to date, most of that in 1982 dollars. The only thing I can say bad about Porky's is that they should have stopped after the first one. The first pathetic sequel (The Next Day) lacked humor, the second sequel (Porky's Revenge) had 30-year-olds playing teenagers and they had long-since lost their youthful charm.
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Go ahead and laugh! It's okay!
TOMASBBloodhound11 May 2003
I can certainly understand adults not finding this film as funny as adolescents will. This story of high school buddies trying to infiltrate a Florida brothel in the 1950s is neither classy nor sophisticated.

It is, however, quite funny. Just sit back and watch the group of pals playing tricks on each other and sticking together when things turn serious. Watching it today brings back memories of some of the stupid things me and my high school friends did back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. We all tried to get into strip clubs before we were 18. We didn't see any trouble with breaking the law as long as nobody got hurt. We all were out to have a much sex as we possibly could. That's what a good portion of growing up for us guys is all about!

That said, the events depicted in this film, such as destroying a night club and sticking our manhood through a hole in the girls' shower didn't happen. That's why films are made. They take ideas in our heads and try to show what would happen if they actually played out.

Only the coldest and stiffest of men couldn't find anything to laugh about with this movie. It is in no way meant to be taken seriously. It has been criticized to the point of no return, though. Why? Are some people unable to laugh at juvenile pranks, or were they on the receiving end of them when they were in high school?

If you had fun growing up, you will probably like this film. If you look back at your younger years with regret, then you most likely won't enjoy it.

8 of 10 stars

And just gotta add 4/4/2007...... RIP Bob Clark. We'll miss you, man!

The Hound will see you on the other side some day!
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The guiltiest of pleasures....
Mister-615 August 1999
No one goes into a movie like "Porky's" expecting greatness. But if you get at least one good laugh, that's good enough.

Two laughs, even better.

Three, great.

Four, fantastic.

I got more laughs than this out of "Porky's", but since I went in expecting them to reach the lowest common denominator, I got just what I came in looking for.

Who doesn't know the story, o connoisseurs of lowbrow humor? What you want to know is if it's funny. Of course it is, but this isn't the best movie for family video night (then again, it depends on the family).

I won't spoil any of the gags for you but I can tell you the biggest ones depend, separately, on eggs, oversized condoms, holes in the girls' showers and a prank call to the local diner. And where, in one instance, you'd keep a driver's license.

Sorry, you'll just have to see the thing.

Eight stars, and beware of moral turpitude.
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Absolutely hilarious
thull129 April 2003
I looked at the first two pages (here on the IMDB website) of other comments and am not at all surprised to find comments ranging from very good to very bad; this is that kind of movie.

If you haven't seen it, here's my take on it. People who are stuffy, proper, sophisticated, and politically correct in a social sense are not going to care for this movie. On the other hand, if you are laid back, easy going, don't have to have an uplifting and moral story line, and appreciate comedy (often sexy and somewhat raw), you are going to love this movie. The producer and director very obviously made this movie for the simple purpose of providing the audience with a lot of very funny comedy. And they succeeded immensely (if you are laid back, easy going, etc.) The scenes range from funny to hilarious.

Buy or rent the video. I've seen this on network TV and it is very "sanitized".
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Everyone's favorite guilty pleasure!
Coventry16 May 2009
I've never met anyone in my life who didn't love "Porky's" (in real life, that is, because on the Internet you always encounter people with different opinions) and that is probably just because this is an irresistibly energetic and out-and-out funny 80's teen comedy! The essence of juvenile & vulgar comedies lies here within this film, and arguably also "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Animal House", but definitely not in the lame and uninspired nowadays flicks such as "American Pie". All the classic gags and politically incorrect jests are here: small penis jokes, big penis jokes, sticking penises in usual things, voyeurism through minuscule peepholes, the eternal virgin nerd, loud-screaming girls, redneck humor and much more. If you ever wondered where Bart Simpson found the inspiration for his prank calls, well that's probably because he watched "Porky's" as well! This is the simplistic tale of a bunch of teenage friends, all of them with incontrollable raging hormones, attending high school in the 1950's. In their never ending journey to get laid, they battle against all types of annoying authorities (read: adults) like gym coaches, parents, police officers and obnoxious nightclub owners. Particularly this last group forms a severe obstacle, as the boys are desperately trying to get into a strip club in a neighboring county but the owner – a fat and sleazy hillbilly nicknamed Porky – and his gang of local yokels get a kick out of humiliating and beating up juvenile visitors. In between all their hectic adventures at school, the group plots the ultimate act of vengeance against Porky and his whole county of hillbilly freaks. Personally I don't understand how you could NOT enjoy a movie like "Porky's", as it is so stimulating, cheerful and harmlessly infantile. The main characters are delightfully stereotypical high school bastards (especially the unforgettable Pee Wee) and some of the situations they find themselves stuck in are indescribably hilarious. A few of the highlights include an outrageous sex sequence with future "Sex and the City" starlet Kim Cattrall and the legendary coach Balbricker's quest to have one of the boys suspended for obscenities in the girls' shower. Needless to say "Porky's" is a sex comedy chock-full of gratuitous T & A (and enough wool to knit a sweater with…) and crude insinuations, but if this movie is too offensive for you already, you better sing up in a convent straight away. This was the biggest box office hit for the versatile writer/director Bob Clark, who directed pleasant comedies like this as well as creepy horror movies like "Black Christmas" and "Dead of Night". He sadly died in a dramatic car accident in 2007. Thanks to films like "Porky's", he at least leaves behind a spirited heritage! Rest in peace, Mr. Clark.
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Too puerile, even for me.
BA_Harrison1 January 2016
A group of horny high-school pals visit Porky's, a redneck bar in the Everglades, where they have heard that they can pay to get laid. After they are ripped-off by the bar's obese owner and his brother, a corrupt sheriff, the friends decide to take revenge.

Porky's was one of the first American teenage sex comedies to be a major hit at the box office, but I find its success rather perplexing. As a coming-of-age story, I think the film works well enough: the nostalgic setting and strong sense of camaraderie is certainly appealing, while the bitter feud between the teens and the Everglades rednecks, and a subplot that deals realistically with the issues of racism and family violence adds drama to proceedings. I do, however, find the film's raunchy antics nowhere near as funny as its characters, and director Bob Clark, obviously think they are.

The 'Mike Hunt' telephone gag which has the teens in stitches isn't that hilarious, or original, having been conceived in the mid '70s by pranksters John Elmo and Jim Davidson; the repeated jokes about penises soon become very tedious; and as much as I enjoy seeing a young Kim Cattrall without her kecks on, her 'Lassie' scene is embarrassingly bad and far too drawn out. Clark seems to think that if his characters roll around in uncontrollable fits of hysterics for long enough, it'll eventually have the audience laughing along with them. Not in my case… I just found it irritating.
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Very fun comedy
Chromium_530 October 2005
I am proud to say this is one of my favorite comedies, and I normally don't even like the "American Pie" type of sex comedy. The humor is raunchy, but in a good-natured way, and all the actors look like they're having a blast. The odd thing is that there doesn't seem to be any real reason why it's taking place in the 50's, except maybe to get across the message that teenagers have always been, and always will be, horny. Also, to the people who say this is "dated"... you guys do realize it's taking place 30 years before it was made, right?

It's not the funniest movie you'll ever see, except for a few truly hysterical scenes, but you have to love the way it captures the fun irresponsibility of high school. I think a lot of people can relate to this no matter what generation they're from, making it a definite classic. My advice is to steer clear of the upcoming remake, which will undoubtedly be raunchier and ruder, but probably have ten times less heart.
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Funny if you're 14
ArtVandelayImporterExporter21 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Is this what people thought was funny in 1981? Was there some kind of nuclear meltdown that caused nationwide brain damage? OK, so you're a half-wit teen and you sneak into this movie at the Drive- In. Fine, you got a glimpse of some beaver. But after 35 years you come across this crapfest on cable TV and you think, wow, this is just as hilarious as I remember it. Depressing. There's nothing original here. Nothing remotely funny. Well, other than seeing Art Hindle as a tough guy. Doug Magrath going' even further down the road of Canadian movie crapitude. Kim Catrall before she turned into a Skank In The City. To compare this to Animal House is an insult. Nobody in this movie had the acting or comedic chops to carry John Belushi's dime bag.
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A jumbled mess
davispittman27 December 2015
Porky's, the 1981 sex comedy, was popular among teenagers, and maybe some teens today might like it, who knows? But this movie IS NOT well made at all. The acting is so- so at best, the script is dull and poorly put together, and the characters are just stupid annoying teens who are SEX OBSESSED. I absolutely hated the characters in this movie, especially the main guy that is trying to lose his virginity. The amount of nudity and just disgustingly sexual scenes in this movie is almost shocking. For example, the shower scene where a teenage boy sticks his **** through a hole in the girls shower room, and the big female teacher comes and just grabs it! Eww! That wasn't even funny, it was just gross! That is what porky's suffers from, it's just not funny, it's just a bunch of horny teens doing nasty things and trying to outwit some sleazy night club owner. It's boring, dull, and poorly written. There are some sex comedies that are funny, this is not one of them. 2/10 for Porky's.
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Pure hilarity
baumer2 July 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Porky's is a film that has so many funny moments in it that you don't really have time to catch your breath before the next gag is hurled upon you. This is absolutely one of the funniest films I have ever seen. And the reason for that hilarity is because of it's frankness and propensity to take risks. They don't make movies like this anymore. Everyone is so worried about the damn sensors and that is too bad because a movie like this, while I can acknowledge may not be for everyone's taste, is one that explores teens in high school and it also explores how innocently cruel we were to each other in high school.

What makes this film so funny is that the characters look like they are having fun. They like to mess with each other. They enjoy embarrassing one another and they are sex starved high school kids. And really, weren't a lot of us males like that in high school? Are a lot of us still not like that?

You have an assorted cast of characters from Meat, the rather large ( in many ways ) guardian of the group. Women love him for various reasons and it is his size and manliness that makes him so much fun to poke fun at. Then there is Tommy Turner. He is the leader of the group and always seems to come up with the ideas to get his friends laid or in trouble. You have Billy and Brian and of course PeeWee. He is the guy that everyone likes, yet his exaggerated Casanova stories get him in several sticky but funny situations with his friends. The characters at Angel Beach high school are hilarious and I honestly wish I could have known guys like this.

The true strength of this film is the hilarity. The kids make it funny because they always look like they are having fun. When one person is taking their licks, the other five that are in on the gag are laughing under their breaths and all you get is a snicker or two. And we can all relate to that. How, something is funny but we have to play our part to keep the cherade going. These kids do that with perfection here. I also have to mention some of the scenes that make this film the teen classic that it is. The first is the scene when Mr. Carter, their principal is being pressured by Ms. Balbricker to find the guy who had his penis hanging out of a drain pipe in the girls shower. Mr. Carter is doing his best to keep a straight face but he is going to crack at the absurdity of the request. To make matters worse, the two male gym teacher are not making it any easier by snickering to themselves. When Mr. Carter finally cracks, we crack with him. This is comedy at it's best. Also very funny are the Lassie part and the beginning when PeeWee is running down a country road naked. You really have to see it.

This film is unapolegetically crude, lude and vulgar in many ways. But it is so damn funny that you don't pay attention to that stuff. My gut still hurts from laughing when I watch this film. And oh yeah, the shower scene isn't bad either.
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Laugh mom!
milosengle316 December 2007
First I read the review that Maltin and Ebert gave for this movie.They were bad.But they were wrong! Porky's is a great old school comedy! It's about friendship,It's about girls,It's about life and how life should be like:JOKES,JOKES,JOKES!!! Having fun with your friends,having fun with girls and yes having fun with your enemies!!! I really liked this movie,it made me laugh;showed that you cannot solve all your problems by your self...If your friend is drunk,help him,if your friend is beat up,stand by his side,if you have a problem with girls perhaps your buddy will help you... Maltin,Ebert go watch Casablanca one more time.You missed something,there's no jokes,no shower and no Porky's!!!
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made me laugh
vcravens6 September 2003
I saw it in middle school, thought it super-cool, and most of my

college friends had fond memories to share of sneaking in to see

it. The subject would come up over a game of quarters or


Porky's isn't brilliant and maybe deserves a lot of socio-critical

dissection, but I just thought it was funny at the time. I don't know it

deserves film-critic attack - wasn't it low-budget and lucky to get

some mainstream distribution?

Anyway, my memories of Porky's made American Pie a lot more

funnier, too. The two would be a good movie night double feature.
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Worth at least seeing once
MICKEY-5720 May 2006
Funny movie, as long as you go into it with an open mind and realize "This ain't suppose to be Shakespeare".

The concept is raw and a bit sophomoric (s) but, it is a great mindless movie to sit back, have a beer and some chips and kill a couple of mindless hours.

Like Caddy Shack, it is a movie worth seeing only the first in the series. The sequels should be lost in movie obscurity. If you were ever a teen age guy most of the gags in this movie will ring true, if only as a thought you once had of actually doing (i.e. The guy, the hole and the girls locker room}.
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The first half is really bad and things don't improve that much in the second half
jimbo-53-18651110 October 2015
The first American Pie film and its subsequent sequels were the 'gross out' teen films of my generation and I have gone on to enjoy all of the main American Pie films (except the direct to DVD offerings which were all beyond awful). I was therefore surprised how much I disliked Porky's (considering the fact that the central idea from American Pie has been lifted from Porky's - the only difference is that in American Pie they make a pact to lose their virginity before Prom night). I think what made the Pie films better was that the writers seemed to make more of an effort to develop the main characters and I think for that reason it made it easier to identify with them.

In Porky's rather than giving us characters we can identify with or relate to the writers give us characters that, at best we are unable to connect with, and at worst are going to end up hating. Many of the jokes in the film are crass without being funny and much of the dialogue is clumsy, irritating and unfunny. The writing is also very uneven whereby it starts out as a bunch of high school kids wanting to lose their virginity and then that concept is all but abandoned in place of gaining revenge against ol Porky himself. I can perhaps understand the change of tone as I was losing interest in their quest as well so perhaps the writers did too. This shift in tone admittedly makes the second half of the film slightly better than the first half, but it's still pretty weak - although I did find the final act quite amusing even though I could see it coming a mile off.

Some people may condemn a film like Porky's for its lack of subtlety, but I think that's probably a little unfair (that's a bit like criticising a porn film for having poor acting or a lack of plot). The sign for Porky's that we see at the start is beyond suggestive, but to me much of the humour felt a little forced rather than feeling natural.

The performances from the cast are variable - none of the male leads are that good and are rather forgettable. Kim Cattrall isn't given much to do in the first half, but she does have one memorable scene in the second half (she looks good here too). Nancy Parsons is the scene stealer in this film as the feisty PE Teacher who's aptly named Balbricker.

Ending on a positive note there were a couple of scenes that I did enjoy; the shower scene with Balbricker was funny as was the aftermath of the event. The prank call to the diner was quite funny as well even though I'd heard the joke before. Porky's is more than likely where the creators of The Simpsons got their idea from with Bart's prank calls to Moe.

All in all Porky's isn't completely terrible, but there are nowhere near enough laughs to warrant the running time. I can (and have) watched The American Pie films (particularly the first 3 films) over and over again, but I can safely say that watching Porky's once was more than enough for me.
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miztexrgv3 August 2006
O.K....First, I am 48 years old, female, and a teacher. second, I have seen all the Porky's movies multiple times. I saw the original first release in college with friends and peed in my pants laughing. I read a comment by someone here that if you still like this movie after 40 that you need help. Thank GodI can still see the humor in this movie. My husband and I watched it together and both died laughing all over the place again. I hope I am never too old to laugh at sex jokes, pompous teachers and administrators, red-necked bigots, and horny teenagers. A sense of humor has helped me to survive 25 years of teaching and right wing conservatives with absolutely no sense of humor(I think that, more than anything, is why I am not a conservative anything!!). Parents wanting to know about this movie: 1.15 and under; No way! (They wouldn't get the best jokes anyway) 2. 15 and up; with parents (but only if the nudity doesn't bother you.) 3. Language is very crude (Hey, it's supposed to be High School!!!) 4. I saw it in college, which I believe is the perfect age for this flick. You can really appreciate the high school stuff (not too far removed) but you can see the adults side of the movie. 5. Basically, this is just your old fashioned "us against them and we get 'em Good" movie with a lot of penis jokes.
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A true comedy classic
One of the greatest comedies ever made! Porky's is an absolute joy to watch full with extremely funny gags and wonderfully rude set pieces including "that" legendary shower scene which has to be seen to be believed. This film just puts modern rip-offs such as American Pie to shame with it's unrivaled hilarity. Wonderful! If you have never seen this brilliant film then you haven't lived. This is one of the most enjoyable films that I have ever seen.
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classic raunchy early 80s juvenile movie
r-c-s15 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just scratch my head in disbelief while reading some comments... * movie to be cursed & disemboweled * vile * women hating * i'd rather die than see it again * gone into conniptions at the VHS rental store because they carried it.

Come on! You people need help FAST. Yes, it is true this movie isn't refined, sophisticated and its attempts at sociology (EG the antisemitism angle ) are paper thin; yes, it is true it belongs among the juvenile junk movie production of the reagan era, even if the movie isn't a full fledged US production; yes, it is true characters are stereotypical & paper thin...as with most character of juvenile 1980s movies anyways; yes, it is true actors no way look like "16-17yo" (that is high school, not middle school like some accurate critic suggests ), but that is true of most juvenile movies, including the pathetic "Beverly Hills" of the 1990...Luke Perry looked what, 38? And I laughed crazy at another 30-something-looking actress playing the maladjusted teenager; yes, it is true they laugh too much on screen, but so much for many other bigger productions. HOWEVER This movie still oozes some kind of (weird) charm because -let's face it- it depicts highschool years like we wanted ours to be...fun...sleaze...pranks...some minor violence for thrills, but nobody dies, gets permanently hurt or sent to jail for life. Sure, women are mainly praised for a bunch of hair down there...but if the movie is women-hating, then women looking at which car men drive or the like (=movies ) are men-hating. That is how teen years are supposed to be, while old eyes see this and react to this like Beulah Balbricker. Not award-winning material, but neither the vile, demeaning tripe some want it to be. Or perhaps those people in high-school were debating global warming, exploitation schemes in perspective since Gengiz Khan & so forth. As well, end titles give 1981 as year of release. That period (late 70s-early 80s) was plagued by escapist movies, preferably set in the 1950-60s...remember the cold war was at its highest, and masses needed escapism.
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Deserves a higher IMDb score
stargeek9924 October 2004
Porky's was one of the originators of the teen-sex genre and remains one of the best. Since it takes place in the 50's, I find it's not as dated as a lot of 80's films, especially with this mostly unknown cast. I was too young to see the film in the theaters when it first came around, but I can imagine the entire audience rolling out of their seats with laughter through virtually every scene.

Any fan of American Pie owes it to themselves to see what started it all, and in many ways delivers far more. Tons of nudity, profanity and laughs make this an R-rated treat.

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What Was the Big Deal?
Sargebri12 April 2003
I could never see what the big deal about this film was. All it was was a bunch of horny teenagers trying to get into the ultimate redneck bar/bordello to get as much sex as they could before they graduated from high school. This film is nothing compared to a film that came out a year later, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. At least Fast Times had a story behind it and at least you can remember most of the actors that were in it. Also, Fast Times could be seen as a cautionary tale whereas Porky's was all about sex and nothing but sex. Porky's was overrated then and it is overrated now.
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a disgrace
Tristo995 December 1999
Porky's is a comedy entirely based on humiliation. Therefore, when the jokes occur, we cringe, rather than laugh. There is no character development, or even any true sense of fun to speak of while watching Porky's. But then again, if you have a cruel sense of humour, and find humiliation funny, you may enjoy this raunchy teen comedy. If you're looking for any kind of originality or cleverness you certainly won't find it in Porky's, a raunchy, sexist 80s comedy disguised as 1950s nostalgia. Serious filmgoers avoid at all cost (unless you're interested in the kind of social criticism I so obviously relish.)
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Below average at best or Dull, misogynistic "comedy" for those the lowest common denominator.
billjsw14 July 2006
For years I've passed up the chance to rent Porky's although it had a reputation of being the mutha of all teen comedies (i.e.immature sex romps). However I'm truly surprised I didn't fall asleep watching this dud. The plot is dull and seemingly obligatory that just loosely ties a bunch of tired and unfunny "gags" and a few mean-spirited pranks together. And don't even start me on the shower scene by saying "wow, nudity." Big deal. Just because someone is well-endowed that does not make him any good in the sack. If you catch my drift. I've seen nudity in several teen sex comedies. This all done in a very not-sexy, not-funny (or fun for that matter) generic way.

There are other films of the same time that were not misogynistic, one dimensional and mean-spirited (see The Last American Virgin, Fast Times At Ridgemount High and The Party Animal). And even more so - those films are actually funny and have characters that you remember. Porky's main cast are pretty faceless, generic "guys". There's no depth or real personality to any of the characters to speak of.

They are a group of friends who don't even seem to like each other. Pee-wee is perhaps ill-suited with these guys and then there's a rather tacked-on sub-plot of anti-Semitism involving Tim who is abused by his Father. Are we supposed to not feel sorry for Tim for being abused because he's an anti-Semite?

Very pedestrian film-making aspiring to be a bit more indeed. Perhaps the film-makers are trying to tell us that prejudice, abuse and misogyny apparently were very much a thing that only existed in the 1950's? Actually I don't think they gave it any thought.

If you are emotionally-stunted to that of a 9 year-old you may like this (because you don't know any better) and for those who believe that everything made in Canada is funny (If SCTV is a 10 then this is -8).
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A Low Point In Film History
ccthemovieman-16 July 2006
For a film comedy, this may be one of the all-time sleaziest movies ever made. They just made it under the wire, too, as, by the mid '80s the ultra-sleazy movies like this were history. They lasted from 1970 to about 1984.

For 1982, this was "pushing the envelope." There is hardly a sentence in this script that isn't dotted with a profane word and all anyone in the film - anyone - cares about is sex. Hey, who isn't in that it some for or another, but this is a mainline film and that's all that mattered in here. Even more ludicrous and insulting is that it's about high school-age kids (who all look about 25 years old in this film)!

When you are young, stupid and devoid of morals, this is a "cool" movie. I thought it was 25 years ago when I first saw it, to be perfectly honest. Yes, even that classic scene in the shower room with the bulldog gym teaching pulling on this guy was funny...but not now. This film looks sophomoric to me now that it's embarrassing. I guess it depends on when in life you watch it. Anybody over 40 who still watches this needs counseling.

This movie should be put in a time capsule to show how low Hollywood had plummeted by 1982.
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Pitiful Movie
djkopacz29 July 2001
This movie is the only one I've walked out on in over 20 years! It's supposed to be a comedy, but it's not even funny. I like lots of "silly" movies such as Animal House, Caddyshack, and the like. This movie is just dumb!
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One of the worst movies ever made
itamarscomix13 August 2012
Honestly, it is. I don't have a problem with low-brow, gross-out humor, but I expect a movie to have at least one redeeming quality - a likable character, an unpredictable plot, good one-liners, or, at the very least, funny jokes. Porky's has none of those; every character is a flat and familiar caricature, every joke can be anticipated thirty minutes in advance, and there's no motivation to root for or care about anybody. It may indeed be the ultimate teen sex comedy in that it adheres to every possible cliché to the letter. If you want a hilarious comedy centered around horny young people doing dumb things and trying to get laid - compare and contrast Animal House, released only four years before. That's a real comedy. Porky's is real trash.
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